One World UN State / new world order for abolishing war by justice – O.F.D

a) Foreign politics have to develop to the way o f inner politics like law state and monopole of power !
b)That should mean that there has to be a monopole of power by state also between the states like there is one in evry state for evry citizen. And the primate of law and justice.
c) It means the strongest millitary offensive force under control of the UN to end any kind of war
d) It means to force evry country to accept the law and the decision of highest courts for inter state law following the written equal law between the states like the policeman does it on the low level
e) It means to abolish war and to establish justice on earth!                                                   f) One World concept as common super nation with Athem : Proposal Peace is a woin of culture by O.F.D ( The World or Eden / Strelizien 4.movement as instrumental background to sing )
Yours Oliver Frederic Dieck (copyright Oliver Frederic Dieck 1995 updated )