French Nuclear power as European Nuclear power also ?

France is 3. strongest #nuclearpower on earth.Unfortunatelly I have a lot to do with this.In the beginning France was saying Sorry we need this cause of the Germans.But there were voices in France to abolish this ( Segolen Royale former wife de President #Hollande #PS )  .In the end France has build governed by Chirac and Sarkosy ( Gaulistes ) Le terrible submarine with rather strong intercontinental nuke rockets.


One time #France said those #nukes are #European and their tranquillizer concerning the Germans,( sorry Bavarians ).If #Europe has a right on that nukes too to protect whole #Europe in the verry need,than its less aggressive for Germans good for Europe and we other Europeans would pay something for this protection shield.#Europeannukes.This is my proposal.

My view in details ,my role in #foreignaffairs :

After reunification for me my life in Nazi near CSU Bavaria  turned to be pure torture a completelly covered life by secret service criminals.Before of that I was JUSO #SPD chief at LMU University studeing economics.Later it was aware that my whole sourounding was children of secret service people ,partly maybee cause of my high ranking est germany familly part ,Mischa Wolf people danger.Definetly east Europe Asia people argumenting with their hate against Arier Germans and a lot of radical Serafin strong jewish believers amoung them Talion and Genozide inclusively.With reunification my studies came to an end and my life was secret service torture purely.In that time my girlfriend was Eva Meszaros now also Augsburg with whole familly.I was 26 young enough and I had enough money.Therefore I went in 1990 to Strasbourg Europe ULP studeing there sciences economics after Bavarian Europe election in 1988 with 14 % REP Nazis in some towns like Rosenheim 70 % .France was rather friendly to me.Base of that was a culture treaty between Germany and France presenting to me a place at Sorbonne Paris and Nice near to Midem.But my choice was Strasbourg ,second capital town of Europe saying that im also one of the best music composers.Later President Mitterand and Chancellor Kohl were founding french german culture #TV  #ARTE in front of my house at the Opera place Brouglie, maybee to fix the treaty.To define economics as culture was rather friendly too.In that time Mitterand,governor,department chief of Alsace,and mayor of Strasbourg – Trautmann were PS – parti socialist comparabel to SPD / SPÖ.My party.Therefore I felt safe.Madame Trautman building a new capital town was organiseing a meeting with old jewish nazi victims.I met Simon Veil and I had jewish femal friends ,staying several times a Rue Sellenic 11 place Bordeaux in jewish students home visinting her ( Miriam Cohen ) Later I hitchiked to Paris for her.Concerning culture my professors were inviteing me to join professors band of ULP sciences economiques and I met Veronique Millot a pretty opera singer student of world class level voice. Realy pretty.We worked together and I was starting my opera VERITAS.In 1992 I was robbed at Frankfurt by Frankfurt jews  saying Give the airs .We are all living here we can do this too.We are Frankfurt jews.. They stole a honeypot this time containing my complete playboy selection some unfriedly books like Machiavelli  Il principe,Vom Kriege and a 72 pages writing for Simon Veile some air copies.Those things were to much for the other suitcase…Finally I was withdrawn by torture to Munich.Then Veronique dindnt want to give her new address cause of jealous husband.I was 6 times giving a call to her mum to get music cassette and hand written partitions with her comments back.Evry time Chirac did a nuclear test for le Terrible intercontinental rockets.Finally I was contacting Munich french embassy saying : Sorry after a robbery I want to have new contact adress of Veronique Millot or my works back.Is there any kind of possiblility beyond police ? She is rather good,she is married but I would marry her.Then I got   evrything back with french millitary mail.Meanwhile law student at Augsburg Germany I was opening this package in front of a high Q professor Heintschel von Heinegg ( Bochum ) – international human rights during his session speaking to him about that if its my copyright or french now to get a testimonial.Contact to Veronique is finished therefore.I have no data that French are thinking that Im the Nazi.They know me perfectly.I have evry data that French said : Oh that man is nazi ? Its under control now.We will kill him and its managed ? This man is a Beethoven and #SocialDemocrats SPD with a lot of reasonable jewish friends .OK stop fooling.You wanted to have reunification under all circumstances,lying inclusively.We will update our nuclear force adeaquatelly to your new part of Germany.Than its ok and we can sleep calm again…I respect the french mind.Actually they have one.This is reasonable.On the other hand Im against nukes overall for nuclear #detention and for Europe in friendship and partnership.Its ok for me to stay away from German nukes.On the other hand I see how world works if Americans and Russians have nuclear power only.We have to be strong enough to keep civil order alive aganist an enemy.Nuclear force is rather expensive.To expensive for France alone.One time France said those nukes are European and their tranquillizer concerning the Germans,( sorry Bavarians ).If Europe has a right on that nukes too to protect whole Europe in the verry need,than its less aggressive for Germans ,good for Europe and we other Europeans would pay something for this protection shield.European Nukes.This is my proposal.

Genius of the century in music composing etc.

Oliver Frederic Dieck


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