Click on individual Cartoons to see it in full scale easyly.Then you can also use right next and left last buttons if you want.Official Press : You’l get easly a cheap license for your news paper or political satire show for an adequate small donation to O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck or else authors for their cartoon images / texts in their individual gallery uploaded and shown on this this portal.The initial content “The O.F.D cartoons” is by O.F.D .Respect the copyright if you use it in public strictly especially in professionally use as press coment content .Get in contact directly with a individual author or O-F-D@email.de describeing your cartoon needs .PS : Please dont fool me. Im looking for a woman only to marry her in love founding a familly.Maybee I would agree to have Kommune 1 Harem but Im romantical and true more or less.Its not possible for me to respect all thinkable alternatives on earth at all.My taste is tender but probably quite boring for some folks,I guess…originals not the faked ones.Thank you.Sincerly O.F.D = Oliver-Frederic Dieck = Oli in Germany / Europe