Strenghten common Europe in Bratislava summit

O.F.D comment :: I have heard the statements of president Juncker and Tusk even from rather honest Luxembourg Asselborn minister for foreign affairs concerning hungary.I am supporting a unified Europe in solitdarity and Im not for mad nationalism how we detect in several European tolerant countries out of anger and populistical abuses.On the other hand Im for a strong democratical Europe insisting on treaties especially in human rights area amoung our members.It cannot be that there are no sanctions otherwise and especially no throwing out.We must change this.In my view this is the only way to stop European national movements using anger of abusers.Polish Tusk stands for a new style in Poland without hate by Poland to german strongpoints like me.I trust to him.And in my view we need a common European security agency and troop for our borders payed by EU / Europe.Then we have fixed borders.But I have no problem with it.But then we need a common law for legal invaders to Eropean ground.We cannot accept evrybody.But there must be a legal way with contingents,especially if we do realy protection of our borders.Asylum is naturally another subject.At best we check identity against terroristes ( photos by automatical computer check ? ) before those come in.How ?
PS: New today : After Brexit nobody can understand slavic Wishegrad group who want to have a weak Bruxels Eu.It was too friendly to integrate quite early those from east block even if they hate us especially us Germans.We on European Continent were waiting 30 years for sabotage Britain.Finally they found laughting truth going away stopping fooling us,cause they realy only want to have weak continent rule Britannia doing sabotage at best within instead from outside to be most effective.You want to go ? You can go ? Then dont waste any time and go to Vladiwostok.Europe is a free  country.Wealkkness is no alternative for Europe.Be strong but peaceful with clear rules for all.
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Oliver-Frederic Dieck

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