Britain’s #Cammeron on European fooling tour . #UN VETO reform obviously needed

O.F.D comment: Those days prime minister Cammeron of Great ( or half Britain ) is touring trough Continental Europe requesting no Europe for Great Britain,significant changes,a weaker Europe without democracy more or less.Dear Mr Prime Minister.In Germany evrybody you will talk to ,had English lessons apart from Mr. Westerwelle.There he has heard that Britain,biggest empire in worlds history till 20. century built by millitary power purely, is doing politics of foreign affairs along to ” Checks and balances ” and  …. “Balance of powers”.This means for us in Europe, that you are helping weaker states in Europe to keep strongest states in Europe down and that you are trying to split all Eurpean powers I gues following to German and Roman ” Divide and rule “.Obviously you are thinking to deal with dullheads only.Your MENSA proposal ( Britain / Australia within 2. world war ) for a different not German / Continental Europe  intelligence is stupid ,esoterical ,rather british and no real alternative like central intelligence agency.Its a joke without important foreign brains for your supremacy ,not nobel price owners or heads of culture ! As long as I try to think better sceduled as minister for foreign affairs Germany in my youth : Nobody needs Great Britain within Europe fooling us.But we Germans are biggest economical partner of Great Britain.You are against us trying to stop us makeing us as weak as possible.Then leave us.Before party friend,CIA member Tony Blair came to power begging us to wait for Great Britain evrybody wanted to throw you out.We are not the commonwealth and not the Empire.Main reason was your opinion that your BSE cows are good enough for Germans and other continental   Europeans and Argentines,insted of British people.Those cows have Alzheimer !  Argentina has killed most of cows biggest producer of cheap prime quality flesh formerly.In 2008 you was produceing in team of finances district London with New York USA that finances world crisis as social product of Britain.Till today you are shooting in team with USA in ranking agentures on EURO and European industry like Airbus in finances war,backed by CIA , NSA, MI6, MI 5…In recent years there was a European commission of European parliament headed by conservative German leader before of Mr. Schulz SPD if steeling and manipulateing Britain in USA team is a millitarry enemy with Echelon spy system or not.Cause it was a conservative chief of parliament it was only warning in the end and Europe wide information concerning NSA CIA / Britain dealing and stealing even at Airbus industries for Boing definetly,claiming internet as US / Britain soil.We want strong peaceful federal Europe.In the end quite similar to USA ,but with old grown cultures and different languages.You want that not how it seems.In Germany we can only give power to Brussels / Strasbourg ,if its under democratical control of our people there ,also  forced by reason but also by our constitution GG.If you want to keep your face, german diplomacy and all others will help you ,if you are requesting Roland Berger like optiomisations of organisation makeing ,stronger ,more effective and more reasonable.But not if you try to fool us for “Rule Britania”.Then go.Nobody will stop you.

PS: UN REFORM : Un world security council : After world war 2 only 5 nations with nuclear power were installed with VETO power.Its not sense of that construction to stand outside of any law and reason for 5 nations USA,Britain,France,Russia,China.Its made to keep peace.Therefore I request that it needs TWO VETOS to stop anything in future.Then it will have no negative side effects. Our biggest millitarry friend is France.Our biggest economical partner is France.Peace in Europe is friedship of Germany – France.Therefore we vote verry British ? We are Europe , not USA, China or Sibiria… Stop fooling !

– O.F.D cultural genius of the century and some other things / democrats since 1988 Germany.Fooled and tortured till genocid by people like you BBC / Radio Free Europe disinformation inclusively ( headquarter Munich Oettingerstreet 26 formerly on planet ) owned by you BBC and NSA for new truthes on planet earth.Saturn !

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