Oh Dear please make USA great again… Yes we can !

Dear women,black people,hispanics,gays,lesbians,artists,scientists.. of USA.I understand evry kind of demonstrations in the streets against new president in your country.But if you are not peaceful presenting real arguments only violence and anarchism then this will be an argument for strict measures by Trump and co helping his side.If you want to fight for your rights demonstrating voicing your opinion in freedom then do it without any violence: Stop idiots who want to have a real wrestling now – Ghandi !
Analysis : I have heard empty talk of a guru or priest selling a vision of american strengh as first nation on earth doing something for selfconfidence of americans only.As content I detected :
USA first
Buy american.
Employ Americans
Fight against mohamedan radicalism.
This is not much…
PS: We will never forget friendly intelligent people Obama or Clinton familly in Europe.Now we must wait and see and react to reality not to our fears.Elections are done.In two years Americans have the possibility to give majority to Democrats in both houses… Till then its possible that Republicans will stop those things like killing the worlds climate treaty as crime against mankind following to republican ethics if Trump is doing to much.
Yours sinvcerly Oliver Frederic Dieck / Germany / Europe Music composing genius and some other things.
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