Eu is proposeing most rediculous german minister as Eu president

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One hand miss Von der Leyen is a quite pretty woman with 7 children.On the other hand she is called Flinten Uschi in Germany cause almost no minister of defense was worse than she did in fact.Obviously its not her subject.Its not the question if she is pretty . Its the question if she can govern EU. Millitary force of Germany is to 100 % rediculous thosedays having a  MAD security service,almost no working airplanes and helicopters topped by those airplanes for our ministers chancellor and president.They didnt work a lot of times recently.What a manager.We need a president and nor a real time satire.If you want to employ a quote woman  and not CANDIDATES then ask Viviane Reding from Belgium.She was Eu commissioner for culture,law ,communication and vicepresident.And she is not rediculous.Whats that spitting image or German Heute Show.EU president its a most serious subject.We want to have a governor of experience ! I guess almost nobody will elect her in European parliament.Woman is not enough as qualification. En francais : Nous ne sommes pas le poubel ! Europe c’est le niveau le plus elevee en Europe !

Yours sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck (O.F.D ) – Germany / Europe / EU

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