East – West conflict : Return to detention treaty politics out of chaos of mutual deterrence

Thoses days we Europeans see the return to the chaos spiral game of mutual deterrence and growing tension witch leads potentionally to third world war ,the potetional final end of mankind and this kind of earth we know.We Europeans want to have peaceful developing neighboors .Some decades ago we had an european german states man chancellor HelmutSchmidt SPD following to WillyBrant and EgonBahr saying :: We dont like Pershings nukes in the garden, but we need it cause you are installing new SS 20.No SS 20 ,no Pershings.This was the right way of dealing and working propperly.Finally we had younger ,friendly, serious practical thinker and modernizer Gorbatchew and a peaceful time of humanitarian and economical developement without dangerous madnesson planet.Now dangerous stupidity is back in office rolling back peaceful intelligence..Be not aggressive explain your reasons in full transperency respecting the other side to return to peacefull area of common economical growth and working together to resolve earth wide problems together.Its a vital question for earth and mankind . Discipline yourselve with new initiatives of millitarry detention in name of mankind,do a new arms reduction rally makeing friends.

Oliver Frederic Dieck in Aurora 2020

Yours sincerly O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck ,obviously co – responsible for area Gorbatchow – Bill Clinton but not as secret service officer or polititian.More crash test dummy and adisor for historical reasons discriminateing me.