If the slider doesn't work properly reload site please.There was a new assault by terrorists argumenting with their face and with history and their believe madness or crime simply on my youtube channel with more than 400 music movies.Therefore I organized evrything without Youtube and American crimes.Maybee cause of dedication of Twilight first tune of Sunset Jazz concerto to president Bill Clinton Democrats Sax player.His cousine Brenda Brunner was my girlfriend in 1987 in Munich.We are political friends.Unfortunatelly Bill is not average Americain.He's best. Music quality is much better now protected but without movie concerning text and other projects of mine as programmer scientist etc.Soon professional version but not for free.This is most precise truth on earth.No ideology.No religion.No natonalism And Im German Social Democrat SPD not unimportant in earlier times a bit lutheran christ likeing Jesus ethics,most free ,modern and tolerant christs in Europe....It will take a while to eliminate all mistakes to make site realy complete even if its much better now but I will fix evrything certainly.... Your sincerly O.F.D - Oliver Frederic Dieck ( real name following to birth documents etc. ) 2018 Click on Datacheck

Oliver Frederic Dieck

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( FR )Bonjour chez compositeur de la musique O.F.D at his Music Channel :
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O.F.D Oliver Frederic Dieck : Hundreds of music videos by O.F.D the leading tonal music composer : Tonale Auftrags Komposition ,Compositeur de la musique par ordre , Ordered music composing / arrangement ,production, hits ,klassik,classic ,tonal symphonies on Beethoven Mozart level location Munich Augsburg Germany Europe. German O.F.D - Oliver Frederic Dieck ( video at the bottom ) is born in Munich Germany 1964, oecomenical lutheran, looking like 40,blond, greeneyed,slim,tall,high IQ, several studies,normal hetero without any madness , other activities, composing since 1969,first good results with 11.Playing all instruments doing evrything by himself useing computer up to now. Better stars welcome.In youth leading role as chief till 1990 in SPD JUSO youth ( Democrats ) Munich group of Munich Universities, largest of Germany in that time. You reach main activities via www.o-f-d.de and www.o-f-d.com . Contact : O-F-D@email.de

Further O.F.D Projects : Some Future Script as pdf General Arts Blog Cartooner O.F.D Internet Programmierung Blog Complete This HCN - Helpful Contacts ( New social net by O.F.D) Musicia / Composer Oliver Frederic Dieck Die Musikkritik O.F.D One History Blog Interrail and Tramp Blog by O.F.D

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7. Sinfonie Isar : ( 2015 final written after laptop suitcase robbery 2013 better than complete Bruckner,Richard Strauss Richard Wagner ,Mahler concerning symphonies or at least equal.I hate pishing hate thieves.. Genius of the century / Music etc. )

Europa CD - Eu Pop Schlager Chanson Canzone ( 1980 - 2014 final )

A thanks for happyness
Angleseyes ( Basical version of 1987 was for Brenda Brunner,US President Bill Clinton cousine.My girlfriend 1987 )
So voellig angepasst
Weils Liebe ist
Sommerwind ( sceduled for people like Helene Fischer )
Darjeeling und Verfassungsschutz - Incredible Schilda Real Event Bavaria Munich 2012 - Bavarian language !
Und ich frag Dich ob Du bleibst
Sweet Charlene
Je veux voir les yeux de toi
Rotes Kleid
Love is more than tenderness
Wann werd ich Dich wiedersehn
Two people inspired of love ( Wrote this in 2000 in clinic Augsburg to proove that one of the best music composers in reality and not a suicider at all.Bavarian Augsburg Police had ended my law studies examinatination by treating me in full scale as suizider on by treating me as ssaying A simple version was performed there in the end.IQ officially Hawik more than 140,( not rediculous british Mensa bullshit ) painting...than programming financed in the verry fast lane. Bautzen or still Dachau for SPD heads ? )

ROCK : Strange Rock Songs,Golden Age Cds rock and Brit pop : My friends ( 15 years..long ,most from OVMG Munich )obviously secret service children hateing my pa wanted to have rock music.Therefore I wrote I can change your life Nr2 etc in 1979...Dear Andrea born Daxer Munich Klagenfurt : Probably Andrea born Schmidt ( also OVMG and neighboor ) was my best wife for me ,daughter of Prof DR. Jur. Reinhard Schmidt ARt 3 GG HM or as much friend like the others pretending something different in intensity... especially in comparison to secret service / criminals.Apart frommy quality and importance resembling to Wolf Biermann ( DDR ) experience.ALL in his sourounding Stasi isolateing him in fact... But : You was rather angry concerning me building a group Cloverleave against me...Reason : First I told you you have to decide yes / no cause I met Karin Henneberger.Then I asked you if you can sleep with Karin.Reason why : You declared war to me but you both had good relation. Karin was lesbian trying the real thing officially as my fiancee.It was only to fix my relationship...Im not gay but tolerant originally and still SPD Democrats.Short : Youre favorite is Journey rock group ? Who is crying now ,Suzanne ,Seperate ways,Send her my love...) Ok - Im genius of the century hated ,robbed methodically by criminals in Mossat KGB Stasi Securitate polish ...Checka manner.I like honest people women and music...no secret service mill,now realy adult groupie.Silbermond , hit : Sinfonie from Bautzen ( KGB Stasi torture camp ) are realy good,international level,but this was in my youth and alone...Oliver

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Golden Age CD - Brit Rock Pop style : ( 2000 - 2014 final but You make me feel I wrote in 1985 Love me through the night soon rather updated even in hook line is from 1992 )

Angel of Mercy
Souvereign of loneley heart
Hey Girl I need you
Ways to Southern California
You make me feel
My love is true
Open Book
I wish freedom (
Love me till tomorrow ,love me through the night ( soon incredibly updated version )
Sunny Day
Golden Age
Hey not my sister

Black Enough CD - Soul, R&B, Dance, Rap, Pop style ( those times cutted out a lot and a lot written for Mariah Carey but I stayed at Europe.Mariah found Walter Afanassief good man too :)

Show me the way to make you happy
Secret lover
Reasons to love you
You used to torture Rap
Sent by God balad
Love that is the way to build a better world
Sunny ray sent from heaven
Forever Bijou
Number one
It's more than that
I found you
Velvet and silk

Sunset 1. Jazz concert Jazz - 20 tunes ( 1979 - 2018 final Twilight first Tune dedicated to Sax Jazzer political friend President Bill Clinton Democrats USA.His cousine Brenda Brunner was my girlfriend in 1987 Munich datacheck ):
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Twilight ( dedicated to Democrats US President Bill Clinton SAX
International Jazz
Rosemarie sleeps on the beach (... composed for Rosemarie Stenzenberger SAX in Youth OVMG Munich ...)
Sol Bossa Nova
Bresil Love
Merry Christmas
Two mad saxophones
The real thing
DNA Bossa Nova
Mistral ( Against Fart in Le Pen Land )
Sunset Funk
Sweeter than the night
As Israel was in Egypt's land Gospel ...)
Over to you
Orange Skies

Future World - trance techno dance ( 1990 - 2018 final last tune is Nelson Mandela - dedicated ):

Camel Caravan
Upper World
Where are you now
Dancefloor Scan
Nelson Mandela

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O.F.D - Oliver Frederic Dieck : Data and prooves / Personality and O.F.D Projects ( 2018 ) with 7.Symphony Isar 1 movement 2015 . Wait :

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