Congratulations to President Elect Joe Biden and Vicepresident Harris ( Democrats ) : What future should bring in European view

People are danceing in the street how after news „war is over“.Dont forget Corona please… Me bymyself I ve heard Stevie Wonder ( Steveland Morris ) Best of danceing too.( We dont need any kind of Apardheiid…Black lifes matters…

  • I exspect that President Biden will reunite USA and that reason and honesty and international responsibility is returning to Whitehouse.I expect that Biden / Harris
    will fight concerning Corona much more sophisticated and responsible.I guess he will reenter in UNESCO,WHO,UN SUPREME COURT Den Haag,UN CLIMATE TREATY.I guess he will restart old alliances and alliances with europeans and Nato dealing more reasonable.I guess he will insist of 2 % of our economy for NATO or WEU investments basically.I expect that lies of Biden will be quite seldom and not standard output of his mouth giving transperency to his voters.But I estimate that he will accept for while special conditions like CORONA fight,Refugees Syria Catastrophe 2015 and so on like very reasonable thinker in peace.I guess he will try to strenthen his economy makeing it more competitive ( Buy American )But I Guess without abuse of Secret service CIA / NSA / Echelon and he will not do political
    intervention by CIA in develpopped stable countries like in Europe.This is for real security only ! ( Example Airbus industries…).I guess he will not seell bracelets out of Whitehouse with his family.I guess president Biden will I guess he will accept international diplomacy treaties and their worth for stability as much as international human rights.I guess he will try to give huge weapons not to evrybody especially who is not even allowed to buy a beer whiskey or a wine.Finally I expect a real President and Vice President behaveing and dealing like Presidents sorounded by sophisticated advisors scientists inclusively and the ability to understand makeing fair compromises.
  • As German and European I have wishes too : I know that the US want to sell Fraking Oil And Fraking gas.Its against your water quality.Irts not ethnical therefore.
    Normal gas / Oil is ok.We Germans have a Energy Mix.We dont want to be dependand from anybody after Opec Oil crisis in the 70s.We dont have enogh
    ecological Energy units produceing our own energy.We buy oil in Saudi Arabia etc and we buy gas in Russia.The second Pipeline should avoid
    blocades for us by other countries.Its for our security.Most of sellers of energy are not democratical and humanitary in sens of free wester culture. If we avoid those states then we have not enough energy.
  • We need free economy on earth within law borders.But we dont need secret judges following to secret rules on that not respecting our constitution or the US one.Maybee we can do a new US / EUROPEAN contract
    inspired by the Canadian one witch is a better compromise and almost acceptable for Europe as far as I l know.
  • I think : One man one vote .Most votes should be win of election also in US.Evry voice has same power in election and evrybody should have same chance to vote.Before of Corona it was quite difficult to vote for lower class people.I have heard that in some states people are loosing right to vote not as murders etc but for typical poverty or youth mistakes discriminateing poor therfore black people.I think this needs a reform.Equality for people in front of law and police in fact controlled by state.
  • We Europeans are not interested in a new Cold war with Russia or even with China.We want detention and less weapons as much as possible by discussion and treaties.Naturally both sides have to behave towards reason and detention.But as far as possible. We want to use money of earth to fight against hunger on earth and against climate catastrophe for social net and public health and naturally our own developement if possible.Its important for peace on earth and for us Europeans to reinstall or modernize the detention arms reduction treaties with new dynamics by USA initiatives.We want to see arms race and costs on a lower level
  • I expect that political style in Bresil,Turkey and Great Britain etc maybee Israel will return to normal behaviour and standards on earth makeing the world to a more reasonable and more secure stable place.
  • I personally hope that there is no abuse of CIA / NSA and friends in future anymore and that police problems ( black life matters ) will reduced by education and law changes.
  • We Germans have a special responsibility and relationship to Israel.We are not allowed to take the lead on that for historical reasons.But we prefere reasonable people following to law and normal standards not most strict armed believers.In the end we would advise that USA returns to UN plans on middle east Israel / Palestine respecting important rights of all in that difficult region useing discussion and treaties and detention on both sides behaveing correctly with new dynamics intended by United states of America leading to important peace in this region. ( in my view in whole region nobody needs nukes.its important for three world religions ar least.Respecting important rights of both sides leads to peace )
  • PS: I cannot detect any manipulation in US election.Same said OECD supervisors.If there was important manipulation indeed there has to be proove and facts to raise questions in court….But I guess Donald Trump will do a firework of accuses to lead almost one to Supreme Court sucessfully.But there I guess those are prefessionals and honest in the end without corruption. I cannot understand that honorable Harris is called as black woman.Im maximum wite from Germany ( blond olive greeneyed quite swedish )Maybee Im not black for you in face….I see a rather strongminded honrable pretty woman probably standard British mixture.Maybee it was view of Clu Clux Clan Breitbart discriminateing her ? – I think you should control power of former President Donald Trump till 20 of January.His son used words like Total war ( Hitler ) and fighting till the end / death ( Hitler ) in official media statements.It was not out of affect anger being angry.He will take probably revenge if its mad or not not accepting the legal vote.Its dangerous in fact and not his right as President of United States.Biden / Harris is US President and Donald Trump not anymore.Avoid Civil War.No weapons in the streets now.Its duty of police and army to protect election process and peace.One major problem for earth and the US solved.
  • Sincerly
  • Oliver Frederic Dieck on AURORA