UNESCO as UN department for world’s education and culture is also responsible for world’s heritage of arab countries militarry measures inclusively in verry need

Before we #Europeans with daughters came to power there were several important cultures of importance on earth as common heritage and base of our own results.Apart from Chineese and Indian #Culture there were also Arab high cultures like Babylon, Persia, Petra, Palmyra ,Karthago .Even in Europe we had state Andalouth of Maures in South Spain responsible for Alhambra etc.We have no right to wait till religious mad people out of ignorance and disinformation is blowing away what their culture or people has given to the world like the Pyramides.Its better if arab mohamedan countries take responsibility to stop destroying madness out of own initiatives.But we cant wait till evrything of importance for mankind is blown away.This is earth of all of us.France sweared to defend #UNESCO headquarter Paris with nuclear force as third strongest power on planet in need.One reason for choosing Paris France as host of this most important #UnitedNations Department apart from history and philosophy of #France respecting other minds and especially cultural worthes of importance for centuries.Its our Un duty to protect cultural worthes  of mankind evrywhere even if millitarry has to be used if no other way is working.

Personal wish: #Un / #Unesco is knowing me for decades now obviously.Not as genius of the century and most important composer for centuries.But they know me writing emails inviteing me to Paris several times as important art man and thinker.Only architecture is world heritage and protected up to now more or less.;My #heritage is almost as important as www.bach.de and Im bearing a genozid measure in fact and severe living conditions of mad peiople for historical and religious reaons as far as I can detect.It makes no sense to ignore importance of biggest #painters,#musicians,#poets…. It has to be protected with same intensity on Unesco level.They told me indian songs are protected meanwhile as world heritage.Cause Bach Beethoven,Stevie Wonder… are not protected formally up to now I have to wait a while probably.But move on”!

PS: Peace is a win of culture ! Maybee some have to learn it by UN / UNESCO.( Title of my Un anthem / hymn soon rerecorded in The World www.o-f-d.de )

Yours sincerly O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck – www.o-f-d.de / www.o-f-d.com

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