On topic Ukraine : Dear United Nations General Secretary Guterres ,dear responsible world :

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Dear Un security council : I had to wait till officials have done their efforts.Now my activity : But first of all,naturally Putin is agressor doing war on Ukraine obiously.Its realy hard to bear Ukraine demagogical lies staying reasonable due to the facts helping them in a reasonable way and not in complete madness and stupidity beginning 3 world war.Germany had no partnership with Russia etc now or in younger history in dimension of warefare.We are member of Nato and WEU ( Europe) And we are the most important economical supporter of Ukraine ! Maybee we should stop this following to their diplomacy ? Its hard to suffer. realy.We have a special relationship with France for peace and we will enlarge this.That’s all.In units you have thosetimes technical general things coming from around the world in globalised economy.Germany was seperated in two parts.Answering to Russian Gorbatchew we developed peace economy for freedom of east Germany in good neighboorship.Now things have changed cause Putin thinks different destroying peace order.And we must follow to that without destroying us by ourselves.Peace is better but its fault of Putin.Its the Job of General Secretary Guterres United Nations to calm down and to organize new peace order.In my view nobody can belive in words of Putin now and I am shure that the administration of Ukraine is absolutelly inprofessional demogogists without any law rule or truth doing psycho war in fact lyes inclusively.I think without that mad administration new elections controlled by UN and not by Putin its easier to talk without demagogical lies due to the facts.In my view German / Europe contacts to Russia will florish again first if Russias Putin is not in power anymore.Historically I would say Krim was a present owned by Russia with key features for Russian security ( Schwarzmeerflotte ).To accept this occupation if Russia stayed away completelly from formal Ukraine getting autonoy for russian people regions is maybee a working compromise.On the other hand we said something different for a long time.Maybee we can make progress with treaty for a decade moratorium of Nato ewntry possibility.For Nato steady peace is base for evry new entry cause of Art 3 Natotreaty to avoid automatical 3. worldwar.Please check evrything independantly acting due to the facts :Both sides are lying.Ukraine. in radical ultra orthodox orientyal jewish style how I know for all my life hateing all my qualities steeling and lying inclusively and there are a lot.Putin in style of coldwar KGB.We need a new Willy Brandt,Egon Bahr ,Helmut Schmidt and finally Gorbatchew.We are more or less in the late 80s now.Thankyou madness. Only UN is allowed to stop war by weapons maybee they should do in the verry need. But its our duty to avoid thirsd worldwar at first.We need strong WEU Lets behave ! – In my view its a good idea if ALL churches of planet are requesting together peace immidialtelly.Maybee its enough official pressure for Putin friend Russian orthodox christian church.No madness no provocation no ideologists no mad believers ! Jesus was for peace.Ghandi works Barkochba not !

Sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck – Germany
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