#Denmark frowning on only frontier to Germany is moveing away from #Europe towards Spitzbergen of simpleton populism

O.F.D comment : #Denmarkelections were focused on Alylum .I’ll try to explain my problems with Denmark politics.We Germans in the midst of Europe have the following #frontiers :  Austria , Belgium, Denmark , Netherlands, Luxemburg, Poland ,Suisse, Tschech.Poland and Tschech is door for a lot of east block people and problems.But Germany is in team with Sweeden and Austria for historical reasons accepting more asylum people than anybody else in Europe.Denmark has only one frontier : Us.During my torpeded law studies at Augsburg a Denmark minister for foreign affairs with footbal soccer scarf came to my university.He was famous for opinion that Denmark can’t live under rule of “Ariers”.My more or less unknown pa was little SS man front soldier with  5 men under his rule in the field prefering Helmut Kohl CDU.I met him maybee for 14 days cause I was insisting on that right to meet him as adult man. And I was chief of Youth SPD democrats at biggest   german University Ludwig Maximilian University LMU Munich  studeing economics till I had to leave in 1990 to Strasbourg France ,torpeded like evrything #SPD democratical in  Franz Josef Strauss CSU Bavarian state.Your officer said he cant live under my rule ” Herenmensch” but Im personally the genius of the century at least uin music composing and Social democrat SPD. During my Youth I played with LEGO but is there almost nothing else in Denmark we need.You know the Schleswig Holstein Denmark frontier is not fitting precisely to language of people for historical reasons.SSW Denmark minority is decideing with out 5 % rule rather often who is ruleing in Schleswig Holstein department of Germany.I think its neccessary to tell you :You were the Vikings for almost 3 centuries the maximum hell for European towns alog our rivers.Most brutal ever seen.Our brutal crazyness lasted 12 years only in a political severe context.You are completelly different now ? Me too ! Naturally its your right to vote for intolerance like Netherlands did with right wing populism ,right for Canabis abuse and Gay parties.You are free in a free world.Do you prefere Greenland your daughtrer as continent in future ?

Yours sincerly O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck , genius of the century #SPD

www.o-f-d.de , www.o-f-d.com

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