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RHINE ( Rhein ) - 4.Symphony / 4.Sinfonie by O.F.D final version 2016

This was my most incomplete symphony child.I wrote it doing my speeded application programmer between 2001 and 2003 ( successful ) from zero to success.Cause Bavarian strange police was insisting at Augsburg in my suizide instead of doing my examination in law ,I got medicamentation in clinic if this was torture or not in Stasi way.It was rather expensive SEROQUEL.But Badrian is certainly enough.Evrybody gets angry if there are mad terrorists fooling doing robberies torture ,millitant gays and lesbians inclusivelly.In clinic I had IQ Hawik for adults as officiual final test of 137 under Seroquel.( about two strong beers ! )Therefore testing person was begging my to keep inpite of mega brain contact to the ground not identifying with God....( 237 ? ) It was not possible to sleep with out that.I was an addict in fact.Therfore I tok this during whole application programmer test inclusively succesful test cause there was no time for 3 weeks break to get rid of thius without sleep.During that Application Programmer I wrote 4.Symphony in first version.Second movement I did in deed at Strasbourg at the Rhine during my studies there till 1992 ( sieces economiques / gestion as only authentical theme : A la douch je suis le capitan...It was realy hard work to work on it to same level ike I did it in 2015 with symphonies 1,2,3 and presenting the newest one 7.First move is showing water in the way Es one of the last 3 great Symphonies of Mozart does.Second and forth movement is showing the will of father Rhine stressed by a theme oriented at tonal scale.Thirs movement is famous and pretty Loreley walz.Now Im proud.Its a programm symphony like severals of mine.Those dear idiots of Augsburg Justice without any knowledge of anything are those like Beehoven Nr.6 Pastorale witch have a name and a idea witch is described.Most times the movements have also names then.Others are calle Nr 7 in A Flat...A - level in Augsburg Volksgerichtshof ? Dont forget Mozart but Schumann maybee.Its certainly better than his most famous Rheinische Symphony.Good enough for my worst case.Here the movements are are :

Allegro / Quellen ( Sources )
Andante / Alter Rhein ( Old Rhine valley )
Walse / Lorley Walzer ( Loreley Walz )
Allegro / Muendung / ( Mouth ) VITA - 1. Organ concerto / Orgelkonzert by O.F.D version 2013

My 1.Organ concerto VITA in version 2013 is composed in first version about in 1995.Actual version is much better recorded but quite the same.Its a work approximatelly equivalent to god baroque works of Johann Sebastian Bach or Haendel.It describes life of human being timeline in three movements.

Youth / Jugend
Florishing / Bluete
Oldage and Disapearence / Alter und Tod