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Even quite stable and a genius of the century in music composing at least my life is poor and a horror objectively.See my Interrail 1989 film.Maybee you see then Im not Stasi etc but good.Its politics hateing honest SPD peole and poor students like I was.I keep a stiff lipp tramping till today working and working but disconnected from normal world matrket by extremly criminals.Sometimes I have impression of a one person Konzetratioon Camp as genius slave.Naturally inofficial in Bavaria.If you want tohelp me to be more independant then do a donation please directly to my acount in Germany.10 Euros are more than nothing.If you invest more then you have the right to bring in your logo maybee as travellor enterprise or service as official sponsor.Evrything witch helps to keep this working and growing is great.This is honest and serious.Gansters have money enough ! Thank you for your generous helpful gift.Great !

Account : Oliver Frederic Dieck
Augusta Raifaisen Bank eG ( Augsburg )
IBAN : DE56720900000006004237

Old system : KTNR: 6004237 , BLZNR: 72090000

Oliver Frederic Dieck
Josef Prillerstr 21
86159 Augsburg
Germany / Europe ( Mail )

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