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STRANGE ROCK SONGS - 20 best rock songs by O.F.D 2015 / 16 /17

Strange Rock Song ( 2015 ) is my best of Rock album based also on early composings out of my youth.I tried to remix and to rerecord evrything.Today its not completelly ready.First 10 songs about will satisfy you in quality of a real production equivalent to U2, Coldplay, Andreas Bourani and a bit Toto quite modern.After Golden Age in 2014 I did this also to convince Studio cream people like Thomas Blug,Cherry Gehring,Engelien and other top performer.Further works will go in that direction with better sound.In next step i have to produce and rerecord a lot of works made in TOTO art / quality in my youth.They are more differenced.Therefore I didnt want to do it in hurry destroying something.Soon.

Die Schauer in der Nacht
I can change your world
written in 1979 for my 15 years not friends ( east block jews secret service revenge ..) perefering rock Don't fool us in Jesus name
Eagles Life ( On My Way )
You know I'm a Winner
I just wanna make you smile
Strange World
Thats all I know
Gefühl zu fallen
written 82 for Dorothea Riekert Gauting.She was throwing me out 23 Dez 82.They told me result was Prof.Julia Fischer Violin Einfach Gluecklich sein
Nature is better
written 2002 in Waldkraikurg for Peters Band during speeded application programmer IHK there. Julia
Wild horizon of heart
written 1986 in aprtment of Susanne Traub ( Helmut Kohl CDU daughter they told to me )at Erich Kästnerstr 15 Munich. Diamonds are your eyes
If you cant stay at my side
written 1986 in Karstadt Hertie Munich Münchner freiheit aside of fiancee Karin Henneberger and her beloved chief Susanne Traub