How to tramp / hitchhike :

A) How tramp / hitchhikeing works:

1) Travel from gas station to gas station only at  highways.

2) Try to use streams of working people driving to their work.At night you will have some problems.

3) Paint a big caracter showing that town for car drivers you are heading for.

4) You have to calculate double time normally to get from start to end.If you have to travel at night than you are lucky if you have not to wait till next morning.This is possible normally at the highway gas stations in security and without to much weather problems if you are behaving friendly.

5) Dont drink during hitchhikeing.Wash your hairs , cut your beard ,clean your tooth ,have clean clothes useing a Deodorant.You have much more chances if you are obviously not a drunken beggar but an intelligent poor student travelling through the world.

6) After big towns there are much more cars witch can give you a lift than in the pampa.Try to keep this in mind.In some areas are not many people.Then there is during night no traffic and during day a bit.Where you find several big cities there is traffic 24 hours.Par example in Germany Stuttgart Frankfurt Cologne area.There you will have a lift maybee also at 2 o’ clock in the morning.In other regions par example at Leipzig 2 days later.

7 ) If something went wrong keep a stiff lipp.Behave reasonable to master situation.It will work.This can happen.Some people are not thinking were they realy are travelling in fact throwing you out somewhere.This happends and you must deal with it.Next person will be honest and correct driving you from a to B.When I was realy angry concerning absolutelly ignorant people then came one friendly completelly different helpful person quite often.This one different person is enough to survive .Sometimes you will find friends by that in difficult situations.Friend are helping ,enemies not.

8) Police can be a life danger to you.No storries.A lot of them dont like poor students etc.Show your correct papers and have no drugs with you .

9 ) Single persons are moveing faster than teams. Girls are moveing faster than boys normally.But I would advise to you. Girls only in TWO PAC ! Alternatively this can be realy dangerous.

10 ) If you are knowing language of the country you are in then its much easier.English is working in western world properly,I gues in eastern also Russisan.But you have to win confidence of those persons who can help you or not.No communication works not.

11) Wash yourself each morning full programm and cut your beard.At railway stations and highway stations you will find public closets rooms.Some will take 50 cents or an Euro.Somtimes fast food restaurants can help.They dont like that.Do as much as possible outside.Hurry up and clean evrything like it was before you and buy something there.

B) Interrail Advises : How it works

Interrail ticket in my time was free train travelling for 30 days across Europe Marocko and Turkey Suiss inclusively for 500 Deutsch Marks.I needed 500 further Deutsch Marks for staying alive and for visiting all important tourist highlights in the visited towns.All in all about 500 Euros. As far as I know the principle is still the same,but not details.I think Marocko and Turkey are excluded now,and there are much more expensive tickets for adult people for 14 days now.Check it,it changes.

1) Buy traveller checks.Its more security for you.

2) Your hostel is the train.Travell during the night sleeping from one town to the next 6-8 hours.If not possible do circle travelling in that way or visit two towns alternatively till you have visited it completelly.

3) Start in the morning running through the toristical strongpoints makeing the most of it.

4) At best give your suitcases luggage to consigne at the station.But caution : At Greece they open maybee at 11 o clock or tomorrow if they want ( Tessaloniki 1989 )

5) Be washed.How to do it is the same like for Hitchikers on site.

6) My aim was to make the most of it.Therefore I prefered towns far away and those of cultural imoprtance.I ignored Scandinavia cause its expensive like Suiss and cold in September.Do your personal selection.If you want to take a bath in the sea you will have a completelly different tour as a person who wants to see cultural strongpoints of Europe.I was prefering culture takeing a bath in Nice,Rabat,
Taormina,Syracusa additively.

My tour of 1989 witch has probably historical importance as starting sign for german revolution tearing iron wall down :


Innsbruck ( 2 hours )
Milano ( 2 hours )
Napoli ( 2 hours )
Padua ( 2 hours)
Nice ( dont drink no water out of sea Promenade s’Anglais )
Marseille ( Know only station WC there )

—————–30 days ———————————–

PS: Next time I will tell you storry Oli is fetching a book in bibliothek ( Whole Bilbilothek essence ).I saw almost all important museeums especially for painting and most important sightseeing highlights,some museums like Louvre 3 times. I think this was efficient ,but work for horizon.

My personal background : Being under mad pressure by my sizillian like katholic most conservative CSU homestate Bavaria in south Germany, and their mad historical victims  eye for an eye ,how it seems etc. , apart from eternal liberal SPD capital town earning with international elite their money, I had the only possibility to hitchhike / without any financement for my studies.Car or studies.Ok studies.( LMU economics,ULP sciences economiques ,UNA Law , Alpplication Programmer IHK Munich ) Actually I did 2 years studeing in Strasburg Universite Louis Pasteur – institute Le Bel DEUG / sciences economiques / gestion and additively guest at France wide elite course as much as normal studies ENSETTE hitchhikeing all 14 days back and forth to work in SPD Munich Germany at #Studentenschnelldienst / Students service what was for 11 years Westerwelle, head of Juli FDP LMU university youth at ,later german minister for foreign sexual affairs without english knowledge.FDP result : No #Bafög students financement.They said this is have to have money .Talent mega brains is not enough and not relevant.I was leader of #JUSO / SPD youth at LMU university and poor.We did then the all party demonstration of 50.000 of 80.000 students at greatest German university of that time for Bafög students financement and against FDP crazyness Art 20 #GG german constitution ” Social State ” in connection with Art. 3 GG german constitution and in connection with Art. 5 GG freedom of culture and research etc german constitution : State has to deliver a financement for equal chances concerning money.Only discrimination witch is allowed in this field is brain power as objectively as possible.For my studies of economics sourounded by agents not realy loving my rise , this was not realy good in deed.It was the end in Bavaria.Therefore I went to Strasbourg to go on with studies in 1990 giving my office after working more than a year back during official election at my ma in her garden.Feeling sourounded by oppressing mad secret service people stressing me as their real aim obvously I had to check if im ill or not.I was 26.Iterrail Ticket in that time worked in that time only till 26 inclusivelly.Then I started to see a big part of Europe in September 1989.At day when I returned to Munich Genscher was telling to the east Germany people in their voyage states embassies that they can to west now. Finally the iron wall broke down cause too much people wanted to leave in one time.My travelling was studied by Stasi / Mischa Wolf obviously cause I had high ranking family there,first family of my pa Gustav Emil Dieck.I gues calling my ma by phone from Rome ” Tomorrow I have a Audience at the pope ( im protestant but oekomene )and my call from Istambul Turkey Bosporus was too much for them actually 200 years after French Revolution.They did their German Revolution to get freedom.Later I was visiting Paris, Prag, Bruxells, Amsterdam, Lucern , Basel, Vienna , Salzburg and a lot of german towns as hitchhiker,to complete my #INTERRAIL #voyage.

O.F.D sincerly.Hope this is helping you #hitchhiking #interrail

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