Populistical referendum of 330 .000.000 of Euro people needed ?

I know populistical democracy has produced Nazis of Adolf Hiltler who was asking people with #referendum almost ever directly.” Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg ? Therefore we have a pluralistical representative sort of #democracy with borders called constitution GG with absolute structures and human rights in Germany.This left Tsipras from Greece is argumenting that 10.000.000 from Greece have to win in Europe,cause his country said no to the plans to fix betrayer of Greece and cause they are the inventors of democracy thousand of years ago in florishing Athens. Pacta sunt servanda…In several countries of Europe we  have now right wing extremists as severe problem.All of them are for #Grexit in first line and no asylum people.Maybee this problem will overlay the Grek one.Key argument of them is Greece behavior.If we Europeans are doing a referendum also more neutrally than yours our people will decide for 90 % that Greece has to leave us but to pay the depts.If you are asking European representatives than you’ll get a modest constructive result.I would ask ROLAND BERGER CONSULTING MUNICH or people like #deloite,#kpmg #bostonconsultinggroup etc. to create better structures ,enterprises and to produce new confidence on markets concerning investments.And I would ask for a depts moratory without any haircuts based on thoses reformations.And I would apply a tax system for rich people of Greece  especially for those who took money away from Greece as far as possible.This is something what can work and no betrayer.Alternatively I would go with Grexit with a lot of depts for European betrayer adventure.European responsibles will not play the populistical card against Greece.All that is good for US Dollar and British Pound only.Neverthelesswe the EURO will keep stable.You have to act resonable and responsible concerning y our people and us other europeans


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