How you should do INTERRAIL / young people travelling by train in Europe

1) I did it this way to travell effectively: I bought a ticket for 500 Deutsch Marks #Inter Rail – 26 + ( shipping ) in Germany 1989. 500 further Deutsch Marks ( one about half Euro ) in form of #traveller checks I took with me for eating and other cost for one month treavelling through Europe to avoid thieves problem of this kind of travelling.I used to take night #trains for 6-8 hours till I stayed in next important place.This was cheapest #youthhostel.During days I was putting my laguage in consigne at main station of each city and then I was walking fast through touristical cultural strongpoints of a big part of #Europe doing also social contacts and swimming in a sideline.

2) In that time #INTERAIL was only for people till’ an age 26.When I did this it was last possibility for me.Meanwhile there are further tickets with double price or / and half time.Further in that time Maroc till Marakesh and Turkey was part of that.I was visting also those cultural neighboor rooms.
3) In 30 days a month before of german #reunification and this travelling was obviously the singn to move to #Germany West for cross system familly reasons ( details a kind of secret service roman in the end of that film cause its long but important quite mad brutal story ),For planning of my tour I was respecting price level weather of autumn and the will to make as much kilometers as possible being effectively.Therefore I was avoiding cold and expensive Scandinavia and Suiss for example.I traveled this line from city to city through 25 cities about visiting most importat touristical sights .

Yours sincerly O.F.D

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