Conditional depts #moratory could be a warm constructive gift from #Europe to #Greece

O.F.D comment : Thosedays evrybody shoots on #Schäuble CDU Germany.In fact he is one of the not communist paying parties at the table dealing responsible for #Euro – Europe and for Germany.But in fact I read a further useful proposal in discussion in German ministery for finances.Also this is an option of thinktank as far as I can get following to medias.In deed a #conditionaldeptsmoratory would be rathrer effective to bring Greece back in economy if they do their exercises working hard investing and building economical structures.No haircut but conditional #depts moratory.I think also #Germany can think about it.If conditions are not respected anymore than moratory came to and end.This could be a working perspective for all to fix situation ending poverty in Greece and getting European #EU money back in the end.Apart from that I hope that Greece understood that there is no room for further betrayer tricks anymore.Last chance in Europe.Truth. sincerly O.F.D – ,

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