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O.F.D is composing and writing traditional tonal Operas,Concerti, Symphonies,Ethno Cinema Soundtracks ,Jazz , Musical ,Club Dance, Pop, Hiphop,Rapp and Rock hits for you ,your label, your festival, your town by Order.Base are standard prices for grand rights on stages in serious music and a greatful standard percentage in hit music in your production hands a bit supervised concerning quality level.In addition you can be an O.F.D performer / interpreter made by O.F.D and friends co produced.Enter your name here to make a contact and giving info about you easily or use Call +049 / (0)170 / 4746780 or write to at least if you dont have an account

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Art for arts dedicated to quality ,not to ideology or religion truth : Rules of Olympic games in sciences and arts ! It makes no sense to kill most important values of mankind in arts and sciences and to manipulate after killing people.In fact some aspects resembling to the Nazi's propaganda selffullfilling therefore.European harmonics tradition is also base for rock,pop,dance,jazz...stressing different aspects.NEW CLASSIC is requesting not new classic but experimental madness Nazis had forbitten and oppressed saying sorry.But this music doesnt sound most times and is tortureing moste educated ears.This sorry kills higher music ! The break is forced by politics and not natural after more then 600 years growth in music.Democracy is a renaisance of greek and roman reason after 2000 years like Demokrit,Archimedes,Phytagoras...Its nothing wrong with it. This restart was ending deep middleage hell in Europe starting wellfare and democracy and human rights as well.It makes no sense to forbit everlasting adults music witch is one of the most important treasures of mankind.Let's start in freedom with European high culture oriented by quality only under label - NEW CLASSIC TRADITION - or - NEW TONAL CLASSIC - ! Maybee you should read this too.It contains a bit O.F.D own experience unfortunatelly :Opera Libretto Veritas
Yours sincerly O.F.D 2013


(1)O.F.D IN GENERAL : Oliver Frederic Dieck ( real serious and artist name )is probably the best and the most universal music composer and arranger worldwide and outside of Germany Bavaria quite wellknown amoung serious top musicians with some aditional unbelivable important talents.Approximatelly evrybody in classic singing and solo instrument work knows him personally having CDs worldwide.On the other hand almost noone on private level intensity.Till today there are no common projects and there is no label for his tonal traditiona art work also for political reasons fearing mad millitant jews etc and historical politeness.One further reason : Opera VERITAS is ready since 2013 !

(2) O.F.D DATA : Oliver Frederic Dieck is a german international famous 49 years old straight man,interested in women,sciences and arts,goodlooking like 35,somtimes a bit Akne,tender,slim,blond ,green eyed ,modest lutheran ethics,man ,born in Munich Bavaria Europe in 1964 as youngest son of Gustav Emil Dieck - lutheran (more or less unknown died in 1985)and Elisabeth Süss bavarian katholic.In spite of all his talents and enourmous influence in political highest shpere ( Gorbatchew / Clinton / Uno ..) in most important decades ,he is not billionaire like normally but one of the poorest mega minds torpeded for political historical reasons inclusively torture in abolishment of any constitutional etc law in Bavaria,needing signingless help,friends,invitations and publicity to get into higher music business again,after a lot of studies while composing beginning in age of 5.In 2013 this was topped by terrorism roberry concerning suitcase with Labtop when visiting SPD party day at Augsburg in front of own house by neighbours comining back from Frankfurter Musikmesse in hurry. All originals and proofs and much more are still there.But they try to steel O.F.D's life and his results completelly,genozide innclusively how it seems.Mad dull stupid criminals.Maybee it was right Nazi wing police or mad millitant Serafin jews who did this one time before steeling a honeypot in 1992. Both are hateing O.F.D for their pride.Police couldnt find anything till now.Evrything moves on in potention with e - function developemment,but in a tortured life without a beloved sun at his side needing this badly dreaming of a self made own familly orchestra.

(3) O.F.D POLITICS : Oliver was Chief redactor and half main redaktotr of two Munich gymnasium colledge journals.First was at Oskar von Miller Gymnasium Munich.One article of his own was not byhimself.Reason : It was take out of the book SEXFRONT by Prof Amendt concerned with sexuality obviously against oeconomisation of youngest peoples sex needs.The text was a short version of most important aspects in this book.It was forbitten in Bavaria together with "Konkret" witch was absolutelly rediculous for evrybody ! Apart from that school government had interfered concerning political statements or subjects like Afhanistan occupied by Russia in those times.Then the crew most SPD people decided to stand on own feet for all higher education schools in Munich inviteing also right midst politician thinkers to us for political freedom in Bavaria at Schools."Hor's d'oeuvre" .They throw Oliver out of school,the other head too in 1982.Therefore Oliver entered SPD officially after special A-Level 1987 in 1988 at Prof. Janis Sakelariou Munich,speaker of Democrats dominated parliament concerning European foreign affairs, the SPD (Peace Nobelprize Owner Willy Brandt,Helmut Schmidt,Peer Steinbrück...about Clinton / Obama democrats ),speaker of Democrats dominated parliament concerning European foreign affairs ) / Germany...In 1990 before he left Germany Oliver was scheduled head of huge Munich University LMU democrats youth ( SPD - Jusos / LMU university ) at Munich when gay Westerwelle minister for foreign affairs was aborting Bafög students money with Möllemann minister for education who was his guest ,heading the FDP university LMU youth.Result: Demonstation of 50.000 against Möllemann and Westerwelle.This Westerwelle has decided for himself as minister for foreign affairs with Ghadafi son for his gay pride and agaist Bafög studies financement.

(4) O.F.D STUDIES : Apart from music and some sciences Focused on own projects on his own,OFD has studied officially economics in Munich beginning in 1987 ( Germany ) / Strasbourg (France) and law (Augsburg) till 2000.Finally he took successfully informatics applications programmer IHK in 2003 self focused on the internet ,finally founding OFD internet programming www.o-f-d.comin February 2006, torpeded by this mad 2008 finance crash problem.Some Scientiffical results copyrighted : Some Future Script (pdf) or open system based on O.F.D'S Some future script

.As poetry man : Opera Libretto Veritas
Futher works as Painter,designer,cartooner here : Oliver Frederic Dieck onsite here.

(5) O.F.D HEALTH : Oliver was never depressive or suizide up to now and he had never any perversions or irreal sensual or drug experiences.Some Akne somtimes,No Aids no other serious problem lookking like 35 with 49.Stabel and healthy he has an IQ of more tha true 140 officially proven by state several times.But for historical and political reasons he was heavy tortured by state and its historical victims in maximum criminal madness for revenge in exchange data and personalities, isolated by millitant groups and fetched back from France / elite university ULP in Sakarow manner as suizide tramper ending his studies and new free live in cultivared France in 1992.Cause of heavy discrimination Oliver has decided to use a little illness danger out of his erly youth to stay away from german millitary service duty,cause his father was little SS man at the front as soldier.In terms of law it was absolutelly Ok.Maybee Nazis in private felt anger about this.My quality was 1 without my little illness danger : Air force ! Evrything else was discussion in court.All millitary medicins knew that my pa was breeding bull of SS and that I want to stress my different private interests,doing my duty only.Oliver won this a month before he met Mariah Carey in Munich,presenting her 5 octaves.Therefore his confidence without treaty and rehersal was a bit reduced.(24) Oliver straight and tender but tortured and torpeded also in Gay Lesbian mad Freud revenge,is not married ,looking for a tender ,sweet, music talented,intelligent pretty wife of same quality level,witch should be not an actually Mossat or KGB ( Julia Fischer Violin ...) and some others and not even president Bill Clintons "Daughter" cousin Brenda Brunner,sick of secret service manners completelly.Oliver wants to make a whole orchestra in true love,For arts,mankind and cause this is his hobby obviously like in his early years.Keep on going all things normal,without any madness,but wishing to choose the right one next time for familly and love.Freud was mad !

(6)O.F.D - UNIQUE CLASSIC MUSIC COMPOSER : In 2013 there are 1.Opera with 30 magnificent airs ( Libretto Veritas here )
,7 Symphonies ,4 string serenades in 7 movements each,a piano,churchorgan and violin concerto,25 Jeunesse pianoworks,10 Golden Walz dreams,Oratory Deus genitor mundi,in everlasting tonal cream quality,unique today.In addition there are 18 string arrangements out of one work by Reinhard Dieck ( Nr3 )and 16 historical famous childrend and Christmas songs and one new work by O.F.D.Apart from most other styles of music Oliver is probably the only composer for about one up to two centuries,who can offer as real son of Beethoven like Brahms said,new tonal classical or romantical symphonies ,concerts ,opera airs, oratories, pianoworks or serenades etc which are comparable in quality and style to the best of Beethoven,Mozart,Schubert ( lawyer sudied,helpschool teacher ),Mendelsohn,Schumann ( publisher of Intelligenzblatt journal shareing with Brahms his wife famous Clara Schumann ) ,Brahms,Wagner,Richard Strauss ( married with Pschor biggest bear brewery and independant ,founder of german GEMA service),Bach and sons,Tschaikowsky ( lawyer ),Puccini,Bizet,Händel,Chopin,Vivaldi (obviously protestant out driven bishop of Venice like Casanova with his female orchestra harem and girlfriend),Verdi,Gluck,Katcheturian ( lawyer ),Ravel,Stravinsky ( lawyer ) ,Smetana,Strauss jumior and brother ( engeneers), Grieg,Borodin ( Prof chemistry ,medicin )...In 2013 Oliver could present his tonal Opera Veritas final Demo with 30 airs Libretto and Ouverture witch is approximtelly as good as two late of Mozart with Wagner / Puccini / Bizet / Richard Strauss Know how additively.Its grown in 22 (!) years,torpeded by one jewish steeling assault by robbery in 1992 ( and maybee 2013 April).6 traditional tonal symphonies are ready ,Nr 7 is in work : Genius,Venus,Eclipse,Rhine,Galaxy,Loire.All of them are better than most of Schubert and Brahms in level of top works of Beethoven Mozart maybee in a bit smaler form.The Organ concerto Vita is one of the best in existance.The Violin concerto Elegance is comparable to Mendelsohn,Brahms,Tschaikowsky.Last but not least O.F.D's 1.Pianoconcert "Strasbourg" in 5 movements,second only to Tschaikowsky Nr.1 concerning composing not playing in romantical piano concerts,basically composed during economics studies in Strasbourg from 1990-1992 in first easy version is accepted officially by Presidente Nicole Fontaine / European Parliament in office in 1999 ,proved by 2 official personal signed document letters . Apart from that there are 4 tonal string serenades called Eden consisting of Nympheas,Schwertlilien,Strelizien( Uno anthem proposal Nr4 ),Calla each 7 parts.Jeunesse with 25 early piano works could be rearranged concerning piano and rerecorded for final version.Finally Golden Walz dream was reearranged etc completelly.4 new recordings are online at ofd Youtube channel in 2013.All others are uptdated too but not reerecorded with much better sound.This will happen in next months.Now ist also prime quality,not too easy anymore. A big part you can hear at .

(7) O.F.D RELIGIOUS MUSIC : Oliver is a well educated easy going free thinking scientist and artist like Beethoven, Mozart or Johann Sebastian Bach were in private.On the other hand his church organ concert "Vita" and his oratory "Deus genitor mundi"new final version cause of roberry in beginning 2014 , now delayed" in full arrangement are some of the deepest religious tone settings ever,like it did Bach, Beethoven and Mozart by themselves in history and in in 2008 Oliver has presented "En famille" CD with 18 children and Christmas new classical settings for the first time.Meanwhile this is updated and rerecorded with better sound and online !

(8) O.F.D UN HYMN / ANTHEM PROPOSAL : Oliver proposed a new UN anthem officially ,called "Peace is a win of culture" ( part of Ethno and synthesizer d concert THE WORLD and new recorded in Eden string serenades part 3 Strelizien / paradiseflower movement 4 officially at UNO Viena and UNESCO headquarter Paris where he had much influence for decades up to General secretary of security council UN Kopts christ,former egyptian Pharao Buttros Butros period Ghali,in times of reunification and breaking down the walls between east and west.There is no official comment on that: Inofficially : This is founding state UN - One World !

(9) O.F.D DOWNLOAD FOREIGN CLASSIC COMPARE MIDI FILES : The average public cititzen can evaluate the music quality properly only if its presented made under top conditions with real orchestra,good performers good conductors and good acoustics.Such a stupid,formal estimation was approximatelly deadly for some folks like Schubert,Van Gogh and partly for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.famous Beethoven was in prison in Austria as hoboo ! To better your ability to evaluate quality objectively by clicking on the links O.F.D is offering,in addition to his own work at youtube and on his video mp3 podcast concernin pop,rock,hiphop,ethno,eupop,r&b,und jazz midi files of the most famous works of the great classical and romantical composers like Johann Sebastian Bach,Vivaldi,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,Ludwig van Beehoven Schubert,Mendelson,Richard Strauss,Wagner,Puccini,Tschaikowsky...those Midi files played by the standdard midi sounds of your PC instead of real premium orchestra like Munich Philharmonics,Vienna Philharmonics or Berlin PhilharmonicsThen you ae an idea how good the composer O.F.D offering only tecnical demo quality realy is.I thank those guys linked on the bootom of Midi download page,who played those midis in for free.You are linked !

(10)O.F.D IMPORTANCE: Concerning classical part this is a rebirth of classical ,romantical tonal music know how tradition in 600 years continuity in center Europe after the wars break doing all selfmade by midi up to now and a bit a living music composeing enzyclopedia like Johann Sebastian Bach was...along with approximatelly all kinds of entertainment stiles and Jazz as well. .

(11)O.F.D POP DANCE CLUB ROCK HITS COMPOSER : O.F.D was starting his work as pop,rock,hiphop ,dance hits composr finally arriveing at Jazz and new tonal traditional classical music. As pop r&B and rock musician addicted you will find CD works like "Strange 2013" ( Rock Toto Journey U2 level )"Golden Age 2013" handmade music for Beatles style fans ,Europe 2013 for fans of german,itallian or french lovers music or "Future World 2013" for those addicted to quality techno soft dance techno,"Coutries of the doves" for pop soul friends and "Black enough ?" for real black US american funky style music rap inclusively.Each album is containing about 20 songs composed in prime quality,recorded as demos.Some of those works are still in work at the end of 2013. Please Visit : and .

(12)O.F.D AUTODIDACTICAL LIKE HAYDN,BACH,...LENNON : Those new works are fruit of O.F.D 's privat autodidactical research also learning by Stevie wonder Lennon and Elton John par example,for more than 43 years like it was especially for Haydn,Wagner and Bach whose father died when he was 10,beginning with 5 up to now and early imitation as child concerning his 11 years older brother and Gema member Reiner Dieck doing popmusic only, who tryed to keep Oliver down and out of business,oppressing instruments ability,till now never working together without any contact for decades,even in same city.

more. (13)O.F.D STRANGE VITA BACKGROUND : They bulilt an artificial hell obviously in sadist madness in will to destroy the good and healthy ! Two times Oliver is torpeded in secret service manner as suizider,fetsching him back from France Strasburg by violence and torture and at Augsburg to end his law studies in Bavaria instead of law examination.Its purely Gestapo,Mossat,or DDR Bautzen Stasi way,definetly not situation for average people here.Whole thing resemles much to Otto Wels comrade Felder ( SPD ) who got this by Gestapo in Dachau,but he resisted to suizide and survived till he was 104 telling his story ! Oliver has related familly in former DDR east Germany chief level in culture and sciences from first familly of pa Gustav Emil Dieck.This is official truth.Edeltraud Dieck was at last in parliament for LINKE former SED till 2009 at Miltitz at Leipzig.Oliver and much older Edeltraud never met.Official version is : She was responsible for whole culture of DDR on SED level in ministery couterpart to Margot Honecker.When Oliver was also important scientist new official version was that she is responsible for all DR. works of DDR.O.F.D is insisting on the fact tht he is no satelite and no slave ! In deed Edeltraud if she is existing in fact was speaker for DDR in ZK at Moskau in half planet conference " Culture in Socialism " ( Bonsai thievery ?).You can buy this at Amazon.But it was in the 70th ! Oldest half brother Wolfgang Dieck is unknow too here.Official version : He had to be wall shooter to get the right to study medicin ( own clinique / Chirurg )cause our Nazi pa .There is no info concerning his real opinions.On the other hand much older brother Reinhard Dieck was sourounded by Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty headquarter in Munich Oetinger street 26 witch is a NSA / CIA department for desinformation and political warfare definetly.O.F.D is quite shure that this was secret service world responsible for his remarkable mad tortureing experiences.With 11 Oliver wrote his first good Prelude "Jeunesse - part 2" ( online ) comparable to the famous one of Bach, but shorter, as reaction of shown prelude of Reinhard's best written work of Munich music university.Oliver is stressing that 11 years older Reiner was an important early base for his music developement,but Reiner was realy against Oliver's talent,closing piano by key inclusively,how it seems for political and historical jewish and russian revenge as eneral example made at pretty healthy genius of mankind.They are containing only madness and crimes in their nutshell minds excangeing him with his biggest opposite methodically under pressure.Olivers gentical enourmous unique herditary quality inspite of worst conditions comparable to deep india,was pedagogically wrong signal concerning German reecucation and for hateing illusionary eastern and jewish minds obviously.Text by brother : " If you can do all this ( inspite of our destruction programm ) than we are idiots !" Its important to know to this subject that approximatelly ALL important composers and science talents were THE YOUNGEST and not the oldest up to now ( Bach youngest of 7, Mozart youngest of 6, Beethoven youngest of 3.Wagner youngest of 10, Argumenting with Bavarian "Zwiefacher" with plagiatism is madnes in potention.Art of ugly is possible for evrybody who can bear it,but everlasting beauty is a secret wonder for a handfull of hereditarry talents like Probably via that Radio Liberty / Radio Free Europe NSA / CIA stucture,needing a normal woman and a perspective after a mad lesbian attac in 1986, still unknown world superstar Mariah Carey ( 5 octaves, 200 millions sold Cds about worlds best selling femal artist ) was flown in to Munich, where her Ma Patricia T. born Hickey,was opera singer to fetch Oliver to USA avoiding super talent in late Nazi Germany how it seems ,as best composer talent available,talking about marrige and work in details on Vision of love CD,but without any kiss.Oliver stayed without contract and believable rehersal of Mariah in Germany doing his special A-level Abitur 1987.Then O.F.D was studeing in Munich LMU beeing boyfriend of President Clintons ( Saxophon Jazzer )cousin Brenda Brunner ( economics ) how she said ( drivers license and letter from USA ) when Clinton was governor of Arkansas as best of the year in Harward university. O.F.D met her in the evening of newsday of his seldom A-level success,probaly by secret service.She was saying that best of the year of Harward governor of Arkansas is also Jazzer ,playing saxophon.Before of Mariah's twins Germans mentioned that Mariah Carey is a transexual fake insiting on that.Young Mariah ( "h" is invention of Oliver in 1986 ) didn't want to prove her 5 octaves without micro in same clothes and hair style like at backside of first album with best micro U87.Oliver lost more than about two billions all in unfree world and a chance ,partner and fiancee, how it seems.After a lot of torpeding by secret service world Oliver was doing a seldom full A-level Bavarian Abitur for not pupils in 1987 additionally to is normal school life tests till last two years colegue, big latinum inclusively ( Containing normal bavarian central Abitur A- Level, but more than twice as much under special circumstances without teachers and subject restrictions in main subjects on power cours level in. Maths, Chemistry, Biology, English, French, German, History, Soziology in addition to torpeded normal gymnasium way and big latinum after democrats press work at Munich Gymnasiums , successfully as one of two in Bavaria 1987 in most conservative Bavaria, waiting for the demo, witch was actually the first CD ( Vision of Love ) with Mariah in same clothes and micro on CD backside,an album made following Olivers plan and 16 millions sold in 1990 like scheduled but without main composer OFD.In years 1988 - 1994 at least Oliver was most influecial up to Bill Clinton administration AND Gorbatchew AND UNO security council,having on other hand absolutelly mad millitant enemies probably reflectinng old cold war elites and mad revenge people insisting on fairytales Bavarian liars inclusivelly protctimg CSU.Since 1992 successfull Mariah is replaceing Oliver by good Walter Afanassief for most albums cut all contacts maybee following to "Someday". O.F.D is now more interested in serious music girls, but still rather courius whats about the quality of new album answering a bit Olivers Google+ and Youtube etc new designs.This bird can sing and this is a fact !

(14)O.F.D COPYRIGHTS : All scientiffic or popular scientiffic works and music composeings ,text writeings,presented as pdf or html or sound etc are originally by Oliver Frederic Dieck and protected for himself in all video,wav and mp3 files.If rights of others are touched rather seldom then its noticed.This amount and that quality is not any kind of manipulation or trick.Complete copyright comes to existance by composing itself without any further law act in difference to engeneering.In additon its prooved by Notar and other international officials for security.Steeling is not possible but torturing O.F.D out of madness and hate.This makes no sense and is an assault on cultural and scientiffic heritage of mankind in sense of UNESCO.Concerning thieves of 2013 police is informed avoiding problems out of steeling my labtop with some data copies.Lot of works have seen NOTAR in former versions up to EU.No real chance for thieves.§1 Urhg ff Germany - worldwide harmonized in 1987

(15)O.F.D INVITATION : This fine work is for concert halls ,studios and stages,festivals,top performer singer,bands and real solists, orchestras and top labels top recording on CD and a worldwide audience.Oliver needs prime music labels,top music recording studios,producers,music publishers,music managers,sponsors and Mezenati,quality soloists arists bands and orchestras.Big names who can help giving a adequate fair chance by their honorable recommendation : Somebody like You !

(16)O.F.D CONTACTS : You are needed in easy going if you are good honest and friendly : Let's Call +049 / (0)170 / 4746780 or write to or use easy Facebook : . Do it please !

Welcome to O.F.D ! Here you can hear midi recorded CD medleys of a lot of pre produced or demo recorded arranged and composed by OFD to perform on CD and on stages... some CD's of OFD with Internet Explorer browser at best on a Windows system. This is probably the best and most universal music composer / arranger living today wanting to work with you.This is a unusual chance for a major label ,top producers,premium studios and major publishers to make real a mega sensation on arts market working together. Now you can be a supported OFD performing solo artist if you are good enough in team to bring it on market ! Enjoy the probably best source of new hits in rock,us pop,hip hop,euro pop,brit pop,ethno,soundtrack,sound,ambient,musical,funk,rapp,soft techno,trance,new jazz,up to new classic,new opera ,concerts,new 500 years tradition as good as the relevant artpieces of Beethoven,Mozart,Schubert,Mendelsohn,Bach,Wagner and Co after an experimental break of almost a century concerning everlasting serious music ! If you are a O.F.D - performer you get a own sophisticated music show site OFD internet programming for your career ,pr,and other support with at least 5 top hits recordings ,professional cd and cover in your style for free to win on market together with huge and best music material.Are you good enough ? At you can visit OFD internet programming. This germany located enterprise is doing professional music websites and merchadiseing for you.Please pay a visit to Some Future Script 2007 site containing some of most relevant inventions and theories of OFD - Oliver Frederic Dieck written in german or english.You can download it also as pdf at INFO and OFD paintings....This is an independant world's heritage genius in sciences and arts and still poor cause of a lot of studies and millitant people,instead of writeing Mariah Careys Cds beginning in 1986 cause staying in Europe +++ Invited are especially Incredible talents like lang lang,christine schäfer,jullia fischer,diana damrau,conductor gmd ,unesco,capucon,kent nagano,vanessa mae,martin stadtfeld,barenboim,rihana,sasha,arcangelo,villazon,beonce,anna netrebko,lionel ritchie,shakira,pussy cat dolls,pcd,juli,xavier naidoo,lea finn,silbermond,juli,yvonne catterfeld,deutsche grammophon,hits,helene grimaud,abba,beatles,diana krall,george michael,sugababes,silbermond,juli,madonna,barenboim,jane monheit,shakira,jessica simpson,mariah carey,hilary hahn,pavarotti, andrea boccelli,sasha,us 5,patricia kaas,backstreet boys,nsync,abba,broadway,britney spears,sting,passport,klaus doldinger,whitney houston,tielemann,ricardo muti,nicolaus harnocourt,pussycat dolls,pcd,mendes,jobim,stevie wonder,anna netrebko,anastacia,yvonne catterfeld,toto,u2,laura pausini,placido domingo,jose carreras,pussy cat dolls,nicole scherzinger,seal,alicia keys,zubin metha,marc terenzi,alcatraz,jose carreras,sarah connor,deutsche mozart gesellschaft,billionaires,royals,journalists,feuilleton,lara fabian,klassik radio,arte,3sat,mtv,cnn,viva,vh1,kultusministerium,prof joachim kaiser,prof heinz ink,anne sophie mutter,elton john,rolling stones,barry gibb bee gees,jeanette bierdermann,texas lightening,daniel müller schott,anastacia,coldplay,yoyo ma,christof dohnaniy,lorin maazel,ricardo muti,harnocourt,wonderbra jeff lynn elo,bohlen,bono u2,sting police,toto,lazard,avril lavigne,celine dion,gracia baur,tina turner,dave brubeck,passport doldinger,herbie hancock,barbra streisand,fleetwood mac,journey,black eyed peas,justin timberlake,timberlane,ramazotti,kate winslet,tokyo hotel,magali mossnier,prof sabine meyer,christoff eschenbach,renee flemming,rolling stones,coldplay,nsync,the rasmuss,mezzoforte,earth wind and fire,yoko ono cartney lipa lennon contest,lionel ritchie,superstar,michael jackson,robbie williams,tina turner,wolfgang wagner bayreuth,janet jackson,boys 2 men,beonce,snap,julia varady,alicia keys,valery gergiev,chicane,robert miles,phil collins genesis,robbie williams,pinot,gates,enrique iglesias,film,bernd eichinger filmusik,grammy,midem,oscar,eu,steven spielberg,werner herzog,bavaria film gasteig,img,siemes,bmw,wolfgang wagner richard wagner festspiele,kissinger sommer,festspiele baden baden,opern festspiele,salzburger festspiele,gmd,generalmusikdirektor,hochschule,fuer musik,universitaet,university,mozarteum,lipa,paul mc cartney,conservatory,dpa,afp,mtv,viva,cnn,unesco,billboard,major label,pur,gema stiftung,sonymusic,zomba,edel,eurovision song contest,sony bmg,emi,musikwoche,popkom,musikmesse frankfurt,columbia records,warner,wea,a and r,carlos santana,polydor,mark knopfler,dire straits,eric clapton,deutsche grammophon,pelerinage,gasteig,joe cocker,publisher,producer,major label,bavaria film,mutt lange,clearmountain,bob ludwig,saga,universal,edel,virgin,monarc,zomba,decca,arista,ariola,,wiener,conductor,thielemann,krüger,muenchner,berliner,naxos,philharmonics,symphoniker,symphonics,diana krall,blue,scala di milano,schott musikverlag,breitkopf und haertel,chappel,peters musikverlag,baerenreiter,barbara hendricks,stevie wonder,aliberti,david daniels,agnes baltsa,veronique millot,br,musica viva,staatsorchester,mozarteum,lipa,zeitung,journal,reuters,agence france,press,tv,emi,universal,wea,mp3,afanasief,trevor horn,vito luprano,doelp,david foster,alicee,arif mardin,zdf,br,ndr,ard,tv5,conservatory,bmg,sonymusic,sony bmg...