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If you want to do a donation then do it please directly to my acount . 10 Euros are more than nothing.On the other hand I accept also crowdfunding with official contract and sponsorship by realy small enterprises or realy famous like  universities,instituts for history research  ,Professors for history like Prof. Winkler ,  students organisations like AEGEE , political parties ,  DIE ZEIT , SZ , FAZ , Der Spiegel , newspapers and journals ,aritsts, European commoission and parliament ,Unesco, United Nations, United Nations Security Coucil  .Then you have the right to bring in your logo as official sponsor.I accept also integration in an institute ,newspaper or not students organisation like AEGEE.Evrything witch helps to keep this working and growing is great.This is honest and serious.Gansters have money enough ! Thank you for your generous helpful gift.

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Your donation helps to pay for the infrastructure that keeps this site on the web and allows us to keep providing content you enjoy. Please give as generously as you can. Payments are collected securely via PayPal and the details you enter in this form are not shared with any other website.

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The following readers have generously given donations

Account : Oliver Frederic Dieck
Augusta Raifaisen Bank eG ( Augsburg )
IBAN : DE56720900000006004237

Old system : KTNR: 6004237 , BLZNR: 72090000

Oliver Frederic Dieck
Josef Prillerstr 21
86159 Augsburg
Germany / Europe ( Mail )


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