Psycho war in Europe ? – any responsible adults ? Only liers ?

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Were are the prooved facts ? Where is the competence.Feeling is feeling.Thinking is thinking.Women ? Now I got the info that we Germans will buy 35 of the F35 unit witch is rather expensive and more or less nonsense for our needs as far as I know.Tornado is an old multipurpose balltle bomber with worldwide best ground radar system for extreme near to the ground flights better than stealth systems.35 is something completelly different and small at best for Swat or Seals soldiers or Navy depending on version.Its something completelly else !!! We Europeans wanted to develop a new unit following to our objective needs with President Macron strong France for Europe for own security and independace and not to sponsor Donald Trump weapons industry friends and unthinkers ( contract !!! ) Turkish leader came out of treaty by buying russian anti air plane units saveing his ressources…..Not only concerning radical jewish demagogical Ukraine governor also concerning his minister for foreign affairs and his embassador its simply madness and psycho war like Hitler did or brutal stupid Donald Trump killing Nato by his ways.Naturally we detect that those are not professionals in need based on Putins heavy war aggression.In Germany Greens ( peace ecological ) SPD Democrats and FDP Liberals are ruling under chancellor Olaf Scholz SPD hated by all most conservative Nazi analog thinkers around the world.All those ruling are hating war Donald Trumps Nazis probably even jewish ones.We want no pershings and no nukes in Europe and a peaceful development of an independat free Europe and not mad Donald Trump for 100% like whole continental Europe.We have Corona !!! Its like in first world war with spanish or hispanic flu called secret american based castrophe for mankind comeing with their troops on us across the world( 50-100 milion death,first worldwar conflict about 20 millions ! ).Its absolutelly criminal and an attac on mankind looking for UN punishement to do a war now like shown in history if this is a fact and real.Is there any truth.Psycho war manipulation ? Whole Europe wants not British world,not Donald Trump not Nithanjahu / Ariel Scharon ( same net probably also strikt Ukraine jewish Silensky ) style but as much as possible peaceful develoopemet of Europe and neigbours as much as possible.We want WEU as adult free Europe.Free of Russia AND thinkers like British Empire or Donald Trump Nazis.What the hell is my word from yesterday ???!!! Are there any adults ? Is there a lack of competence.Is all of that a manoeuvre assesment exercise of mad dull people.A Fake by idiots ? We dont want nukes also not American ones if possible.We dont want to have armed predators leaded from Ramstein without German constitution GG or European one .We dont want Donald Trump Republicans with british Klu Klux Clan slavery Rust Belt unthinkers.We want if possible Gorbatchew.We have to save Earth concerning global heating threatening the world in reality spending money and best brains on that topic ! I cannot breath ! We want maybee Harward,Princeton Standford ,New york and LA etc level ( social,liberal educated ) ! .Stay reasonable as far as possible looking for prooved independant facts useing your brain.I fear there is a lot of manipluation descibeing hell for mad decisions.Truth and free press is base of democracy.Not religion view ,not ideology view not psychiatry ! Europe is following to United Nations UN decisions and to the rules of cililisation as much as possible.Mr.Guterres General Secretary United Nations Security Council : Your turn ! – Fullstop.

Sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck – Munich Genius of the century doing his results ALONE some best for 200 years ! ,,, ……..

Best relevant Airplane by USA is YF 22 if.But I want to develop our own European unit not giving my money to American Nazi dullhead weapons industry and not to same types american oil industry.We will save the world staying ecological ! Are there only Mensa idiots ( British honour only fake) Is all that clinic of madness in freedom hating the reasonables ?