How to tramp / hitchhike :

A) How tramp / hitchhikeing works:

1) Travel from gas station to gas station only at  highways.

2) Try to use streams of working people driving to their work.At night you will have some problems.

3) Paint a big caracter showing that town for car drivers you are heading for.

4) You have to calculate double time normally to get from start to end.If you have to travel at night than you are lucky if you have not to wait till next morning.This is possible normally at the highway gas stations in security and without to much weather problems if you are behaving friendly.

5) Dont drink during hitchhikeing.Wash your hairs , cut your beard ,clean your tooth ,have clean clothes useing a Deodorant.You have much more chances if you are obviously not a drunken beggar but an intelligent poor student travelling through the world.

6) After big towns there are much more cars witch can give you a lift than in the pampa.Try to keep this in mind.In some areas are not many people.Then there is during night no traffic and during day a bit.Where you find several big cities there is traffic 24 hours.Par example in Germany Stuttgart Frankfurt Cologne area.There you will have a lift maybee also at 2 o’ clock in the morning.In other regions par example at Leipzig 2 days later.

7 ) If something went wrong keep a stiff lipp.Behave reasonable to master situation.It will work.This can happen.Some people are not thinking were they realy are travelling in fact throwing you out somewhere.This happends and you must deal with it.Next person will be honest and correct driving you from a to B.When I was realy angry concerning absolutelly ignorant people then came one friendly completelly different helpful person quite often.This one different person is enough to survive .Sometimes you will find friends by that in difficult situations.Friend are helping ,enemies not.

8) Police can be a life danger to you.No storries.A lot of them dont like poor students etc.Show your correct papers and have no drugs with you .

9 ) Single persons are moveing faster than teams. Girls are moveing faster than boys normally.But I would advise to you. Girls only in TWO PAC ! Alternatively this can be realy dangerous.

10 ) If you are knowing language of the country you are in then its much easier.English is working in western world properly,I gues in eastern also Russisan.But you have to win confidence of those persons who can help you or not.No communication works not.

11) Wash yourself each morning full programm and cut your beard.At railway stations and highway stations you will find public closets rooms.Some will take 50 cents or an Euro.Somtimes fast food restaurants can help.They dont like that.Do as much as possible outside.Hurry up and clean evrything like it was before you and buy something there.

B) Interrail Advises : How it works

Interrail ticket in my time was free train travelling for 30 days across Europe Marocko and Turkey Suiss inclusively for 500 Deutsch Marks.I needed 500 further Deutsch Marks for staying alive and for visiting all important tourist highlights in the visited towns.All in all about 500 Euros. As far as I know the principle is still the same,but not details.I think Marocko and Turkey are excluded now,and there are much more expensive tickets for adult people for 14 days now.Check it,it changes.

1) Buy traveller checks.Its more security for you.

2) Your hostel is the train.Travell during the night sleeping from one town to the next 6-8 hours.If not possible do circle travelling in that way or visit two towns alternatively till you have visited it completelly.

3) Start in the morning running through the toristical strongpoints makeing the most of it.

4) At best give your suitcases luggage to consigne at the station.But caution : At Greece they open maybee at 11 o clock or tomorrow if they want ( Tessaloniki 1989 )

5) Be washed.How to do it is the same like for Hitchikers on site.

6) My aim was to make the most of it.Therefore I prefered towns far away and those of cultural imoprtance.I ignored Scandinavia cause its expensive like Suiss and cold in September.Do your personal selection.If you want to take a bath in the sea you will have a completelly different tour as a person who wants to see cultural strongpoints of Europe.I was prefering culture takeing a bath in Nice,Rabat,
Taormina,Syracusa additively.

My tour of 1989 witch has probably historical importance as starting sign for german revolution tearing iron wall down :


Innsbruck ( 2 hours )
Milano ( 2 hours )
Napoli ( 2 hours )
Padua ( 2 hours)
Nice ( dont drink no water out of sea Promenade s’Anglais )
Marseille ( Know only station WC there )

—————–30 days ———————————–

PS: Next time I will tell you storry Oli is fetching a book in bibliothek ( Whole Bilbilothek essence ).I saw almost all important museeums especially for painting and most important sightseeing highlights,some museums like Louvre 3 times. I think this was efficient ,but work for horizon.

My personal background : Being under mad pressure by my sizillian like katholic most conservative CSU homestate Bavaria in south Germany, and their mad historical victims  eye for an eye ,how it seems etc. , apart from eternal liberal SPD capital town earning with international elite their money, I had the only possibility to hitchhike / without any financement for my studies.Car or studies.Ok studies.( LMU economics,ULP sciences economiques ,UNA Law , Alpplication Programmer IHK Munich ) Actually I did 2 years studeing in Strasburg Universite Louis Pasteur – institute Le Bel DEUG / sciences economiques / gestion and additively guest at France wide elite course as much as normal studies ENSETTE hitchhikeing all 14 days back and forth to work in SPD Munich Germany at #Studentenschnelldienst / Students service what was for 11 years Westerwelle, head of Juli FDP LMU university youth at ,later german minister for foreign sexual affairs without english knowledge.FDP result : No #Bafög students financement.They said this is have to have money .Talent mega brains is not enough and not relevant.I was leader of #JUSO / SPD youth at LMU university and poor.We did then the all party demonstration of 50.000 of 80.000 students at greatest German university of that time for Bafög students financement and against FDP crazyness Art 20 #GG german constitution ” Social State ” in connection with Art. 3 GG german constitution and in connection with Art. 5 GG freedom of culture and research etc german constitution : State has to deliver a financement for equal chances concerning money.Only discrimination witch is allowed in this field is brain power as objectively as possible.For my studies of economics sourounded by agents not realy loving my rise , this was not realy good in deed.It was the end in Bavaria.Therefore I went to Strasbourg to go on with studies in 1990 giving my office after working more than a year back during official election at my ma in her garden.Feeling sourounded by oppressing mad secret service people stressing me as their real aim obvously I had to check if im ill or not.I was 26.Iterrail Ticket in that time worked in that time only till 26 inclusivelly.Then I started to see a big part of Europe in September 1989.At day when I returned to Munich Genscher was telling to the east Germany people in their voyage states embassies that they can to west now. Finally the iron wall broke down cause too much people wanted to leave in one time.My travelling was studied by Stasi / Mischa Wolf obviously cause I had high ranking family there,first family of my pa Gustav Emil Dieck.I gues calling my ma by phone from Rome ” Tomorrow I have a Audience at the pope ( im protestant but oekomene )and my call from Istambul Turkey Bosporus was too much for them actually 200 years after French Revolution.They did their German Revolution to get freedom.Later I was visiting Paris, Prag, Bruxells, Amsterdam, Lucern , Basel, Vienna , Salzburg and a lot of german towns as hitchhiker,to complete my #INTERRAIL #voyage.

O.F.D sincerly.Hope this is helping you #hitchhiking #interrail

Impressions by travelling through a big part of western Europe in 1989 :

#Impressions of western #Europe #1989  :

I have made more friendly contacts in that time than in rest life during this easy going travelling.I had maximum friendly experiences and especially no secret service events like in Germany Bavaria Munich where I started short before of reunification. In Insbruck a man was showing Goldenes Dachl and rest of town within hours for friendship, at Verona arrived in the late night it was possible to enter in Arena die Verona on top during night having sight on enlighted Verona after session in Arena die Verona,rather impressive during day I met Veronica one of the highest daughters of Italy she said but icognito for katholic reasons. We were in garden of Romeo and Julia,and I had a Ghetto Blaster with me playing a pop composing called Veronica in that time … ( Meanwhile called ” Weil’s Liebe ist” / CD EUROPE ) Listone ,whole town and Arena di Verona were major touristical sights.In Venice I met Mumtha and Madschurika Sing India / London and a black coloured femal important music administrativ.We are eating a Venice salad with flesh, actually with butterlflys in a rather early stadium ( ! ), price was impressive ,the girls group was not rather fast but I had some resons to laugh together .Later I was taking the ship to view Cannale Grande sights in sunset etc , in Milano I stayed only some hours but Scala di Milano ,The Dom di Milano ( Goethe , Holy three kings ,now in Cologne Germany ) and the bargain hall of Milano in the center was rather impressive,Florence is a cultural pearl with Michelagelo David , bridge, officii and the marvellous Dom with Battistero.Apart from that there is obviously original type of Munich Feldherren Hall and Palazzo Pitti ( Munich Residenze ),Rome is a tresure of culture,Coloseo,Angels castel,Vaticano with museo di Vaticano ,Pantheon,Spanish flight of stairs,Forro di Romano…Inceredible.At Forro di Romano I was seeing Sunset after A marriage feast in church at Coloseo.The priest ,rather similar to pope in 2015 ,thought I was leaving some water on holy Forro di Milano. Therefore he was showing his sophisticated itallian closet to me.Then I went to Senato sitting on the bank behind it seeing Forro di Roma in sunset hearing Violin concerto of Beethoven and my own string quartett work Nympheas with Getho Blaster.I was bulding the plan to make children there.I shure I have the right to marry her at church near Coloseo.When Julia Fischer ( Violin )unfortunatelly jewish russian revenge mind,entered my life,I thought : Oekomene ( Im Lutheran protestan or scientiffical, ! ) – Thank you God.This was what I want… When I was In front of Vaticano ( a coke for 3500 Lire ?!? ) the katholics took my hands saying you are in Rome you have to see the pope.Oekomene – and two days later I had mass audience at polish pope but in cathedral Sankt Peters.At Naples I saw only enlighted town at night.But marvellous impression was Castello of Naples and hall of bargain of Napoli.Pompey was marvellous impressive sight.Meanwhile Herculaneum is open too.With a girl tourists group there I was visiting Sorento too. At Syracus at Sicilly evrybody thinks to be Aristoteles the teacher of Alexander the Great or greece.Syracusa was a greek place of influence in that ancient time.Taking a bath there is quite easy.At Taormina on Sicilly you find a a marvellous town on a mountain, an impressive desert plants vegetation with palms, and one of the nicest beaches with island at the foot of Taormina mountain.I recommend sightseeing serpentines march downstairs.Then it was time to return to Florence and Rome to meet the pope.It was an impression even if im more lutheran scientist.At Padua is an important church ( Holy Saint Franziskus … ) and a nice center you can see in some hours.Then I moved to Tessaloniki Greece.Tessaloniki is a jewish foundation 50 km away from Athens.A tower ,the sea, Synagogue…A lot of people are living here and working in near Athens.But my most important impression there was like that : Hello ,Good morning.Can I have my suitcase lugage.Train to Athens is arriveing.Answer : No we are eating now.We are opening at 10 o’ clock.But the train is arriveing… I fear I was taking my soldier helmet now with some aggression additively .But in the end I had my luggage entering my train to Athens.The I was staying in Athens in the morning and I asked the Info girl at Torist Info in front of main station and bus main station : Where is the bus to Akropolis ? Answer : I dont know.Ask somebody else, please. But you are the INFO ?! Yes Im here. ?!? .But others could help me.Whole bus was discussing where I have to leve the bus and where I can have some swimming on marvellous beach for free ( Soulinami beach ! ).Then I saw Akropolis high above on mountain and a man selling tickets .I bought a ticket marching fast to Akropolis high above.
And the bearded man put his finger on his head signing that I am a bit crazy probably : Nobody could conquer Akropolis on this way in whole history ! And I answered but I boght this ticket.Answer : Look ,this is the rest of the temple Dyonysos ( roman Bachus ,God of wine etc ).And in the dust there was in deed an antique stone mosaice in earth colours.? . Then I tried to get my money back.I said Then I have to leave Athens without seeing Akropolis for financial reasons.I bought a ticket for Akropolis and not for Dyonnisos.I want my money back.Then I wnt to police.A young dark hauired policeman was laughthing during my story.But he said Ok.We will meet at Akropolis,I will take the bicycle.You will get your ticket there.I did it.And the policeman was speaking with entrene woman.She was giving the ticket with special number to me you can see in film.And finally I saw Akropolis with two friendly girls.In the end they told me : If we are spending now more time together we are married officially. Beghavior in Greece.But in the evening I can meet them in a certain club danceing.I was visiting the marvellous Plaka quarter in the evening amnd the I took the train to Istambul.The border to Istambul,former Konstantinople / Byzans – center of east Rome and center of cristianity till Osmans crossed Bosperus moveing to European End,was an experience.In pyjamas at 2 o’clock in the morning whole train was in front of an officer drinking his warm turkish tea at the border showing passport papers.It was a bit cold and unfiendly.Greece people an turkish people are full of love for each other.Maybee cause of Cypres problem and cause Osmans / Turcs had a official war strategy in more than 200 years staying in Greece,Hungary etc : Their soldiers were founding inter cultural famillies at large scales as millitarry action using a bit violence instead of real love…Arrived in Istambul I had the impression of orient but on the other hand of a developed organised country.Hagia Sofia former center of christianity is a museo now buit still pittoresque and impressive without any christian signs apart from Jesus as golden mosaic.Blue mohamedan Mosc in front of Hagia Sofia is marvellous like it was Topkapi or Bargain halls at Bosporus too.One of the thousand mohamedan Moscs I was visiting during praying as guest without shoes staying in the corner.Not many christian churches there… But even if Istambul was organised, I had a greek Experience there : Between Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosc,rather holy place I wanted to buy a grilled maize corn stick.The price was made in orient bargaining.When he told His price I answerred : Are you mad this is more than 20 Deutsch Marks.
Im a poor travelling student, not Onassis ! And he anwered : Oh I was in Hamburg.All Germans are rich people.?!?.Then I left this other remarkable culture heading to Nice in France.There was a remarkable russioan orthodox church,the great street Promenade D ‘ Anglais with famous Negresco hostel a lot of rather rich arrogant people and realy beautiful Pate Amande Croissants.i m from Munich. Even at Starberger lake or Ammersee lake we have ” Ring Canalisation ” a ring in the earth for closet and waste water around lake from town to town.I saw a fisherman fishing in front of famos Flower Market and hostel Negresco of the upperst class and famous Promenade D’Anglais at the Mediterean sea.And I went in ,into the sea to have some swimming.It was good but a got a piece of water into my mouth unfortunaltelly.When I was leaving water, I saw the reason for the fishing man to fish right here.There went the water from Negresco, Flower Market , Nizza in and the fishes loved that shit….At Marseilles I saw nothing cause I spent the time at the closet speaking with foreign people their concerning Le Pen / Front Natonal.They said , they are realy for him.A real good Adolf Hitler.Shit in Shit town.Then I headed for Paris in France meeting a scottish group of femals in train.This time in Paris I stayed not too long and it was raining ,but I was again in Louvre etc before I was moveing to London Great Britain.Eating is a problem there.Plum pudding ? But a real sharp Pizza a la Rabiata was healing my stomac and I was empty.National Gallery,Speakers corner,Trafalgar square,Saint Pauls Cathedral ,Westminster Abbey,Themse, Parliament with Big Ben,a bit royality… and I had to leave again.Now the discussion with Ferry man went different.When I was entering Britain he was accepting finally my ticket -26+ feries.But when I was leaving Britain he said : Compromise ! – Without paying you will not leacve Great Britain….Other contries other behaviours.Then I went back to Paris doing marvevellos Photographs at Arc ,Champs de Elysee,Parliament,Eiffel tower,Museo de Orsay,Louvre,Arc de Triomphe etc.Next place was Madrid.There an old tall lady was proud to show center Madrid to me like Gran Via and Puerta del Sol.Prado is marvellous museo.But at Puerta del Sol some thieves tryed to steel my wallet and I noticed it.Then I tried to leave Europe seeing africa first time moveing to Algeciras / Gibraltar.At Maroc side I saw a modern fast train,pride of le Maroc.People in this train was inviteing me giving me fine sweet cakes.Then I went with one familly to capital Rabbat.There the man was showing his cousine to me. She was cooking a marvellous KusKus Royal with Tea al Menthe for me. Great and for free ! When I was travellingf through Maroc it was realy difficult to come back to Germany without fresh married new wife.One time a woman was awakeing me at 3 o’clock at night saying.My pa is rich. He is owner of a big part of beach at a sea resort.You will spend there your life but you have to marry me…And I stupid returned to Germany having realy mad problems beeing to good… Another girl was inviteing me to Monaco with equivalent text.Outside of Germany especially female people was realy friendly to me.I had A bath in Rabbat Ocean and then I was visiting the three other old royal kings towns of Marocain country.Fes,Meknes and finaslly pink Marakesh where desert beginns with camels and all orient spices in the Suc markets.In Marakesh was a lot of desert dust.But in was unbelievable and completelly different culture.The Suc Market,Jemma El Fna,Tea Al Menthe,pink houses.Finally I returned to Madrid visiting it again and Paris third time in Lovre / Orsay etc.And finally I stayed In Munich having not a single mark with me.I said to the german officer at U- Bahn metro : Hello I went throug big part of Europe for 30 days useing INTERRAIL.But now Im back home and I have no ticket to go home to Mother in Munich where I was still living in those study times.I will give you my passport bringing my lugage to home.Then I will return to you giving you the money for the ticket fetching my passport Ok ? – This doesnt work. This is Germany ?!? …Then I knew Im at home in Bavaria I took the Metro U – Bahn saying something like fuck off and arrived without any problems at home.Then I saw whol DDR East Gemany staying in their travelling coutries embassies,Hungary,Prag etc with german Hans Dietrich Genscher in embassies.I was useing the telephone to Mum Munich from Rome saying no secret service problems till now but I have a Audience at the katholic pope tommorrow ! And I used phone from Istambul.I have a first familly in highest level of old DDR East Germany.And in 1986 I had visit at my ma from leading painting professor of East Germany who was married with my unknown dead painting half sister Gitti Dieck ( Prof : Rolf Kurt ).In That time I thought it was DDR Mischa Wolf on culture level to chec situation here and not crazy Mossat.Truth was probably both cause my unknown pa was a little SS Front soldier during Great war.My travelling was with high probability right in time with 200 years aniversary of French Revolution 1789 start sign for abolishment of the German Wall and separation in west and eastern part confrontation in Europe by people.Detalis at end of the film cause its a secret service roman till now unfortunatelly.As tramper I payed additionall several times a visit to Salzburg, Vienna, Paris again, Prague, Amsterdam, Bruxells, Luzern, Basel and I lived two years tramping to Munich regulary as student in Strasburg France.Unfortunatelly Im not 26 anymore and for secret service and dull hate reasons not rather richt having maximum mad criminal enemies.I would like to see the rest Pisa, Sienna ,Cordoba, Porto, Lisboa, Sevilla, Granada, Barcellona, Stockholm, Oslo, Zürich, Bern, Genf, Arl, Lyon, Cannes, Monaco, Kopenhagen, Antwerpen, Luxemburg, Budapest… )I want to live more than 100 years being 50 looking like 35.Then I have a little bit time I hope. The Video OFD Interrail 1989 onsite will give you an impression of Europe additively even from 1989.

Yours sincerly O.F.D


Interrail Voyage 1989 of Oliver Frederic Dieck through 25 cities in Europe

In 30 days I traveled this line from city to city through 25 cities about visiting most importat touristical sights.The OFD interail 1989 video can give you an impression :

Home – Start in Munich / Germany ,
01 – Insbruck / Austria only some evening hours – Goldenes Dachl ,
02 – Verona / Italy – Arena di Verona,Garden of Romeo and Julia ,Listone, town
03 – Venice / Italy – Canale Grande, Marcus place,bridge, town
04 – Milano / Italy only some hours – Scala ,Dom ,bargain hall di Milano
05 – Florence / Italy – Officii, Dom di Florence , bridge ,Pallazzo Pitti, town
06 – Rome / Italy – Museo di Vaticano ,Forro di Romano,Angels castel,Sank Peters,Coloseo,Pantheon,town
07 – Naples / Italy only some hours in the evening – castel,bargain hall Naples
08 – Pompej / Italy,
09 – Sorento / Italy only some hours ,
10 – Syracusa / Italy – town swimming
11 – Taormina / Italy – town swimming
12 – Rome / Italy – Vatican pope Audience, town
13 – Florence / Italy – Officii , Dom di Florence ,David, Battistero, bridge ,town
14 – Padua / Italy only some hours – town
15 – Tessaloniki / Greece only some hours – town
16 – Athens / Greece – Akropolis, Plaka,town ,Sulinimai beach swimming
17 – Istambul / Turkey – Topkapi, Blue Mosc , Hagia Sofia, mosc as christian guest,town
18 – Nice / France – Promenade D’Anglais,Flower Market,Negresco hostel,Russian Orthodox Church,swimming,town
19 – Paris / France – Louvre, Orsay,Arc,Arc de Triophe,Champs d’ Elysee,Tour d’Eifel,Pantheon,town
20 – London / Great Britain – National Gallery,Trafalgar Square,Parliament,Saint Pauls Cathedral,Westminster Abbey ,town
21 – Paris / France – Louvre, Orsay,Arc,Arc de Triophe,Champs d’ Elysee,Tour d’Eifel,Pantheon,town
22 – Madrid / Spain – Prado , Gran Via,Purta del Sol ,town
21 – Algeciras – Gibraltar / Spain only some hours,
22 – Rabat / Maroc – Swimming, Eating as guest of Kuskus Royal,town
23 – Fes / Maroc – town,
24 – Meknes / Maroc – town ,
25 – Marakesh / Maroc – Suc Market,Jemma El Fna,Tea Al Menthe,Pink town
26 – Madrid / Spain – Prado,Gran Via ,Purta del Sol,town
27 – Paris / France – Louvre, Orsay,Arc,Arc de Triophe,Champs d’ Elysee,Tour d’Eifel,Pantheon ,town
Home – End Munich Germany.

Yours sincerly O.F.D


How you should do INTERRAIL / young people travelling by train in Europe

1) I did it this way to travell effectively: I bought a ticket for 500 Deutsch Marks #Inter Rail – 26 + ( shipping ) in Germany 1989. 500 further Deutsch Marks ( one about half Euro ) in form of #traveller checks I took with me for eating and other cost for one month treavelling through Europe to avoid thieves problem of this kind of travelling.I used to take night #trains for 6-8 hours till I stayed in next important place.This was cheapest #youthhostel.During days I was putting my laguage in consigne at main station of each city and then I was walking fast through touristical cultural strongpoints of a big part of #Europe doing also social contacts and swimming in a sideline.

2) In that time #INTERAIL was only for people till’ an age 26.When I did this it was last possibility for me.Meanwhile there are further tickets with double price or / and half time.Further in that time Maroc till Marakesh and Turkey was part of that.I was visting also those cultural neighboor rooms.
3) In 30 days a month before of german #reunification and this travelling was obviously the singn to move to #Germany West for cross system familly reasons ( details a kind of secret service roman in the end of that film cause its long but important quite mad brutal story ),For planning of my tour I was respecting price level weather of autumn and the will to make as much kilometers as possible being effectively.Therefore I was avoiding cold and expensive Scandinavia and Suiss for example.I traveled this line from city to city through 25 cities about visiting most importat touristical sights .

Yours sincerly O.F.D

Donations   :

Even quite stable and a genius of the century in music composing at least my life is poor and a horror objectively.See my Interrail 1989 film.Maybee you see then Im not Stasi etc but good.Its politics hateing honest SPD peole and poor students like I was.I keep a stiff lipp tramping till today working and working but disconnected from normal world matrket by extremly criminals.Sometimes I have impression of a one person Konzetratioon Camp as genius slave.Naturally inofficial in Bavaria.If you want tohelp me to be more independant then do a donation please directly to my acount in Germany.10 Euros are more than nothing.If you invest more then you have the right to bring in your logo maybee as travellor enterprise or service as official sponsor.Evrything witch helps to keep this working and growing is great.This is honest and serious.Gansters have money enough ! Thank you for your generous helpful gift.Great !

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