MSC – Munich Security Conference 2020 : Restarting world of diplomacy and multilateralism

Concerning Covid 19 / Corona desease now an online meeting happened.Nevertheless it was an event of importance under extreme conditions.US President Joe Biden / Democrats has shown that he wants to return in multilateral world of law trust and reason on earth with eloquency. Actually he did a lot of things turning back times to reason and honesty in the early beginnings of his leadership in oval office.German chancellor Angela Merkel CDU stressed that.Naturally we Europeans like to hear this new or old style of reason and partnership like approximately whole world does.On the other hand I admit : During George W Bush presidency Europe ( parliament ) was discussing a whole year if USA and Great Britain are official enemies of Europe cause of their KGB similar behavior concerning Airbus technical secrets and so on with their Echelon NSA system owned by CIA playing american footbal in a soccer game contest and if we need an independant new internet ,google and so on on earth.First investigation results were that we have not the ability to do that without China in team anymore. But then came coloured friendly high potential president Barack Obama and evrybody agreed,France entered NATO as full member again giving chief executive to the american president in fact to get better relationships to USA again.But Obama personally ok was not the verry truth.Behind the screens it was a lot of Donald Trump thinking and he had no majorities to do things of importance.Even his mistakes like to stop wars without nation building there were biased by this political weakness in houses.In fact it was a bit of a fake after 2008 witch was a dangerous economical mark in history for the US and it remembers to the katholic new pope who is personally ok but couldnt change anything apart from mood and wording after pope Benedikt – Ratzinger.Even british Tony Blair abuseing his supremacy in mind foolled us giving the tolerant open minded pro Europe statesman on stage.In the end activities and facts are much more then words and finally the only verry truth.Evrybody agrees and im full of hope .But let’s wait and see what happends in real world finally.I advice to adult experienced Europe / Eu an investment of 2% of BIP under normal conditions but in own power as WEU – European defence organisation in partnership to Nato shareing third biggest nuke power on earth as European power under french administration.Then we have to pay a bit to France of President Macron.Its a bit to much for France .But then we the EU have independant teeth for our own defendance.

PS. During Donald Trump my Youtube channel was shut down when he was saying that evrybody who is working together with Iran will be punished.This was late summer 2018.Im best music composer in this world on Beethoven level.Even my Jazz ( one dedicated to Bill Clinton his cousin Brenda Brunner how she said was my girlfriend in 1987 Munich ) is not from United states .Its simply composed and played by myself.It seems that it hed something to do with gay american british australian party not far away from american CIA Emassy Königinstreet behind LMU at Prof Huber Place at LMU university Munich headquarter .I thought it is a normal Uni official party like famous LMU summer party a month before.Therfore I went to it.But evrybody spoke english and almost evrybody was gay….Lot of absolutelly not professional musicians there around of english speaking world.But i was friendly and astonished. Youtube is owned by Google…Alphabet.Naturally I dont know a single Iran man as far as I know.But im not a radical religion foolish jew.Im simply from Munich Germany and a bit lutheran protestant not a gay or something else for Freud.There were 50.000 clicks and more than 450 demonstration version composed works of mine sometimes different updated versions over a decade.I realy dont agree with this show wrestling style.For the video of 5.Symphony Galaxy now completelly as good as Beethoven one ( working on that those days ) I used open source Hubble pictures of nicest galaxies by american NASA .But my work was realy not from NASA at all…Now at ( old versions mostly only music thosetimes )

Sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck from Munich – genius of the century robbed tortured probably for mad believers and historical reasons .Still SPD / democrats.Not british rediculous MENSA. …..