Grexit Yes or No ? How we should fix it.

#Grexit,#Brussels,#Euro : As German I know that  Mr. Brüning saveing money politics was one reason for Nazi revolution in our history.#Greece needs investments,new starup enterprises blue chip enterprises produceing their ,social balanced but more effective modernisation by #RolandBerger Munich or other qualified services like #BostonConsulting group,#Kpmg,#Deloite….They need a working enterprise friendly tax system for financement of state.Maybee Greece should  move out of EU currency returning to former Drachme #currency cause they are not strong enough for European price level in competition in fact.Then they can do it  like Turkey.They are developed but they can tearing there currecy down for European space to be more competitive concerning market prices without a lot of European rules witch are expensive concerning oecology and so on.Greece cannot do so.There are contracts and frames.This is a severe problem for Greece economy.But there is one problem you should remember : Turkey was honest concerning all this.Greece was choosing betrayer fooling created by American Goldman Sachs makeing a bomb against EURO  under their rule and #Greece liked it thinking its the Trojan Horse showing their IQ and not betraying.Now there are contracts and dependencies If Greece is acting without respect for truth and treatiesdooing things the hard way fooling us ,then they can export to USA,to Africa ,maybee to betrayers , but not to #EU or #European countries.We will do deals only with basically honest people.Therefore I propose honesty on all sides constructive economical growth solutions and more  and tolerance for a longer periode to make it more bearable to act reasonable and honest.And much more realistical.

Yours sincerly O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck to speed honest argumentation ,

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