If the slider doesn't work properly reload site please.There was a new assault by terrorists argumenting with their face and with history and their believe madness or crime simply on my youtube channel with more than 400 music movies.Therefore I organized evrything without Youtube and American crimes.Maybee cause of dedication of Twilight first tune of Sunset Jazz concerto to president Bill Clinton Democrats Sax player.His cousine Brenda Brunner was my girlfriend in 1987 in Munich.We are political friends.Unfortunatelly Bill is not average Americain.He's best. Music quality is much better now protected but without movie concerning text and other projects of mine as programmer scientist etc.Soon professional version but not for free.This is most precise truth on earth.No ideology.No religion.No natonalism And Im German Social Democrat SPD not unimportant in earlier times a bit lutheran christ likeing Jesus ethics,most free ,modern and tolerant christs in Europe....It will take a while to eliminate all mistakes to make site realy complete even if its much better now but I will fix evrything certainly.... Your sincerly O.F.D - Oliver Frederic Dieck ( real name following to birth documents etc. ) 2019 Click on Datacheck

Oliver Frederic Dieck

( EN )Welcome at music composer,
( DE )Willkommen bei Komponist,
( FR )Bonjour chez compositeur de la musique O.F.D at his Music Channel :
Click on your CD or on your slider to play it.Hear best new tonal opera,symphonies,violin/ organ/piano concerti,serenades, piano pieces,oratory,jazz,ethno, musical,r&b,dance,rap,rock, europop,britpop,hits, arrangement works by O.F.D directly.

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O.F.D Oliver Frederic Dieck : Hundreds of music composings written and performed by O.F.D the leading tonal music composer : Tonale Auftrags Komposition ,Compositeur de la musique par ordre , Ordered music composing / arrangement ,production, hits ,klassik,classic ,tonal symphonies on Beethoven Mozart level location Munich Augsburg Germany Europe. German O.F.D - Oliver Frederic Dieck ( video at the bottom ) is born in Munich Germany 1964, oecomenical lutheran, looking like 40,blond, greeneyed,slim,tall,high IQ, several studies,normal hetero without any madness , other activities, composing since 1969,first good results with 11.Playing all instruments doing evrything by himself useing computer up to now. Better stars welcome.In youth leading role as chief till 1990 in SPD JUSO youth ( Democrats ) Munich group of Munich Universities, largest of Germany in that time. You reach main activities via www.o-f-d.de and www.o-f-d.com . Contact : O-F-D@email.de

Further O.F.D Projects If it doesnt work copy and paste the urls in your browser,Im too busy too honest for some steeling superpowers.Maybee its blocked unofficially by those criminals - O.F.D Some Future Script as pdf HCN NEWS - European view General Arts Blog Cartooner O.F.D Internet Programmierung Blog Complete This HCN - Helpful Contacts helping ( New social net by O.F.D) Composer painter Oliver Frederic Dieck Die Musikkritik O.F.D One History Blog Interrail and Tramp Blog by O.F.D

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7. Sinfonie Isar : ( 2015 final written after laptop suitcase robbery 2013 better than complete Bruckner,Richard Strauss Richard Wagner ,Mahler concerning symphonies or at least equal.I hate pishing ,hate thieves.. Genius of the century / Music etc. )

Europa CD - Eu Pop Schlager Chanson Canzone ( 1980 - 2014 final )soon professional version

A thanks for happyness
Angleseyes ( Basical version of 1987 was for Brenda Brunner,US President Bill Clinton cousine like she said in German broken language.My girlfriend 1987 )
So voellig angepasst
Darjeeling und Verfassungsschutz - Incredible Schilda Real Event Bavaria Munich 2012 - Bavarian language !
Und ich frag Dich ob Du bleibst
Sweet Charlene
Sommerwind ( sceduled for people like Helene Fischer )
Je veux voir les yeux de toi
Two people inspired of love
Weils Liebe ist
Rotes Kleid
Love is more than tenderness
Wann werd ich Dich wiedersehn

Two people inspired of love I wrote in 2000 in day clinic Augsburg to proove that I'm one of the best music composers in reality and not a suicider at all like police was requesting.Now adult version.Bavarian Augsburg Police near to Nazis definetly had ended my law studies examinatination by treating me in full scale as suizider after 7 years studeing without money.In the end they checked in Tageklinik / Depression department as las station my documents,Iq,Music ...completely.In other stations ther is absolutelly no believe in own words.IQ officially in Hawik for adults more than 140,( not rediculous british Mensa bullshit )under Sereoquel heavy tranquillizer !!! I started painting there painting with three remarkable results.Meanwhile its oil..They begged me to keep feets on the ground not believeing that Im God. 237 IQ ?. They said cause of special conditions.They organised a concert for all profesors in Germany of Tagesklinik /Dayclinic and I wrote two pieces especially for the elite of clinic lfe.There were several medicins with crisis .But concerning music my orchestra was not verry professional.Medicins of clinic told to me that my drummer thought she is a drummer.Lord Nelson... It was an overwhelming success but I was realy angry.My scale was professional on stage. Than they payed programming application programmer in the fast lane and one of the teachers was also in this clinic department as Zeuge Jehova cause last day was like ever in 2000 and 1999.She was punishing me each day during teaching elsewhere responible for basic maths and programming structures.But I was successful Seroquel ( couldn sleep without that then ) inclusivelly from zero to full scale in 1 and a half year.This recoding is adult version and new naturally.If I meet somebody of that group I ignore those .I was wrong there by police and those are returned to normal life. Bautzen or still Dachau for SPD heads and most talented man people ? . In the end I was requesting at court throwing out of militant lesbian Dr. Kurz hateing talented men obviously for most personal resons.She was hell for all men and an angel for all women.I have no application for militant domina world. Im an honest genius - Oliver )

Strange Rock Songs - soon professional version .Rock style and Golden Age brit rock pop style as well :

Die Schauer in der Nacht
I can change your life
You know Im a winner
Eagles Life ( On My Way )
Einfach Gluecklich sein
Strange World
Nature is better
I just wanna make you smile
Don't fool us in Jesus name
Wild horizon of heart
If you cant stay at my side
Working class poverty
Gefuehl zu fallen
Diamonds are your eyes

( 1979- 2018 ) .My pseudo friends , 15 years..long ,most from OVMG Gymnasium Munich )obviously secret service children hateing my more or less unknown pa wanted to have rock music.Therefore I wrote I can change your life Nr2 etc in 1979...I cannot expect that Silbermond crew can get this.This is my early youth.Symphonies are adult....I can change your life Nr2 written 79 originally,Gefuehl zu fallen written 1983 cause "Dorle" Dorothea Riekert throw me out at 23.12.82.They told me she was waiting for her days in oktober November 1982.Official result : Prof.Julia Fischer Gauting Violin born 15 Juin 1983.When Julia was 15 they proposed her as my sceduled wife at home and I said to young now.But I started to compose Elegance Violin concerto in 1998 like demanded.Its more or less better than Brahms,Schumann,Tschaikowsky,Mendelsohn...Stasi information war ? Greetings to realy good Silbermond Steffi Kloss and sister Janet ( Schumann ) my chief in 2008 about in Augsburg at D&S callcenter as additionally work cause of 2008 crisis and naturally to Thomas and Johannes and Novi.Im genius and not Stasi or something equivalent .Im SPD man from Munich Bavaria hateing such criminals... Oliver O.F.D composed , performed ..evrything without supporting label like SONY MUSIc.

Golden Age CD - Brit Rock Pop style : ( 2000 - 2014 soon prfessional version but You make me feel I wrote in 1985 Love me through the night soon rather updated even in hook line is from 1992 )

Angel of Mercy
Souvereign of loneley heart
Hey Girl I need you
Ways to Southern California
You make me feel
My love is true
Open Book
I wish freedom (
Love me till tomorrow ,love me through the night ( soon incredibly updated version )
Sunny Day
Golden Age
Hey not my sister

Sunset 1. Jazz concert Jazz - 20 tunes :

Twilight ( dedicated to Democrats US President Bill Clinton SAX
International Jazz
Rosemarie sleeps on the beach (... composed for Rosemarie Stenzenberger SAX in Youth OVMG Gymnasium Munich ...)
Sol Bossa Nova
Bresil Love
Merry Christmas
Two mad saxophones
The real thing
DNA Bossa Nova
Mistral ( Against Fart in Le Pen Land )
Sunset Funk
Sweeter than the night
As Israel was in Egypt's land Gospel ...)
Over to you
Orange Skies

( 1979 - 2018 final soon professional version ) Twilight first Tune dedicated to Sax Jazzer political friend President Bill Clinton Democrats USA.His cousine following to her saying Brenda Brunner was my girlfriend in 1987 in Munich when Sax Jazzer Clinton was governor of Arkansas as Harwards best of the year.I bought my special A- Level ( Abitur ) Jacket with her.I met her by accident ( secret service ) at the evening of news of my success ( only one in 1987 in Bavaria as far as I know.( Female Seidelmann had unequal conditions swearing that she will not study only doing aprentisship concerning theater painting.She was visiting a privat school till test.I had to do evrything on my own concerning K 12 and K 13 in 8 power courses additionally.In 1986 noone was successful,but me.But a teacher nowing me said kiss my as I will not sign that.He was also at that privat School where I had a full stipendium for a while till Karin Henneberger ( lesbian / NPD daughter but my fiancee till 1986 presenting NPD Journal Die Deutsche Stimme - 30 Jahre Bundeswehr to evrybody for her father in those weeks ) did an assault on my baccalaureat by seperation for another lesbian 10 min before of internal test corresponding to my full stipendium.In shock I took the examination forgetting that this was beginning K12.And I was succesfull ! That ugly man was called DIWISH looking like Franz von Bayern ( who was teacher in fact the former kings dynasty of Bavaria.I think it was somebody different.)said he will go in retreat and not sign that as head lof english.He was also at the private school. Evrybody knew this.Therefore I had to come a second time being sucessful in same year like the others.But it was naturally officially news.And Brenda was a kind of a present..,... how it seems coming from Niagara Falls.Bill take your sax and play. Twilight ? - Democrats ! - datacheck

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Future World - trance techno dance ( soon professional version , final last tune is Nelson Mandela - dedicated ):

Camel Caravan
Upper World
Where are you now
Nelson Mandela
(soon further tunes )

O.F.D - Oliver Frederic Dieck personal Video / german ( 2018 ) : Wait !

O.F.D - Oliver Frederic Dieck : Data and prooves / Personality and O.F.D Projects ( 2018 ) with 7.Symphony Isar 1 movement 2015 . Wait :

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