Oliver Frederic Dieck -There are three important topics in European politics thosedays :

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Oliver Frederic Dieck -There are three important topics in European politics thosedays : 1) We need an independant ( not a homebased marrionet ) as European President .It must be prime quality and not less if coommon European power especially to outside is there.My personal preference is Frans Timmermans ( Im Democrats / SPD ).But in evry case homebased Marionetts politics is not acceptable.It has to be pro Europe and prime quality.Concerning Manfred Weber dealing of CSU party with Hungary is not cosistent in terms of logic…Position concerning climate as well in my personal view.
2) We Germans are a small country delivering technology on world market.Europe is a player.We are to small alone.Its important for mankind civilisations to stop global heating.Eu climate plan for 2050 is bad cause then we have Sahara in Bavaria Germany…A bit late.Important players are Chineses People,Americans,India.The crowd of little players is not as important and difficult if those are in developement.We must avoid brown wood ,coal , charcoal and oil as far as possible as energy solution cause its madness .Wood is produceing oxygene at best destroying CO2 for this in Bresil,Germany,Russia,Canada….coal and oil is better applied for chemistry and not for most dangerous plastic and nano plastic.o the right thing Concerning this question its better if all agree.but its not necessary.Its enough if the main players do the right thing.Europe maybee Earth of two speeds.Why not.Then we will apply a green label on all our products advertiseing with reasonable standards for earth and msankind. Why not.Question taxes for oekological crminals ? Do a EU treaty plan for 2030 for major big players !!! – This will work.Probably in earth level too.
3) In my view USA will protect or conquer next oil source by war like ever.(Iraque1 ,) Iraque 2,Venezuela ( im not a friend of Maduro but… ) now Iran ruinateing American State to the final again but not american weapon industry.If I can see any other interests in Us foreign politics / Republican then its will of Israel hardliners who tends to destroy all opponents in this region etc. avoiding discussion of law truth and justice by force.This is not the way of United Nations UN.I hope that modest Iran leadership can stay calm and resonable as honest as possible.Its not best idea to accept a provocation of world boxing champ.If he does his job without reason then he spent his lifetime in prison.otherwise not.I hope that Un can stop USA invasion We have to instist in UN treaties and UN law and multilateral world.
This is a duty to avoid world wars and other cathastrophees by ignorants and selfish egoists.Civilisation !
Yours sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck from Germany / Europe

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