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7. Symphony ISAR ( tonal ) by O.F.D 2015 - 4 moves

This tonal symphony called Isar I wrote is grown during the years between 2011 and 2015 .Composing since my age of 5 I wrote it describeing Bavarian river Isar to make my work more famous at home to better my situation.For typical Bavarian character I used strong and majestic brass sections witch dominate the orchestral arangement includeing Tuba basses.In second part I did apart from equivalent Richard Wagner or / Richard Strauss tradition an opening to Jazz harmonics instead of Bavarian Zwiefacher Brass.In third part ,a walz movement I was presenting church bells as fine satire percussion.Isar and Danube are running together in parallels for a while till Deggendorf.Out of that I made a final brass sectionleading to itsself in kanon manner witch is quite unique as final highpoint of this important european symphony better than Strauss and Wagner in this field.The film of each part is showing the beatiful landscape sceneries of all important towns along Isar like Garmisch-Partenkirchen ,Mittenwald, Bad Toelz,Munich, ( Muenchen ),Landshut,Freising, Deggendorf during playing music.