Katholic Pope Franciscus got the Karls price 2016 / O.F.D comment

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    Pope Franciscus has got the European highest political price based on Karl the Great founder of Europe bringing christianism with the sword to Europe.Some years ago I had another opinion on that pro this pope with high hopes concerning restarting of oekomene of lutheran protestants and katholics and others unified by example of Jesus himself.We had hopes after rather conservative radical Bavarian pope to get a concillium 3 respecting real world with more tolerance.Meanwhile I think its no change at all behind the screends its middleage in new clothes instead of modern laizism and human in Europe trying to keep alive mad kloster cloitre tradition alive ( youngest most times the important brain has to die out within church ) Then its best forbidden.I cannot take it for real anymore.Its better show now PR only.Then I dont need this.One thing remains :This pope is strictly against AFD and other right wing thinkers respecting needs of refugees comeing from Syria or arab crisis countries remembering to the example and saying of Jesus and this is a fact in real world.I guess the explanation for this price will respect this fact in real world witch is much more than words only.Mad believe is not only dangerous in mohamedan world or jewish mad fundamentalists in Europe.Half of European has died ending middle age more than 500 years ago cause katholic pope church insisted on no Reformation reforms : 30 years war.Rather peaceful,a great atchievement for Europe.Evry second person has died like later European jews.Religious madness is one of the most dangerous kinds.Only ideological madness is comparable looking to results.Human rights and modern true information on planet !
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