Comment : Obama you are more then anybody head in chief to garantee equality in law and punishment between black and white people .It’s your duty !

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Hello Obama.You are a black man in a land called united nations of america.30 % of yours were English,20% German,about 12% Latinos Jews Black people out of British Slaves Dealing Asian peolpe.A complete Mix.Clu Clux Clan is completelly mad there.No one is more in power than you as black american president of Democrats to end race discrimination in United States.We in Europe have no death penalty.And not evry dullhead or mad ill thinker has a rifle.Its controlled.But we have definetly right wing thinkers in police and armed forces.I gues they dont like geniusses and democrats thinkers definetly.I USA a black man will end in Death penatlty cell and a white man not.Your police is shooting maybee frustrated by a black president black people only.Its your turn with Hillary Clinton to stop it in USA as fist black president od United States.Only war on American soil was North South conflict won by those who were abolishing black slavery in the south.It makes no sense at all if under your rule America gets an new South / North Civil war.Stop discrimination and raceist police abuse and you will do maybee most important step in your presidecy stopping new civil war white man / black man on American soil.Equalty !
Best wishes to Democrats O.F.D
PS: Have you heard my album BLACK ENOUGH ? at Its not ready.A lot I wrote for Mariah Carey voice ( I was inventor of Mariah h in 1986 in Munich sceduled main composer ) and in honour of Stevie Wonder.Album is not ready but not bad.See ya #Rihanna #weeknd #sony #stevie #mariah

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