For MSC : How we can return to a multilateral world trust treaty and behaviour

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For MSC : How we can return to a multilateral world trust treaty and behaviour

Oliver Frederic Dieck ( O.F.D ) : I thank to the experienced and influencial diplomate former embassador Woflfgang Ischinger founder of MSC international Security Conference Munich for his statement even if I will not come to this event .Im not invited and I love my personal security too .My most influencial friemds are there.I share his opinion in deepest intensity.Subject of this meeting could be how international .diplomacy can manage UNILATERAL DEALING like shown by TRUMP,PUTIN and some smaler cases in NATIONAL STUPIDITY in international politics and how we can leead them back to international law treaties and standards basically avoiding cold wars and hot wars as most intens danger to peace on earth.For us Europeans INF treaty nand Start arms reduction is certainly the most important thing.How we can let survive this.How we should react together on earth.Second is certainly intennational worlds climate treaty for earth and a lot of cites near to the sea.I expect that Wolfgang Ischinger saw a dipolmate like American new embassador in Germany Grenel with Texas american footbal blackmail style of ” roman peace ” for banana republics up to United nations UN never before.I would say – PERSONA NON GRATA -requesting a new one or none . But its my personal history and im not responsible.Its decision of Heiko Maas minister for foreign affairs Germany SPD and his chief chancellor Merkel. Due to my torture … history im sometimes not calm enough in my view perhaps.I think we skholud return to international welleductaed style.We saw this last time with Crustshew in my view in front of UN.Do a good job at conference please

PS: New rearranged recording of LOIRE symphony ( Nr 6 ) .Jazz,the world ( inclusively my anthem for UN Peace is a win of culture made for all those human beings on earth.. ) Trance techno and so on makes realy progress.Im feeling good concerning this moveing on.

Sincerly your German European Oliver Frederic Dieck
still SPD democrats.Genius of the century in my man fields ( maybee thosedasy optimised for smaler screens on some browsers.There was a problem since an update )


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