Big Bang or dependecy of speed of time on temerature and maximum speed of time equivalence to speed of light / theory on physics by O.F.D

Basis of time is physic as the whole system.Time is a sequence of all physical laws in normal speed.Cause evrything within our space is following the same physical laws we cant detect slow or fast speeds of time as long as we are part of it cause all relativity remains the same but from outside of system. At the temperature of -273 Cellsius degrees(absolute zero) the speed of physics must be zero cause of a freez of all physical laws.Then there has to be no time at all.A complete stand still. Near of the absolute Zero the speed of time must slow down concerning all physics too.This could be mesurable.Following to logic I draw the conclusion that there must be a point of maximum heat for all materia in space where materia is completelly converted in pure energy and where is no further growth of temperature possible.This must be maximum speed of time.This could be mesurable.This maximum heat and maximum speed of time must have something to do with speed of light witch is maximum speed of physics following to Albert Einstein.Then I draw conclusion that this is precisely energy lightning of Big Bang. Meanwhile learning all standard theories concerning cosmological and quants world I know that official theory is also describeing how with cooling down all particles and later our elements were changed from pure energy heat to existance by cooling down by less pressure and enlargement of space and less speed ( kinetical energy ).It happend in this way cause its neccessaryly so : Big Bang.Then our speed of time will be slower an d slower till the end.

( copyright by Oliver Frederic Dieck ) version 2015