Greece / EU : Economical changes needed to stop crisis

#Greece is a riddle for our world.On the other hand economical changes are badly needed to stop crisis. Normally a far left wing polititian wiill tell to the banks that there are no big shifts to foreign countries anymore for a while if there is a move of more than 123 billion from poor Greece without taxes to rest of the world.Suiss has saved a lot of that money for  Greece.Greece has state crisis.Why Greece dont accept this  without great discussion days before.In your situation its ok that money is not leaveing your country to avoid taxes etc.You tolerate  this dealing presenting a extreme poor Greece to us.Looks like betraying.Ad second : Im not a kommunist cause im not a thieve and not a criminal.Kommunism dictatorship is an error of mankind produceing Adolf Hiltler as result cause it seems that he is only secure working alternative in Germany apart from peace of Versaille treaty discussion . I  recommend #ROLANDBERGER MUNICH or #Deloite,#KPMG,#BostonConsulting you.Roland Berger had personally worked for German chancelor Schröder SPD Germany.Probably thois was responible for some aspects witch were not social at all like no base income for workers.But with social adds  his general view will work in practise and this is what you need.Try to have more workers in produceing sector and less in administration. In future a Greece worker has to work produceing results and not only to be there at work for a while doing what he wants in fact ! Produce something ( food,drinks,tourism,energy  par example sun energy farms,machines if possible … ) ,not administrate it invite investors of blue chips and start up world following to their needs creating chances for your people and stop fooling !

PS: Dont fool us,Evrybody in Europe red your history and Rhetorical power in higher education.We realy know this.No betraying tricks ! No Trojan Horse no crimes ( 1989 September visiting Athens and Thesaloniki )


Yours sincerly O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck ,economics LMU Munich ,sciences economiques / Gestion ULP Strasbourg + Ensette……. ,

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