Royal highness Queen Elisabeth the Second of Windsor / Sachsen Coburg is visiting Berlin / Germany

O.F.D comment : #Royal highness #Queen #Elisabeth the Second out of german house #SachsenCoburg renamed during First World War to #Windsor from Windsor Castle is visiting #Berlin #Germany officially.A nice helpful visit, but in my personal view this cannot fix politics of Cammeron Tory people and worse concerning leaving #Europe and #Brexit. Germany.Our head of state will be not the Queen joining the #Empire or #CommonWealth .But queen can be part of the Eu in full scale.On the other hand there is a lot of symphathy  for Queen , husband children and grand children even for Beatles, Rolling Stones,Elton John ,Newton ,Hawking , Crick and Waterman, Darwin ( Australia ),Fleming  Penicillium man  and Skakespare.Dear Queen adnministration Staying at Adlon hostel near to Brandenburger Tor you are seeing American Embassy on other side of the street Unter den Linden.If you are walking in this street you willl reach 200 meters away the new British Embassy. American Embassy next French, Eu kommission, later Itallian and Hungarian as far as I can remember even Russian near to  Komische Oper are looking quite normal.,the  Russian emassy in a historical house.But at British #embassy is a Checkpoint Charly checking all passports of all people who want to enter street to British Embassy coming from Unter den Linden.Whole street is closed for cars in millitarry manner.Britain what you have done ?

O.F.D genius of the century at least music composing with criminal enemies ,

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