German Wings Airbus airplane crash / comment of O.F.D Germany

German Wings Airbus airplane crash :

I have seen that absolutelly mad inhuman beings are playing american football with Charles Bronson law by Bizeps, also in my life.When AIRBUS was presenting A380 super Jumbo instead of Boeing Jumbo to President of China in Australia was an accident first time.Probably caused by mechanics there.One day before of airplane A320 Airbus crash there were menchanics checing technics.Maybee sometimes CIA / NSA and co are involved paying a bit too much for mechanics to repair till airplane is crushing down isnt it ? A320 is most important competitor of Boeing without any crashes more or less.Airbus is leading on market and USA doesnt like this.Im experianced : Soccer is something for women.Men are playing american footbal,wrestling , or war ??!! – O.F.D – comment

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