Anti employment abuse and ecological production treaty worldwide

There is a need for a worldwide treaty on fair basic salary in third world witch is corresponding to the worthes produced in the developed world ,to danger and to qualification and not to poverty levels in third world countries inclusively fair work conditions saveing lives and the global and local environment .Im wearing also trousers produced in Bangladesh.Thanks for this quality.But I dont want to buy starvation of poor countries.My handy / computer needs Tantal,Neodym,Coltan,Gold ,Silver… in most cases produced in China meanwhile for all of us.In the chain of production the costs for those workers are not realy relevant.Its not a fair equivalent part of produced worthes.Its not cause of the competiton on market to keep prices down apart from those trousers etc from Bangladesh maybee.Its only situation of power and abuse of workers in countries of lowest levels without any alternatives risking their lives.Those are human beings often less educated but human beings ! It has to be fair not based on levels of third world.Outsourcing oecological and social problems is no solution for earth.Its a version of least .Its not to do there what its definetly forbitten at home in large scales. It has to be fair compared with our first world levels at least too.

Oliver Frederic Dieck on Aurora 2020