Dear Security Conference MSC ,Dear Presidents ,Ministers for Defense and Foreign affairs and embassadors , dear responsible thinktanks and serious honest medias :

Due to the sayings of former CIA chief and leading general of USA Petraeus Iraque war 2 under George w. Bush ("Fahrbare Giftgaslafetten a genozide" in front of UN performed by minister Powel !!) I feel forced to say something on political level ( PRIMAT of politics ). Naturally Putin belongs to prison as far as I can detect.But especially Petraeus and former President George W Bush probably not less.You cannot win against second strongest nuclear power without risking to blow up Europe at least or whole world.You can only delivering arguments by weapons support to negotiate and to find a peaceful solution.Probably this is in the long run like it was in Afghanistan.I see that military dullhaeds want to win realy narrow minded in dangerous intensity.One reason for Suisse to  say no to Gepard tank amunition delivery.They are neutral and the situation is more complicated as psychological  information war in Nato field and former warshow pact as much as I can see.They want to wipe out Krim Sewastopol fleet maybee inspired by Japan Hawai sinking of their pacific fleet which caused entering of USA in second world war.I cannot imagine that Russia can accept this.And I guess all american not stupids know this.Second point is : Silensky has a strict ukraine east jewish background.Those are quite often raceists and and religiously  mad.Hitler said our European jews are like that.But it was in large scale completelly wrong.Those are Askenazy in western Europe ( adapated) .You know the historical consequences.In UKRAINE Silensky said Russians out.That is Sewastopol a maxium important base of Russians but also those two regions where much more Russians are living as Ukrains.Probably its much to late for reason.But its our duty to try avoiding escalation and leading to peace instead of third world war.We Europeans want peace.We are friends of Gorbatchew reform style.We know Russian peace and delelopement is our peace too if.But Putin KGB thinks completelly different in unbelievable intensity now.I guess honest Snowden was a good source to him running for his life as whistleblower.I gues the US of Donald Trump wanted to provoque Putin style stopping European - Russian coexistance harmony....If you want to earn peace nevertheless delivering what Ukraine defense need without escalation to keep a stiff lipp : Ask if the Russians would accept by treaty their Sevastopol base free transit inclusivelly.I guees the Americans have a thing like that even in Cuba.This can work.Ask if its possible to make two quite independent states within Ukraine where Russians are the majority at Luhansk and that other Donezk  region.I guess its to late after all but this makes a bit of sense.And dont escalate situation for madness foolish generals and weapons industry. with incredible naarratives on both sides.We need the money to save planet avoiding oecological mega crisis and Putin in Prison probably like Petraeus and George W Bush as well concerning Iraque war 2 most probably ( UN ).We dont need mad leaders.We need practical descalation and detention and we are back in the 80s as far as i can see fearing nuclear war again like it was.I hope that reasonable honest US president Joe Biden keeps discipline forcing to peace and not to escalation with war without any adventures.Or is US a militarry / CIA dictatorship meanwhile completelly on kokaine like british stock exchange ?  - Primat ( priority )  of politics !

    PS: My family was partly in contact to NSA base Radio Free Europe planet headquarter psychological warfare of Nato in Oetingerstreet 26 Munich Germany till they  moved to Prague when it was possible.This was department Jugoslavia on chief level ( Stankowitch they told to me ).In my view Silensky is department Ukraine a realy professional demagogical media professional.But i dont know.I dont need any psychological war and torture .I accept truth only without any fakes and free responsible press.This is European standard after Stalin and Hitlers Goebbels.

    Sicerly german genius of the century in several important branches methodically robbed and attaced for historical reasons obviously born in Munich Germany prefering democrats SPD with girlfriend Brenda Brunner ( drivers liscense  from Erie Niagara falls ) cousin of Jazz Democrats President Bill Clinton in 1987 at Munich.Im the enemy ? Maybee for right wing stupids or most religious raceist jews.For reasonable people certainly not.Europe ! - Peace is a win of culture ( My UN anthem proposal)= Learn to live in peace ) - Oliver Frederic Dieck

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