US Banana Republic Europe – Germany as Breitbart ( aggressive dullhead Nazis ) major base and state USA 52 New HAWAI following to american Embassador Grennell / Germany

Oliver Frederic Dieck the European Ape : Our security service Verfassungsschutz following to GG and EU law etc in Germany is superviseing both ultra red scale this is communist radical intensity.Maybee not romantical communism like Albert Einstein proposed as child of his time.As well in old Nazi country Germany reason for its existance is to supervise right wing extremists like Breitbart AFD Blood and honour REP,DVU,NPD,parts of CSU,Clu Clux Clan idiots.Both is forbidden in Germany left and right wing extremists officially.Border is political discussion without revolutionary militant structures and weapons following to GG.Apart from that religious terrorism is not allowed too.Religion is in borders of law on private level only.truth is objective scientiffic truth.Not ideology and not believe.We are maybee second or third strongest region of earth our unified Europe and not of that not knowledge as the average American is.We are a banana republiuc folowing to american dullheads ? – Based on my influence normaly im minister for foreign affairs but i want to do realy wrestling with to much mad criminals for my tortured vita as genius of the century culture and some other subjects.I cant do that.Following to asses of earth I am a psychotic suizider mad prefering free France….as major brain and Europe….not for one day.I try to be 100 years and more cause I habve more talents than a man can bear….Now im looking like 40 about trying to recover.But im 1964 in Munich as German Lutheran.My view is shared by chief of state president Steinmeier ,Gabriel and probably by Heiko Maas our minister for foreign affairs without my personal history.Normaly I am tortured and robbed by criminal mad people probably like Grenell.US embassador or criminal Nithanjahu.But normaly in Germany especially in Europe happewnds what I want.This is not my influence only witch has fdifferent inteneities over the years.One of my aims was European minister of foreign affairs AND European first elected president.But im a mad person and suicider ??!! This doesnt work probably… personal herditary genius is more important I think I have not those waterboarding ideas like our worst enemies of CIA bullshit.We have GG and human rights here .My friend is Amnesty international and peace Nobel prize..Apart from my personal influence my vita inclusively its my experiance that biggest part of weleducated people in Europ Europ brain is thinking rather similar apart from realy personal aspects of my life concerning only me bymyself. This is what I want and its a proposal cause im not a dictator.I have to convince majorities as democtrat : We are a south American Banana Republic with gouvernment created or punished by CIA criminals ?… Ok Then evry man and women gets a banana in European parliament in front of TV officially.Then its a real banana republic at best in Hawai trowsers…( its not Titanic , its real )
Senconly.I want that Mr Grenel is exchanged as embassador in Germany following to his breitbart CIA criminals banana republic mind.If USA is not withdrawing this man that I insist on declaration of persona non grata.Then he willleave EU forced forever.
Thirdly : All European nations have their security systems.Maybe we should develop a common security secret service.But this is another subject.Karin Heneberger cild of NPD was realy not my fiancee till 1986.This was a political assault on me only.behave and looking is incredible Donald Duck Trump.One of my further not friends for more than a decade was reponsible in Pam Beach at the mansion of Donald narrowminded for swimming of his familly about in 1985.I realy dont want to have anything to do with that shit there.Im sun of a bredding bull SS front soldier casanova dont knowing him apart from 14 days maybee.Hes dead for more than 30 years.This is realy enough.As far as I know he did no crimes.It was simply best quality breeding bull.And Im genius of the century not intristewd in my oposite data realy.Alternative facts ? What I want : Check evry connection between US Ebassies to right wing Nazi groups in Europe.Thoie are maximum idiots after second worldwar cathastrophe.Nationalism is dullhead madness.its simply division of powers Teile and herrsche.As dull nationalist countries we are weak than weaker.But as nation Europe most powerfull country in this world thosedays.And throw those CIA out.Its forbidden evrywhere following to international law. In Germany we have less tolerance for politiical dullheads and madness for historical reasons to avoid a further catastrophe here.First worldwar started with a serbian agent called Prinzip idiot killing a kind of Habsburg prince.Second world war started cause it was to much injustice for Germany in peace of Versailles.But in all European countries are political borders checked by security police definetly….Framework of law is our common EU constitution.Not for details.Its individual.Banana republics ? Right wing breitbart countries ?…. NO!
Yours sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck
Probably most intelligemt European APE.
Please check Im the verry truth.More doesnt exist.Is Brenda Brunner / Clinton family real ? – girlfriend after wonder a-level test 1987 / Munich

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