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O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck : Why I did this and what One History Blog should be

I’m son of a dead SS german field soldier Gustav Emil Dieck.He had only 5 men under his order in storm troop as far as I know.Maybee I have seen him for 14 days in my life.With 18 I was requesting to make his aquaintance.Nevertheless my whole life is distorted up to genozide in abolishing reason,law truth completly by revenge terrorists exchangeing their data with mine my results my real traits researching with brutal force for negative aspects.In my individual case their request is my perfect opposite.A dull ill mad alien.Im SPD democrats man , quite peaceful a megamind and best music composer more or less one or more centuries.Naturally my view is not revenge genozide but rules of olympic games and german constitution for all…But then Im too good.During all that I got that historical view is quite different in European and other states in incredible intensity.But there is only one real history.We need one serious truth for all for justice , peace and reasonable acting.I can tell a lot concerning important truth concerning talent, Freud ,sexuality,differences between people and genders or relevance of communistic theory or state in real life.But with a special A-level forced by manipulateing terrorists I have only an enlarged power course in history not more.I invite relevant professors like Prof. Winkler and international relevant counterparts to do the job on scientiffic level together: One unmanipulated history for all.

Im not the professor in this field.But there are a lot of questions for research in a Doctor title academic research work .There must me a most honorable international historics commission .Some examples of evident manipulation and most different views :

1) In  Poland evrybody learnt that Mozart was a gay.In deed this was eastern Dvorak and Tschaikowsky who was suizider cause of that.Mozart was marrying little sister Konstanze of his real love an opera Diva.With Konstanze he had 2 Children.Before of that he was doing first experiments with Bäsle his cousine.He was quite open minded.But there is no evidence for any homosexual activity.

2) Strong oriental jewish believers called Serafines are requesting that music but also all other special intelligences is especially European content of jewish blood.Cause of statistics I guess there was an invention of jewish Sigmund Freud with Psycoanlalysis in a sideline  : Following to his speculation talent especially Music is not genetics and mega brain.Its Sublimation of sexual perversion.Following to his theory evry man has all perversion in youth.But then epecially jewish strict education requesting pattern Adam and Eve is destroying that.Some folks stay pervers with well sounding etc results.In reality women are twice as pervers as men.Around planet 20 % women 10 % men are trying the other way.Almost all seldom genius level results are men in history.Relevance of Universities and Schools in music composing etc is up to now more or less zero.What was working till now : Autodidictical 30 years researching Josef Haydn was educating more talented Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven.10 years old Johann Sebastian Bach was starting his more or less autodidactical research cause his ma and his pa has died.His oldest brother did his best to keep know how  tradition of most impressive arts and music dynasty with more than 100 relevant composing musicians lutheran Bach www.o-f-d.de.FamillyVitus  Bach came during 30 years believe war killing half of Europe from Austria / Hungary as “white baker”  to german lutheran Thueringen department.Johann Sebastian Bach was married with two composing femals.One was his cousine.He was makeing 23 children.A lot of them died ,quit normal in that time.4 of his sons were greatest and most famous composing musicians of that generation in Europe, makeing their god of music pa famousoutside of musician circles.Gay folks are requestiing that his counterpart in England from Halle Germany Händel has to be a gay.Händel lived at London as kings composer as a king.He is burried in Westminster Abbey with english kings as english man.There are no official descendants known.But there is on the other hand no evidence for gay living on the other hand also.Music scientists are saying that his private rooms are fulll with naked femals painted in the way of Rubens,actually porns.For a gay this is hard to bear.Richard Wagner was autodidactical researching helped by Liszt.Famous Salieri was not a real good composer but good enogh to teach Schubert, Beethoven and a lot of others.In wholwe music history till today jewish roots has only Mendelsohn.German infulencial Meyerbeer was jew and german Orf with Oh fortuna out of Carmina Burana was half jew.This is a jewish contribute like Albert Einstein or Heinrich Heine or Thomas Mann not more following to statistics.

3) Following to several eastern states and jewish radicals Nazis were stupid crazy thinkers responsible for second world war in evry aspect out of genuine crazyness.Especiall SS was purely german and european elite.Unfortunatelly they were educated in abolishment of normal emotions like pitbulls by state giving most brutal strict and secret orders.As far as I know Americans accusation in Nürnberger Prozess with psychologist M. Gilbert was checking intelligence and responsibility of  Nazi chief executive in court.The results were : Göring IQ 138 Hawik ,IQ 142 General Keitel, IQ 143 Seys Inquart …In compasrisson Albert Einstein in this most serious test without spcial and arts talents 136…Those were guilty giving the orders superior in mind and healthy. The selected soldiers were as dull or mad like Nobel prize owner Günther Grass for Blechtrommel,who was with 16 for 14 last days member of SS or high SS officer Wernher von Braun inventor of all rocket systems on planet.German 3 Reich last for 12 years.This is normal own elite,and normal European situation, No not natural weapons breeding. Only best of Germans and neighbours indoctrinated with brutal orders by state.

4) Old Russia and oficially France ,probably Poland Ukraine, and Tchecs also are  thinking that Germany was mad aggressive against them without own mistakes only caused by german madness as illness of Nazi ideology and militarism.In fact In Sarajewo a Bossnian man called Prinzip was killing austrian prince descendant Ferdinand for Serbian secret service in a purely monarchistical European world.Today we have nuclear mutal deterrence to avoid war.Only a mad idiot would push the button.In that time this was a net of millitarry treaties in case of war.But there was an idiot : Prinzip ! Austria was researching fort a month if this was only a mad dullhead.Then tere was declaration of war to Serbia asking german allies for help in fammily question.Russians were stressing preventively that Serbians are their historical allies.Then in deed Germany was declareing war to Russia.Also in Germany only to avoid a greater combat respecting Austrian view.In deed only Imperror Wilhelm 2 ,the soon killed Zar emperor of Russia related to Wilhelm and the english crown were trying to avoid a world war cause of a mad Balkan terrorist killing for Serbia without thinking.Germany never wated to have war to Russia and also not to English crown who is completelly german blood ( House Hannover Sachsen Coburg during worldwar one changed in house of Windsors following to Windsor castle ) Generals and public opinion in whole Europe were different.All bigger nations wanted to have war to get new cards in Poker game makeing progress out of Austrian situation maybee.Germany the most important superpower of technic and nature sciences in that period wanted to rise to status like Britain in deed.But Germans especially emperror Wilhelm 2 were not more for war than whole Europe. As result the Germans got full responibility for first world war without real problems at one front in capitulation without conditions.( Bedingungslose Kapitualtion laut Völkerrecht wenn vernichtend geschlagen an mehreren Fronten ).Treaty of Versailles was pure injustice.Germans were not beaten.Then they elected a strong man Hitler to change situation with or without use of weapons. To abolish the treaty of Versailles Germans were telling that signing of that treaty was a act of a traiter.This was unfortunatelly jewish minister for foreign affairs Walter Rathenau  for SPD government, stressed by german propaganda .The only alternative were communists / socialists  in that time and Hiltler was stressing that he is only remedy against this and only alternative. And he won with it abolishing constitutioin and democracy, with results witch are hard to bear in german name.Germans were mad.But mad of anger ,made by hunger and injustice. And HiItler and his friends used it.

5) Today we have Europe and a lot of old enemies are good friends fighting together.But in historical discussions Germans are seen as extremly aggressive brutal people famous for steeling all its wealth elsewere,often mentiomned in Poland and thosetimes in Greece.In fact Germany was ugly for 12 years only with german intensity in madness out of injustice.Objectively the Germans are much more polite and honest as most bigger countries in history.Only problem : Secenod world war was joungest severe problem of worlds peace.For me my pa was quit old makeing me normally my grand pa, all that is a story out of a history bokk like for a danish man.Danish people was wellknown as Wikings in Europe for 300 years owning also Greenland till today.They came with maximum brutallity with the rivers destroying evrything and anything.First use of psychological warfare.Result : Europeans flew giving soon their towns without battles… British crown was conquering India, Australia,Egypt , old Palestina and eastern Africa completelly,Northern America introducing negro and indians slavery  steeling all gold and evrything there killing indians almost completelly.Russians were conquering all neighboors,Mongoles were terroriseing China and Russia provoqueing Great Wall ,China was built out of several smaler dynasties by sword, Japan was attacing China quite brutally. Old Greeks were destroying old Persia with Alexander the Great complettelly steeling their goods.Even Osman Reign now Turkey was killing one million Armenians during first world war used as example by Hitler officially how it could be for jews in need ,occupieng Greece, Hungary a bit Austria doing mass rapes with soldiers by official order to colonize those countries for 200-300 years with turc genes,source of hate and lies in that region till today. Apart from Napoleon who brought naturally modernisations of French Revolution in law system etc France was occupieng whole western Africa French Guyanya, some islands ( Dom / Tom ) and former Louisiana witxch Napoleon sold to Americans for financement. Also Itallian Romans were occupiing Egypt,Greece ,big part of Europe and northern Africa steeling all goods there introduceing slavery.Spanish Armada was occopieing whole south America destroying Aztecs,Mayas, etc fetching their gold.Portugeses were connquering Bresil with gold and goods there…Germany or former Holy Roman Reign of German Nation / Deutsches Reich found in obout 806 and ended formally in  about 1806 by french Napoleon who has stolen this emperor power setting a pope into prision for this ( not legal = no effect ex tunc ) is famous for sciences power and engineering.Not for imperialism.Apart from those 12 years we have not stolen our wealth.It working hard and our talent.We are realy not the criminals.

6) Marschall Plan / European Recovery plan : A lot of eastern and smaler states are saying that European and especially german Wirtschaftswunder was caused by American financial support only.In deed this money was enough to stop dyout of civilists in bombed Europe in Winter.Trying to be cautious I say as far as I know evry bigger state in Europe has got ONE BILLION.In that time I estimate this was about 10 times the worth of today.Half of that evry state had to pay back as credit.Concerning Germany the present part was bigger.Evrything was bombed and destroyed.Im shure that after incredible british Bomber Harris destroying especially  civillian cultural highlights of ” Ariers ” like Dresden Munich or Hamburg were rather thankful for this help in verry need.And Im shure that West Berlin people will never forget “Rosinenbomber” help when Russia / East Berlin has blocked energy and transports.But the main reason for Wirtschaftwunder in Germany and other parts of Europe was economical freedom by system and grown know how in centuries.

7) “Wohlstand für alle” / Ludwig Ehrhard CDU / Bavaria : Conservative Bavarian CSU party is stressing that inventor of german traditional  system but with strong social net Soziale Marktwirtschaft is geniuine bavarian and CSU view of things.He was from Bavaria like me bymyself in deed.And SPD my party was leaving ground of plan economy towards Social economy Soziale Marktwirtschaft stressing social in the early sixties with Godesberger programm base for chancellor Willy Brandt SPD and Helmut Schmidt SPD.But Professor Ludwig Ehrhard was chief of Adolf Hitler commission / project to develop a reasonable working system for times of won war.He was probably no real nazi but simply one of the best.Most conservative CSU throw Erhard out.Erhard entered more liberal northern sister party CDU.Then he was minister for economy of Germany with CDU / CSU chancelor Adenauer and later not beloved chancellor being to much reasonable professor.But this more or less Marionette of Americans doing quite crazy inventions was not in favor for Ehrhard officially prefering rather katholic view of Cologne.CDU was rather social after world war with Ahlener programm.But Adenauer was winning with more conservative katholic Cologne view.I guess that Hitler would add some slavery to Ehrhard system etc.But Germany got precisely the system what Erhard has designed for time after won war by Hitler.Nevertheless it works properly.Also for SPD meanwhile.

8) Genius is pride and a problem for a lot of states and religions.Nevertheless its most important truth for results of mankind.A suiss brains medicin was officially mentioning in german Süddeutsche Zeitung Wissen Magazin some years ago that he has not found any aspects of genius of a powerfull brain at Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.In deed he said Mozart was rather bussy only early educated,probably like himself actually without much power in mind.Possible for evrybody.He said this officially as serious suiss expert…. I dont know how much money this average man  has got.Maybee he is personally a jew or gay doing this out of personal hate reasons.Truth : Evry standard music professor around the world was teached in 2 instruments beginning with 2 ( Midori ) or latest with 4 thosedays.Its not possible to beginn earlier for biological reasons.Apart from me bymyself noone especially no professor can reach quality of Mozart till now,maybee other geniusses like Beethoven and Wagner and certainly Johann Sebastian Bach living long time before of Mozart.There is no way to develop this quality by beeing busy at University or any other school.Its definetly Mozart genius brains based on Leoplod Mozart fathers genes native in Augsburg Bavaria and probably also on his mum only.In addition teacher Haydn did his best with Beethoven and Mozart as most talented pupils.Mozart www.mozartways.com wrote in his Bäsle letters ” Scheiss ins Bett dass kracht … Dein Sauschwanz “, quite open jokeing but with his father quite reasonable.He was speaking a lot of languages knowing almost all noble rulers of Europe personally in his youth.He was of katholic origin but trather free thinking.Employed at christian pope in Rome he got as only person till today the “Ritterorden vom Goldenen Sporn ” .This is being holy during livetime.Nevertheless Mozart left Rome.He couln’t bear katholic ignorance and lying thinking quite free,normal for a mega brain artist.He entered like Wagner,Goethe etc Freimaurer.Those were pushing the enlightment and reason in sciences and government on secret elite level.On the other hand they were more or less esoterical result of knowledge of sciences in those times.Mozart died early.We dont know if this was an assault of pope, strong believers jews , competitors, stupid medicins giving quicksilver as remedy against syphilis,or syphilis in the end.Actually we dont know if he had realy syphilis.But we know that he has got no christian grave, only a mass grave out of this.We know Mozart had two children officially married with Constanze Weber sister of beloved opera Diva.And we know this man was better.Better as almost all musicians in history.Expertise of this suiss brains medicin exchanging his truth with Mozart obviously is probably caused by a lot of money or wishes of New York strong jewish believers organisations.They had intended in early 80th the cinema film : Forget about Mozart ! Its simply rediculous propaganda.

9) Generally speaking the knowledge of people is per nation strong in best times of own country and quite manipulated stressing positive aspects and importance as patriotism or nationalism .Knowledge of others is manipulated and realy not rather developed.Knowledge about own and foreign religions and historical manipulations is quite often an emtyness.But there has to be a balanced unmanipulated view on time  with all interedependecies  on planet in history and not only focused on own navel.A good historian has to be also a honest judge being as objective and neutral as possible.

10) NSDAP :  Especially rather conservative and religious thinkers are stressing that NSDAP of Hitler was National Socialist party German Workers party ( National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei ) .In deed Hitler entered the 7 men party DAP  in Munich.He was adding NS.Following to his politics he was not for emperor.In this way he was a socialist.But in all other ways he was proposing himself as most intense remedy and alternative to dictatorical communists / socialists KPD etc and even SPD.Democrats SPD was only party in Germany witch was against Ermächtigungsgesetz setting human rights and Weimar constitution of Germany out of order.This and only this was base of Nazi brutal actions.Later Hitler was destroying and fighting communists.Also some SPD people went to camps like Dachau.Famous example SPD man Felder friend of Otto Wels SPD who decided against SS Gestapo proposal to be not a suizider.He died with 104 telling his story evry day.Actually Duce Mussolini of Italy was softer inventor of fashism and Hitler followed with german intensity and perfection.Both christian churches in Germany katholic and lutheran protestants were in Konkordat treaty with Hitler hateing Kommunists with church politics of them.On the other hand there was only a katholic tradition against jews.After and during world war Vatican was most important organisation for fleeing of former high SS and Gestapo men.Later only german Gehlen BND did this.One third of 6000 foreign affairs secret service officers were those guys with new names protected by police.Head level.BND said they need know how.Luther wrote something against jews but on the other hand he was stressing following to new testament bible doing traduction in german language that Maria, Josef and Jesus etc were actually jews proposing music instead of Peters dome with criminal financement cause music is holy for jews.Jewish Thora : “Follow to those who have the music.With them is God”.He wrote also that he has trown ikn when he saw devil.He will lead the right way.Hitler definetly wanted also voices of workers in elections.ALL : NATIONALISTS and SOCIALISTS But he was a socialist only in one way as far as I can see : He wanted to socialise ( steeling ) foreign possession or that of political oponents.” Du bist nichts Dein Volk ist Alles !” Hitler was NATIONAL and definetly not a Socialist or Lutheran.

11 ) Nobel prizes : Concerning German dominateing impotance in physics , nasture sciences , medicin and technique beginning in about 1900 it was said that Germany lost 1933 / 34 all nobel jews to USA like Albert Einstein and Thomas Mann.It was said that then Germany had only 8 Nobel prizes in war time…Max Planc pope of physics more important as Einstein and his most important friend in physics ( Quants physic ) , Heisenberg,Weizsäcker etc stayed in Germany.Naturally Albert Einstein, Otto Hahn, Thomas Mann, Heinrich Mann and Berthold Brecht were missing.But in times of Nazis German research moved on with most remarkable results : Zuse the computer and first programming language , the TV,  the rocket Wernher von Braun with Oberth, the Düsenflugzeug modern airplane one of the first Messerschmidt 262 working properly…Naturally there were no Nobel prizes in first line as political protest against Hiltler ways.After second world war Americans and Russians were fetching all good scientists to USA also Wernher von Braun ( NASA chief ) or Russia  with more or less force out of bombed Germany.Then they had those Nobelprizes in much bigger intensity.Truth !

12) Common European security : France is seen officially as weaker concerning engeneering and economical power.On the other hand their TGV train is best of Europe and European worldwide leading Airbus / Ariane space is situated in  Tolouse France.One part of truth is certainly that France is third biggest nuclear power on planet in respect of Bavaria / Germany in historical context.Even Great Britain is much weaker concerning nuclear force.France is western but quite independant.This makes enemies also.America doesnt like this freedom with economical consequences.Strategfgical nuclear power is rather expensive.To expensive for a middle power sized country like France.But without that France cannot sleep and I know Bavarian argumentations too.They are not mad following to Charle de Gaule : Now friendship but with stronger millitarry in the verry need.I have seen that nowadays is argumenting evrybody with Bizeps again.Then I want to have such a thing also to protect my rights.I propose France is keeping master order concerning own nukes but giving a right for protection to European Commission or Parliament for times of war getting some money from all of us.Then Europe has strong tooth the acceptation of French nukes is much better especially in Germany and for France alone its not too expensive.Common European security saveing Peace !

13 ) Cinema Film Jud Süss : Evrybody thinks that Süss is a jewish name cause of this propaganda film of the Nazis.Im  definetly not a jew but my mum is born Süss.Therefore this affects me directly.The historical story of the propaganda Nazi Film Jud Süss was Mr. Süsskind.Süss is in german “sweet”.Normally in Bavaria this means produceing sugar ,honey or dealing with it as profession… katholic.On the other hand Süsskind is originally written SUEZ KIND – child from SUEZ.I guess those are jews more often.One of those not jewish german SÜSS apart from familly of my mum was unfortunatelly chief of Wannsee conference and chief of Eichmann Heydrich.Pa of brutal cold 1 A man Heydrich with obviously strange character was composer famous during lifetime.He was friendly nice guy founder of conservatory of german Halle , town where Händel came from.This father was actually like Mozart, Wagner , Goethe… member of Freimaurer.In most official music encyclopedia Riemann was printed ” Heydrich ( originally Süss ) ” in german language.Heydrich had not much humor.cause of his verry high voice and cause of his name he was be punished as jew and gay in his youth.Later he made it clear killing those groups most brutally unfortunatelly.And he checed most officially his genetical base concerning Süss.Not jews in this case indeed.

14 ) Religious wars : Most nature scientists especially physicists are deeply impressed by complexity of nature and universe in a more or less religious way.But almost noone thinks that our historical opinions on that are the very truth.Possible interpretation : Our view of things was depending on our ripeness and knowledge and maybee God was speaking with us like you does it with children to explain things to them.Knowledge in people is not rather spread that Mohamedan book is filtered by some millitary leaders in their history.Christian Bible in new testament part is a selection made by christian church to stabilise their authority.Both books are manipulated and not the original mind of the holy persons.Maybee this happend also with other big religious writings.Old testament is jewish history book full of myths and not the book of standard christs but that what historical person Jesus Christ wanted to update.Jewish 12 sermons law, made by God following to Moses resonable  for all Christians too is stolen by Babylon people or Romans as far as I know.Maybee we can find this giving it back.Its rather basical and reasonable, but is it realy told by God directly to Moses for the jews ? I guess stay honest do good things useing your mind and your heart.This a reasonable God will respect at the final end if.Concerning sciences I must say we realy dont know how it is in fact, we know what was lying or wrong.Example : Following to Bible and Jews Earth and universe is about 5000 years old.And following to them mankind was from Mesopotamia ” Zweistromland ”  etc. and  jews, Adam and Eve.In fact mankind was from East Africa with black colour.Earth is 4,5 billion of years old.Universe 13,8  billion of years…Stay resonable respecting modern infos too.If we have one God for all.

15  ) Jews in German speaking countries : Evrybody is thinking that Jews and Germans were most intense historical enemies and that European jews were loosing all scientiffic or arts results and then their lifes.But in deed first few jew came with old Romans to Germany as ecomnomics specialists.In Germany Cologne , Augsburg and further places were 2000 years old Roman foundings. Probably there were first few jews in Germany.Later it was different.In middle age region of Worms ” Schummstädte” were important jewish centers.For European jews there are two version of Thalmud – how to live as jew.The Wormser one and the spanish one.one is the more liberal european version.Till today a lot of Jews are speaking Jiddish witch is a jewish german dialect with different grammar in fact.On the other hand all 50 years in Europe they were invitated to change to catholic believe or dying.If something was happenining normally evrybody said its cause of jewish believers makeing God angry etc.Jews were be seen as economical power.To have jews was a controlled right by king and emperor in treaties.In christinan organisations of the crafts men jews were excluded normally.Therfore they had reduced possibilities to do other jobs.In those times takeing money for a credit was forbitten by christian church and official law for a christian man, like it is today for mohamedan people at far away homes.Then a banker can produce only own bancrupts. Friedrich 2 of Prussia was maybee gay.In evry case his father has cut off the head of his best friend Kate in front of his eyes.As result adult prussian leader Friedrich 2 was rather hard but he kept his cultural interests during his leadership writing music for flute speaking french only in his castle invitateing best heads of Europe.Among them french Voltair.The human rights philosopher now a kind of God in France had to save his life in those times erather quickly at home.He brought his thinking to Germany Prussia : “Jeder werde seelig nach seiner Facon ” or evryone should have his believe in his way.Then evrybody in Prussia got normal same civil rights and right of free choice of believe.This was unique in Europe.Even in Bavaria lutheran Protestants had not the same civil rights like katholics.They were treated like jews quite often.Then a lot of jews came to Prussia being normal people there.In Vienna and other parts of Europe governments were following.Naturally also France to their Voltaire.In my view situation changed intensively when some folks in 19th century dreamt to return to Palestine or to stay in Germany etc as fix main base new Israel.Then it was neccessary that also strict believers view is true here.Going to Palestina was quite irreal cause it was owned by Britains and Osmans as far as I know.During Second world war Nazis throw a lot of jewish art works into the fire.But seldom originals.Even paintings were sold to Foreign world or they went to this jewish man who wanted to save those paintings in his private rooms at Munich at Ungerer bath / Schwabing.( I was working in that house in1999 about on top renovateing pent house at familly Eschenbach for filius Phillipp talking to him.They knew it more or less asking me what to do ) Albert Einstein ,Korngold ,Brecht ,Thomas and Heinrich Mann … were saved to USA in 1934 by Nazis themselves.You will find in evry town of Germany all most important results of jewish writers or scientists cause they were reprinted.It was a terrible gesture destroying their honour but not the real facts in most cases.Then almost no works are missing.Some of jewish possessions are owned now by other foreign people ,but the works are still in existance.A rollback in understanding following to law is possible.Perfectly different situation.

16 ) Communist ideology and others have proposed that state delivering conditions of live is produceing differences between people not only concerning status and finacial aspects but concerning real facts concerning talent and intelligence differences between the genders in mind and behavior inclusively.Then a lot o mega crimes are none.If state is the source its no crime if state is choosing a communist simpleton for career of Nobelprize owner.But on this planet seldom genius is truth with maximum hereditary aspects. Therefore communism cannor work properly.Some apes , dogs , delfins and cats are more intelligent as average member of mankind at least as child.The differences are enormous and not made by state.70 – 80 % of  people have an IQ of about 90 – 110.Handicaped people are seldom presenting IQ 60-80.. Geniusses are witjhhout manipulation naturally of an IQ of more than 140 having impressive results.A man is called genius if there are not thousands of people of his potetial in his field but none else or only a few.State can be fair and helpful using justice or he can be hell of injustice.But the verry truth remains the same,with ideology or without that. www.bach.de  or  Max Planc physics, Schiller writer , Uhland writer,Hölderlin writer ,Mörike writer ,Hegel philosopher ,Schelling and  Hauf and some futher historical persons were descendants of german Baden Würtemberg man Schultheiss Johannes Vaut living in 15 century in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen.Its not possible to exchange evrybody with evrybody for political aims as equality or membership of an ideology or party.Genetical differences are the main differences between people.Therefore this truth is most precise.All those men with outputs of historical importance for mankind were in first line one thing : Geniusses and seldom !

17 ) In Germany noone can read Mein Kampf of Hitler till 8. Mai 2015 for juristical reasons.Bavarian ministery for finances has got the rights from descendants of Hitler clan.70 years after dying of a person those rights are ending.Same in the end concerning Richard Wagners writing concerning the destroying role of jews in european music.Both is forbitten in fact cause of Hitler’ acting.As genetical most important composer I know that strong belivers jews doesnt accept this ignoring all laws and any reason.I cannot read Richard Wagner but I guess he was a liberal quite modern mind.I think it was personal experiance as autodidactical and genetical main musician destroying their face and and his opinion to strong belivers only and jewish proposals like Zimlinsky, Schönberg Alban Berg an co insted of European harmonics grown in at least 600 up to 2000 years maybee startintg with Aristoteles.This is experiance concerning physics and biology how it sounds well.Its not hazard.Secondly its the question what Hitler actually wrote in Landsberg when he was sitting in prison for 2 years in the end as maxium traitor going with millitary to government to take over.This book was most sold during those 12 years of Hitler.Evry familly has got this instead of Bible during marriage ceremony at least.Nobody read it ? Winnifred Wagner from Great Britain married with son of Richard Wagner gay Siegfried Wagner was bringing the paper to Hitler for it to Landsberg.She was maximum fan demanding her Hitler between the legs.But officially Hitler was prefering Eva Brown.Was Hitler writeing that he will kill all jews still staying in Europe and will fetch back old soil by war there or not.This book was base for decision of voters in Germany and quite wellknown.Had voters knowledge of that or not.Was it planned in this way in the early beginning or bad result much later ? How responsible are german voters. For the right to read this as not Nazi you have to be at least history student claiming a scientiffic interest.Then you will get it like a Morphin controlled.There is the question.Truth is not told to public.

18 ) Israel / Palestina  conflict : We Europeans said after all jews should have their own old place Israel in Israel.in 1948 United Nations have given by resolution to Palestina and to Israel the right for living in two independant states.In history Israel people went away partly by brute force of Romans ,babyloniers etc but thousands or centuries ago.Palestinians took it.Israel is in existance.Palestine not.As long as this is situation there peace is quite difficult.In addition noone wants to have nuklear millitarry power in that region not for Iran not for anybody.But Mohamedans in that region know that Israel have the bomb definetly cause France and Americans gave technology to them feeling ashamed concerning violence in history.In addition Israel and South Africa of Apartheid developed modern nuke bombs together.Its easy to say no nuke bombs in that region but rather difficult to say why Israel has the right to have it and neighboor states like Iran not.

19) Following to ultra catholic spanish crown ceremonial ,normal rule for all kings heritage and followers in Europe , oldest son is prince and next  man in power.In Bavaria ( inofficial ) Sizilly,south Spain etc younger son is only a bad copy for the very need forced to go to church dying out in fact to give personal staff to the Vatican.Following to Thora ” Follow to them who have the music cause with them is God” Music is extremly.Without hereditary talent its not possible to compose.Wagner was youngest of 10,Johann Sebastian Bach was youngest of 7,Mozart youngest of 6,Beethoven is youngest of 3,me Im youngest of 3 apatrt from other famillies of my pa ( 7-9) … Only Josef Haydn is the oldest.There is in sciences and arts no evidence for this believers madness cause its perfectly the opposite.The youngest is the brain normalyand its hereditarry only there.Then is absolutly madness to dye this out.Then its not hereditarry ( Italy ) In Germany its perfectly hereditarry apart from Bavaria ( traditionally part of Sicilly concerning believe not respecting german and european constitution ).Argument of plagiatism concerning youngest is dullhead and madness.For all crowns ,there is a futher argument : Peace and order.First one was first.If we have to wait till last in discussion its more difficult.But the oldest is almost never the important one.Traditional handling in South or Christian Vatican is called Genozid in our century.Bavarian ” Zwiefacher “.Quality of dullheads.Equal chances ,older son has not more to say then evrybody else tradition or not.They need only Zölibath illness personal lying perfectly witch makes not holy witch is not of christian origin produeceing alcohol and children abuse in large scale only.Earth is flat ?

20 ) In Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty former disinformation BBC of great Britain psychological warfare in second worldwar but also in N-TV N24 news Tv Germany you can hear that almost all physics leading to modern world and to the internet were from Hungary.In deed jewish Edward Teller ( H bomb race , SDI, Railgun but probably good physicist ) was jewish from Hungary.Apart from also German jewish Einstein those were Germans / Berlin.Weizsäcker,Max Plank ( Quants theory ) Heisenberg….Also we can hear that the inventors of Germany were mad and Britains and americans much better ( in steeling / reparations and fetching almost all nazi scientists to USA forced .Russians did the same.Ok .If you visit Deutsches Museum Munich Germany then you can see all originals.Mondern working  airplane zB Messerschmidt 262 ,working Computer Z3 by Zuse,TV,rockets Wernher von Braun / Oberth etc are inventions of that period in Germany.One day without Germany and in USA also in Britain is no industry.Americans have apologized concerning Zuse Z3 first computer.they destroyed original takeing construcion plans to USA for Neumann computer.Deutsches Museum was buliding it again with son of Zuse.It worked perfectly.But now Zuse is not richest man on earth.Old Zuse had a lot of Professor titles mult honoris causa…In music its said that it was Italy concerning music if its not jewish.But the Romans were never for example  in Dredsden Halle Leipzig holy music region or Hamburg but in Augsburg and Cologne… Following to Julia Fischer Violin in German serious newspaper FAZ and others Johann Sebastian Bach is Old Testament as God of music and Beethoven the new one .But  grand,grand…pa Vitus Bach lutheran came in 30 years belivers war as baker man ( BACH ) running for his life out of Austria – Hungary as German with German / Austrian name Bach to Thueringen Germany to keep his head Centuries later there was protestant lutheran Johann Sebastian Bach with 4 most important sons www.bach.de.It was not jewish and it was not Hungary.During 30 yeras believers war half of Europe had to dye for madness of religious intollerance.Jewish Freud was requesting that those not jewish composers ( almost all ) and other artists or scientists are at least gays.But  concerning talented people are as much gays etc as in rest society percentage.about 10 % of men on earth.Johann Sebastian Bach was married twice had 23 children out of it.I guess it was his hobby.This dynasty consits of 50-100 composing musicians of more or less historical importance.Last wellknown Bach dyed in Berlin 1845.Propaganda fooling  !

O.F.D 2015 as opener for honest discussion for ONE HISTORY BLOG.









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