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Ready or almost ready O.F.D works / best of O.F.D selections : Hear it to get a realistical impression online !

a) Entertainment playlists / Cds :

- Strange Rock Songs - album / 20 rock songs
- Europe - album 20 Europop songs
- Golden Age - album / 20 Britpop songs
- Black Enough -album / 30 US hiphop Rap R&B Soul songs
- Future World - album / 14 idle techno rave songs
- Siluettes - musical album / 30 songs - not ready and online thosedays
- The World - the world in 20 soundtrack / ethno hit images with Un anthem proposal
- Sunset - 1.Jazzconcerto album / 20 works final.

b) Serious Tonal Playlists / CDs :

Tonal Traditional Symphonies

- 1.Symphony - Genius / Genie
- 2.Symphony - Venus
- 3.Symphony - Eclipse
- 4.Symphony - Rhein / Rhine
- 5.Symphony - Galaxy / Galaxie
- 6.Symphony - Loire ( soon final version )
- 7.Symphony - Isar

Tonal Concerti

- 1.Piano concerto Strasbourg ( romantical )
- 1.Violin concerto Elegance
- 1.organ concerto Vita ( baroque )

Tonal Sung Works

- 1.Oratory - Deus genitor mundi ( baroque )/ 7 movements
- 1.Opera - Veritas / 30 airs ( classical )
- 1.Serious arts songs work - Seepferdchen / 10 movements

EDEN - String serenades - 28 movements

- 1.string quartett Nympheas / 7 movements
- 2.string quartett Schwertlilien / 7 movements
- 3.string quartett Strelizien / 7 movements
- 4.string quartett Calla / 7 movements

Tonal other Works

- Jeunesse - 25 early classical piano pieces
- Goldener Walzertraum / Golden Walz Dream - 10 symphonic walzes
- En famille - Holy Night and Children songs in classical string quartett setting

You'l find all that at www.o-f-d.de or here onsite as virtual CDS.

RESTART NEW TONAL CLASSIC - I can teach it to you if you have talent enough !

Autodidactically starting to compose throughout almost all styles teached bymyself in an age of 5 ,my own importance out of my own studeing and researching is as much as for more than 100 - 200 years never seen,cause Richard Strauss is to less to compare.Its will and hard work,but the ability for this is hereditarry genius purely like www.bach de.Therefore it makes no sense to do assaults on people like me to die out this for other historical hate reasons and this is precisely a big part of most important worthes and results of mankind forever on earth.Art for arts dedicated to quality ,not to ideology or religion truth : Rules of Olympic games in sciences and arts ! Let's restart tonal classic tradition as NEW TONAL CLASSIC.you dont know its also base of pop,rock,soul,dance,techno trance,funk,jazz and evrything else you hear even if you dont know.Different in this way is experimental 12 tone music like jews proposed for example by Schoenberg and Alban Berg.Its in complete incompetence pushed by american and german universities for political reasons cause Hitler and Wagner qualified that as antimusic up to "entartet" in intollerance.But most parts of that kind of music is simply hard to bear.Evryone will say Im against Nazi crimes but noone can bear it actually.Its simply a mad lye and dieout of real mzsic quality.This makes no sense.Theefore I ahad to suffer 4 severe assaults at least first 1992 last without much problems out of it ( car running over my laptop suitcase ) in 2017. Yours sincerly O.F.D 2017 - www.o-f-d.de

O.F.D in general :

Oliver Frederic Dieck is a german international famous ( but quite poor ) 52 years old straight man,interested in women,sciences and arts,goodlooking like 38,somtimes a bit Akne,tender,slim,blond ,green eyed ,modest lutheran ethics,man ,born in Munich Bavaria Europe in 1964 as youngest son of Gustav Emil Dieck - lutheran (more or less unknown died in 1985)and Elisabeth Süss bavarian katholic.In spite of all his talents and enourmous influence in political highest spheres ( Gorbatchew / Clinton / Uno ... ) maybee only for test reasons originally as probably alien in fairness,but head in chief of Juso youth SPD ( democrats )group of LMU university Munich,biggest in Germany in those times till 1990 in most important decades ,he is not billionaire todaylike normally but one of the poorest mega minds torpeded for political historical reasons inclusively torture in abolishment of any constitutional etc law in Bavaria,needing signingless help,friends,invitations and publicity to get into higher music business again,after a lot of studies while composing beginning in age of 5.In 2013 this was topped by terrorism roberry concerning suitcase with Labtop when visiting SPD party day at Augsburg in front of own house by neighbours comining back from Frankfurter Musikmesse in hurry.Starting through there was a mindstroke in 2014 maybee also done by military as assault.Meanwhile evrything is ok.But living conditions for a super mind are those.A simple mad crime.The importance of Oliver Frederic Dieck in Music history is in the tradition of Bach,Bach sons,Haendel,Albinoni,Vivaldi,Mozart,Beethoven,Schubert,Mendelsohn,Gluck,Brahms,Schumann, Smetana,Chopin,Wagner,Richard Strauss,Humperding,Mahler,Debussy,Bizet,Johann Strauss son,Verdi, Puccini,Donizetti,Leoncavallo,Rossini,Tschaikowsky,Borodin,Grieg,Katchaturian Stravinsky,Ravell... Apart from enzycopedical work in entertainment styles too with a lot of important standard works there is no chance to reach tthe amount of Bach music God himself,but the top level was reached in oratory Deus genitor mundi in almost evry movement and Vita organ concerto.Mozart is also a huge source of genius.But Beethoven Nr. 3 or 4 under biggest names has a small work of high quality.Probably he the master of symphony can be reached completelly with more top symphonies etc.Wagner most important in music harmonics and orchestra technique is on the other hand not the best composer offering also a few prime quality works apart from his epical opera text illustrateing work.Therefore I think apart from restarting clkassical / romantical music out of own genius my impotrtance in music history is between Mozart,Beethoven and Wagner finally.In comparisson : Schubert has on good symphony the unfullfilled,Mendelsohn 2,the italian and the scottish,Brahms seen as Beethovens real son has one symphony the Nr.2 and one movement Nr3,3 movement... But it depends certainly on personal taste also.Wait and see.Therefore I cant understand why at Munich University professors are speaking concerning art and theory of composeing in complete ignorance concerning grown arts respecting physics and biology of mankind insisting on experimental madness.If I teach you than its depends on your personal talent.But its not better to get no theory definetly.I do music not second world war or theology.Maybee music universities should leave historical nazi places simply to do their work without historical constraints like neighbourship of former Brown House like in Munich.


Im studeing on my own how to compose and arrange in almost all styles up to Bach Beethoven Wagner tradition beginning in an age of 5.Most important teacher was LP player directly with my direct analysis playing well selected records.In addition to that I did stdies in economics in Munich LMU ,Strasbourg ULP,( Ensette guest ),law,Augsburg ( and a semester Munich guest ),Application programmer IHK officially and a lot of other interests lik physics and painting / design with excliusive special a-level baccalaureat abitur 1987 and a quite high Iq ( Hawik officially tested at last 2000 )


On the Foreign Midi Site I offer historical midi files of a big part of music history.If you download this this will play with computer instruments sounds drpending of your system quite standardized.If you hear G-Minor symphony with those technical means instead of Vienna Philharmonics / Berlin Philharmonics then you can maybee imagine what is the importance of my works most times played by immitateing Synthesizers or sample using computer instruments only,completelly bymyself.The average public cititzen can evaluate the music quality properly only if its presented made under top conditions with real orchestra,good performers good conductors and good acoustics.Such a stupid,formal estimation was approximatelly deadly for some folks like Schubert,Van Gogh and partly for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.famous Beethoven was in prison in Austria as hoboo ! I thank those guys linked on the bootom of Midi download page,who played those midis in for free.You are linked !


All scientiffic or popular scientiffic works and music composeings ,text ,writeings,presented as pdf or html or sound etc are originally by Oliver Frederic Dieck and protected for himself in all html,pdf,video,wav and mp3 files.If rights of others are touched rather seldom then its noticed.This amount and that quality is not any kind of manipulation or trick.Complete copyright comes to existance by composing itself without any further law act in difference to engeneering.In additon its prooved by Notar and other international officials for security.Steeling is not possible but torturing O.F.D out of madness and hate.This makes no sense and is an assault on cultural and scientiffic heritage of mankind in sense of UNESCO.Concerning thieves of 2013 police is informed avoiding problems out of steeling my labtop with some data copies.Lot of works have seen NOTAR in former versions up to EU.No real chance for thieves.§1 Urhg ff Germany - worldwide harmonized in 1987


This fine work is for concert halls ,studios and stages,festivals,top performer singer,bands and real solists, orchestras and top labels top recording on CD and a worldwide audience.Oliver needs prime music labels,top music recording studios,producers,music publishers,music managers,sponsors and Mezenati,quality soloists arists bands and orchestras.Big names who can help giving an adequate fair chance by their honorable recommendation : Somebody like You !


You are needed getting a chance for bot of us in easy going if you are good honest,construcive and friendly : Please write to O-F-D@email.de ,give me a call / SMS Let's Call +049 / (0)170 / 4746780 or use Facebook as new friend : www.facebook.com/OliverFrederic.Dieck .Yours sincerly O.F.D - Oliver Frederic Dieck / South Germany / Europe