Cop28 UAE : Solutions for world climate change conferenece at Dubai 2023

Dear Sultan of Dubai ,Dear General Secretary UN Antonio Guterres dear Un cop28 UAE world climate conference at Dubai 2023 :

Your ambition is to save the world of mankind and whole biosphere as we know it.Your ambition is to stop world cathastrophes like no potable water,no food flooding of a lot of countries and most harbour major cities on planet,increase of desertification and burning of woods and towns dying of a big part of mankind and a lot of other species.Its your duty to look forward resolving the treats by stopping heating of global weather.It was developement of European and American later Asian industrial world based on char coal,brown coal and oil without thinking too much.We are guilty others not.But the results are affecting most of us and its expensive to fix this.But its not as expensive as to do nothing or more or less a show at home.It seems that we have a local change from worst to middle concerning behaviour of our local weather.But in global view there is no amelioisation at all.Now its a slower explosion maybee but its not enough to stop it doing economy like before but with adequate neutral or good ripe techniques.Northern third of Germany is as flat as Netherlands.Im from Bavaria Munich 523 meters over the sea.I have no problem.But even northern Germany will sink with about 2 meters over the sea….Its not possible that evryone is walking to the alpes or andes moutains…..We dont need wars and a new arms race.Its good for industry which doesnt need any green politics earning money like drug dealers.We need that money on earth to save the earth and not to save the arms industry or traditional makeing money with old techniques.New techniques are new chances.On the other hand its expansive to adapt the world.But its the only way.We need peace working together on planet earth in a oneworld view in solidarity.Nothing else ! Stay together young and old mankind !

  • We need peace, conflict management by UN only
  • In my view producing h2 with solar engines is a real alternative for oil producenig countries.
  • We can produce energy driving with h2 airplanes ,cars,trains running enterprises.
  • Actually we need that oil for chemistry not for fire.
  • We have to stop brown coal and char coal concerning fire driving engines like oil .Maybee we can accept old charcoal systems in China and third world under strict condition of CO2 separation units.
  • Forbitting to cut wood without planting is a step.
  • Planting trees especially in desert regions is a step.
  • Renaturisation of former moore or maure is a step.
  • Renaturisation of rivers as much as possible is a step.
  • Brown coal Torf is good in the garden nowhere else.Its a crime against earth otherwise. Its our duty to stop it without risking revolutions in a social way.They need other possibilities like Columbia with drugs and finally legal flowers. Its our duty to help where help is needed.
  • In some cases it seems that battery way is better more efficient way in comparrison to h2 directly on private level.But please keep in mind the overal ecological calculation.produceing batteries is not rather ecological….Please compare in evry case the whole system and the whole problem.Then Nuke energy is incredibly expensive…Another view makes no sense its only manipulation.
  • I heard that I guess blue and green ALGAE were cangeing our weather in history produceing biggest part of our oxygene eating a lot of CO2 lowering the temperatures.Some ALGAE brown ones are dangerous.Some are a real solution concerning hunger on earth like those the Japanese use for their Sushi.Those plants are growing much faster than almost evrything on soil much more efficient.Do it Do it Do it.My only problem.This is a dangerous level like genes technology.Mankind cannot understand whole interdependecies on earth.Best is to get the most important elements of the model and the basical mechanics.We have to do it in a way that alows us a roll back ,stoping or changeing in large scale.We must protect this against next catastrophee made by mankind. I think we should do this in large scale but step by step wait and see and as much controlled as possible tools to get rid of this in the verry need inclusively.Its affecting whole planet.We have to do as much as useful. Not More not less.Controlled respecting all side effects.
  • We have speeded the problem by just in time globalisation production and delivering since the 80s and outsourcing produceing where there are no ecological laws etc. Not all interdependencies are uesful.But some are now superpowers dying not for hunger anymore as result realy developed.Laws must affect whole production line also in foreign countries and continents.
  • Its a fact that pure manchester capitalism is wasteing resources most and communism less.On the other hand capitalism works better apart from those fields of common interest like health,culture,education,research,social balancing where states should act for all and market cant do .
    Maybee some young exponents of climate comunity wanted to stress other political contents.But it weakens our common aim to save earth in fact.We are all quite different on earth concerning believe situation money a lot of things.Lets do discipline respecting law focuseing on our main common aim stop global heating fix the problem.To divide this force is to weaken or neutralise this force.A trap.Focuse on our honest aim if possible.

Sincerly Your Oliver Frederic Dieck – Oli
A horizon of 10 years is not enough.
Fight in peace for our common future on earth

Germany with best wishes to Cop28 / UN

PS: And I need only a woman and Im fan of german Luisa Neubauer a cadidate. Its realy completelly ecological…..As musician : All we are saying is give peace a chance.Power to the people ,Woman…. ( John Lennon ) All you need is love ( Beatles)

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