Oliver Frederic Dieck : We have no European common news world in common official or unmanipulated seriosity.Maybee we should install an official common and serious European public TV or a service like initialized here..Base of news is here importance and seriosity and European constitution(s) level but in truth and freedom of speech..I started this to bulid a room for sophisticatd opinions especially in Europe viewing the world with one unified strong voice.I try to win publishers and journalists of prime quality to establish seriousity.Me bymyself will do independant  comments on important world politics.Serious newspapers can order this on demand contacting me.Apart from this this is a aditional service of www.helpful-contacts .net makeing life dreams / careers real by help of friendly members.If  members have  serious news concerning their project then its  news. O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck PS : In my early youth I was chif redactor and main redactor of two Gymnasium ( coledge )newspaers.First with sweet 17 was OSSI ( Oskar von Miller Gymnasium new languages part of Max Gymnasium Munich ) There I wrote one article witch was notr completely Ok but all others of mine  : I quoted ther forbidden SEXFRONT book of Prof Amendt to one article under my name.It was criticism concerning abuse of youth problems for industry products.2001 at University sold the book as ultimate hit cause it was rediculous to set this on idex with Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf etc.I bought it there too.All other articles wearing my name are by myself…Realy important for my life was political newspaper for all colledges / Gymnasums of Munich Bavaria Germany in April 1982 : Then my A-level / abitur was to avoid how it seemed even by Mossat.Politically it was SPD / Greens – Democrats.But there were facts witch Mossat doesnt like definetly in last article Radikalismus.We proposed the big picture in true details against radicalism in democracy.We thought only this is forceing in the midst automatically in most cases. And in democratical system there is no alternative to the verry truth and true information as base of political decisioins by majorities.Not in ultra right wing Bavaria of CSU / Franz Josef Strauss obviously.we were almost all SPD Social Democrats.My chief and co author the owner of the newspaper was SPD member,18,the local  Amnesty International activist.Some of our enlarged staff were writeing for Sueddeutsche SZ also ( Mr Allgäuer following to him etc. ) .Lots of foreign infos came from Peace Nobel Price owner Amnesty International flyers and journals SPD / Greens was not view of democracy in Bavaria.Especially not of the historical victims unfortunaitelly for personal reasons.

The link : www.o-f-d.com/OFDgymnasialzeitung.pdf or www.oliver-.frederic-dieck.com/OFDgymnasialzeitung.pdf


Yours sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck 2018

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