On Ukraine – Russia conflict / UN

On Ukraine – Russia conflict : Dear Diplomacy ,Dear United Nations ,Dear Ukrain / Russia ,Dear German adminstration SPD / Green / FDP ( my homestate )

Im Oliver Frederic Dieck from Munich Germany ,genius and humanitarian victim of revenge priests out of historical racial hate against Germans as far as I can see at least as exemplum.Therefore its not my personal duty to fix things on earth with incredible vita and mega output.But I had influence behind the screens.Probably in the beginning faked to test my sort but in unfair manipulated most crazy hate manner .Out of this history i have a bit authority.This is my opinion as responsible even also as faked test : In my view Russia is the KGB style aggressor in Ukrain Russia war.On the other hand I believe that there was injustice out of hate against russian majority in Donbasss and Luhansk.The Ukrains are not respecting any law and rules and treaties.I guess they are not holy.The conflict is not simple in details.The Russisan nuke submarines are as far as I know in Murmansk and at the Krim.This is most important aspect of russian security.I cannot immagin that the Rusians will accept to stay away concerning Schwarzmeerflotte ( Black sea fleet ? ) at Krim whatever it takes in this world.They want to protect this keep this and the way to reach this harbours inclusively what ever it takes.In earlier times a treaty could guaraty this.But the Ukraine are argumenting without law,justice with feelings honour etc only.Not realy adult.Then I would say selling of Krim back to Russia with a secure way to it can fix and stop this war only.Otherwise it will be war almost forever there.This is my opinion.Think about it.I think its worth a thought.Russia will not stay away from Murmans too as far as i can see….whatever it takes.

Concerning my life and my genius work : Now I have some prime quality Orchestra libraries for most professional productions of my 8 symphonies and concerty.same with rock music gear .Symphonies concerti a lot of rock pop jazz music are almost ready for final selling market version and I a have good tools for professional scores makeing.Programming is updated but due to the corona crisis not in the main focus till today.Soon.oil paintings are reaching overall levels wich are shown in Munich arts Pinatcotheques Lenbach house or in Orsay Paris.Its a way to the top in next phase but its not rediculous at all more as the best than the rubbish.Singing and drawing ability is ok now.Daceing is worst as before till now.Maybee I will find time for a new . Some future script.Material of new works of mine is enough.I must change some things now to find a woman.Im still quite goodlooking.Without hate propaganda and rterrorism against me out of historical hate i cannot have problems in this field.megatalented friendly straight goodlooking.But its how it is….Real friends ( no secret service ) is something special even with fiancees.Maybee I can make this experiance too.My brain is mega.But my best friend thinks quite normal,Thus was abused as weapon against me.My social behavoiur is biased by my secret service and torture experiances in KGB Mossat Stasi manner unfortunatelly.For victims quite normal.

PS: Dont steel my works and dont steel me as breeding bull faking things ! Truth on this level is biology only. www.bach.de .This is in the whole top interlectual field on earth evrywhere.Its posible to educate genius.Bur at first you have to be a genius by biology.And im terrorised on this level.Most precise truth.Its not the field for religious or ideological madness thinking as ripe as a child.

Yours sincirly
Oliver Frederic Dieck from Munich / Augsburg

PS : Florian Post SPD Happy birthday !

Seems that this article is blocked on my facebook accounts by CIA criminals.To much truth.Are we in China or Russia ?