Jounalists are requesting a high comissioner on UN level for feedom of journalism / O.F.D comment

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Dear Journalists around the world.

Your work is of key importance for a working democracy.You deserve protection controlling powers by people.In my early youth I was Chief redactor of Hors D’oeuvre.( In deed main redactor and chief redactor first time…) At home at OVMG Gymnasium ( lycee ) Munich Germany they had stoped evry political word in school press in conservative Bavaria.Therefore we did it on our own foer all Gymnasiums ( A- level ) in Munich.Politically we were medium left SPD near to Amnesty International who delivered most of our materials in 1982.But we were open for whole medium scale politics and tried to be more neutral than whole personal staff.Last article was called radicalism.He was recommending detailed truth instead of simpleton radicalism populism leading to the midst automatically in most cases but we used Right wings as example argumenting with M. Gilbert psychologue of Nuernberger processes of american accusation of main criminals and their IQ worthes…Then Mossat came in full scale.They throw me from Gymnasium… here the link :

Thosedays Im not real journalist.I do a lot as Genius of the century especially in music composing.But I realy understand you.BUT :

UN / UNITED NATIONS are future but now a bit weak.EU / EUROPE is rather strong.Please reqest a commissioner for free press in EUROPE EU also AND YOU WILL GET IT.

Yours sincerly O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck :,

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