ESC – European Song Contest 2021- Grand Prix de la Eurovision :

After a break we could enjoy the ESC competition 2021 worlds biggest music contest.As intro to my evaluation in detail I stress that show act political friendships and animosities maybee money is much more important as music quality and performance singing quality since breakdown of the wall between east block and west block.Even the vote of local performers etc as experts vote for each nation had nothing to do with peoples vote witch was organised in some countries maybee by automatical bot voteing.I am learning rock and pop singing on top professional level makeing progress as producer and mixing engeneer / mastering.But Im one of the best music composers on earth for decades like its Elton John or Stevie Wonder.Rest is politics.In former times this was a country composers contest.Experts vote ( truth in the long run how today more or less ) Results were : Celine Dion from Canada for Suiss,Lara Fabian,Cingiola Cinguetti,Cliff Richard, Kenny Logan ,Abba,Udo Jürgens as the most important,later with new system Common Linnets ( 2. place),Euphoria,maybee Zelmalöw and now a successor of Edith Piaf from France with Aserbaidschan Mata Hari came 4.time with sweedish writeing team for money with good results.Ok then I can work for whole Europe simultaneously Australia inclusively ( Guest ) .German song was rediculous but friendly.We were not discriminated this time with second world war.But Spain one place better had a singer with top song better than Enrique Inglesisas….I think on stage he didnt want to perform the optimized melody.But it was Ok how it was.Zero Points ?! What the Hell they did ? This is a mega star.Finnland was heavy rock but quite Ok but it was especially better than Italy maso sado gay act concerning music.I think for more or less all musicians the winner is the french new Edith Piaf best french work for decades in contest.Uk will leave us Ok.But place 26 for a professional work ? Iceland was professional like Greece Serbia as well.Last but not least : Suiss singer could bring god Falsetto like Portugal or a bit like Spain.But actually the Refrain Chorus was quite good and the Verse rubbish ? Not professional.3.Place ? Its definetly not the verry truth its politics etc.I think you should change the structures.A first step is to play the whole thin not one time and later only a short exerpt with Chorus line.Do 2 times whole thing music only.Then you will get much more objective results.People cant vote in that way. Those are not professionals.They need much more time to get it.Alternativley they evaluate what they can: Show ,politics .Im not married Serbia,Greece,Cypress,Moldowa were sending wonder woman godnesses of wild fertility.I got : If your german women are mad ignoring how it actually is on planet Alice Schwarzer there are pretty women in whole Europe…. ! Ok I will think about it.But its a music contest.

Sincerly Oliver frederic Dieck – composer etc from Germany Munich