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Sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck from Germany Munich May 2021


Hello friends Hallo Freunde , Mes amis ! In the beginning of Mai 2021 I decided to relauch my old handmade website to resolve some technical problems and move forward CD sellingt easyly and so on. Content is much the same but organized in a better way waiting for enlargement.Versions are last free versions in demo quality without studio technique and professional singing.Meanwhile I studied Mixing / Mastermix haveing units ( thankyou friends for special offer prices for high quality units ) and professional singing focuseing on Mainstreem Rock Power voice and R&B Melissmas voice.Symphonies 1-7 Vita Organ concerto Seepferdchen Art songs are ready for score partition final recording in full Beethoven etc quality now.8.Symphony is under way.There is a 2.Jazz concerto and the old one Sunset is ready too.All Pop and Rock Cds are professionally rerecorded with much better production technique also concerning composings.The resulting productions will be not for free on music market wellproduced.Best wishes ,thanks for cheap technical help / books etc.Your sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck working hard looking for a wife. me bymyself Im looking like 40 quite vital….Schnuffi….Oliver from Munich Germany