Anti employment abuse treaty worldwide on UN level badly needed

#UNITEDNATIONS #UN #EU #THIRDWORLD #gewerkschaft #labour

O.F.D : Need for a worldwide treaty on fair basic salary in third world witch is corresponding to the worthes produced in the developed world ,to danger and to qualification and not to poverty levels in third world countries inclusively fair work conditions saveing lives and environment .Im wearing also trousers produced in Bangladesh.Thanks for this quality.But I dont want to buy stravation of poor countries.My handy / computer needs Tantal,Neodym,Coltan… Some need diamonds,gold,silver.In the chain of production the costs for those workers are not relevant.Its not a fair equivalent part of produced worthes.Its not cause of the competiton on market to keep prices down apart from those trousers etc from Bangladesh maybee.Its only situation of power and abuse of workers in countries of lowest levels without any alternatives risking their lives.Those are human beings often less educated but human beings ! It has to be fair not based on levels of third world.It has to be fair on levels of our first world too !

Im not communist at all.I studied economy ( Munich LMU / ULP Strasburg / Ensette Guest )and law even if ultra conservative Bavaria apart from town Munich was against me.Im Social Democrat / SPD – Germany.This is no dictatorship of nobody.This is SOCIAL MARKET ECONOMY ( Soziale Marktwirtschaft Prof. Erhard CSU thrown out / then CDU ).It should work social balenced with social net in need also being fair for the talented healthy strong man but within borders of law and constitution and not of old british Manchester Capitalism Karl Marx / Friedrich Engels critisized emperial steeling Great Bitain.Some Critics were right his solutions not.We have abiolished that centuries ago.Now we have this in a kind of slavery in Third World.I dont request that we are ruin our enterprises.Most times the costs for workers are not realy relevant.I request a fair human pay for those workers as respectfull responsible First World consumer.And I want that our enterprises are doing advertiseing with fair production and paying conditons in transperency.This is our responsibility for a human planet earth keeping bioshere alive.This is not the way of Donald Trump etc. how it seems.You are human being .Show it and stay honest !

O.F.D sincerly – still genius of the century
a bit lutheran protestant and still #SPD –
Social #democrat.Best Wishes to #ALLGORE

PS: Thanks german N24 television based on french documantation for basical information.This was OK.Then we have to change this.


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