The individual dimension of activity against global warming, French version ( english)

My French friends: I studied economics/management DEUG/Ensette in Strasbourg, France between 1990 and 1992. There I composed, among other things, the basics of my first piano concerto, Strasbourg, in the quality of Tchaikovsky. Of course I know that France is 75% dependent on nuclear power and is the third strongest nuclear power in the world as a security measure and this corresponds to the peaceful use of nuclear energy. As for the latter, I hope for a common nuclear umbrella, the EU, to also protect my home country Europe. In this regard, I have some understanding that France sees nuclear energy as an ecological force in transition and neglects long-term perspectives.

First of all: I am Oliver Frederic Dieck O.F.D. This isn’t about gay climate or crazy revenge on God. It’s about the earth’s revenge for making us humans the real cancer of the earth, and about how the earth can be healed through better behavior. In my opinion, it’s enough if a she is melting down faceing me. In short: What can we do on an individual level:

Some ideas :

  • Don’t buy things that are actually greenwashed as a marketing argument. Refer to the true costs from start to finish, social costs and environmental costs included. No other calculation makes sense to make it better in reality.
  • We need to add a badge or plaque to every product that shows the real environmental cost, including the information, like we do with cigarettes and tobacco these days, with the information “It might kill you”.
  • We need to impose additional taxes that reflect the real costs, including the costs to ecological society worldwide, and add this to pricing. Maybe if we do it in this pedagogical way we need to cut taxes elsewhere
  • We need a peaceful world without madness like cold or hot wars in order to have the resources to correct our actions. Mutual deterrence is not the way forward. There is no real alternative to law and peaceful imprisonment. We don’t need dictators and criminals in leadership worldwide. That’s all. Then proceed carefully.
  • Just-in-time production and outsourced production must change. Interdependencies, alternatives for risk reduction and engines that use, for example, hydrogen gas or other modern technologies. Then it is possible to continue with global production. Otherwise not.
  • Don’t believe too much in the words of politicians who prefer goodwill solutions rather than equal legal frameworks that force all market participants to be ecologically responsible. Otherwise nothing will happen that would deceive us for another decade until our certain end, as it has been for four decades including the relocation of production to then prosperous China, India and so on.
  • There are too many of us on this planet of 8 billion people. But in developed countries with women studying and free access to safe sex condoms, at least the behavior of the population has changed drastically. We Europeans are dying out. We must take personal measures for the next generations, also to keep the social and economic system and the intergenerational contracts stable. But it will work in the same way elsewhere if there is also a modernization of religion and enlightenment. I think that the development of the Earth is the main key to halting the explosive growth on Earth.
  • In Germany, my home state in Europe, one in seven workers depends on the automobile industry. In France it is different but similar. Therefore, it is necessary to advance new responsible technologies for our personal prosperity and the solution to our global climate problems.
  • Eat less meat, more eggs, fish and poultry and of course fruits and vegetables. Favor sources in your area.
  • Don’t buy fast fashion clothes based on the latest trends. Most of the time, fashion just sells goods by artificially creating a new trend every year. Buy something good in your individual style with lasting quality and be satisfied with it.
  • Do not throw everything away and recycle it if necessary. Repair is the option. New is not an argument for quality!
  • Demonstrate, use your social network and vote.
  • In short: Stop fighting for your individual freedom. Fight against the reasons that force us to gradually use our freedoms less and ultimately limit them to zero out of responsibility.

Kind regards, Oliver Frederic Dieck. O.F.D for short Oli.

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