#G7 : #UN law reform on #humanrights framework level and strong Un court on that needed !

Comment by O.F.D  : Strong #UNcourt and international basical #humanrights law framework urgently needed

In greater Europe we have a law framework concerning human rights.This is for all members of #EuropeanCouncil ( Russia / Israel inclusively ) highest court level or equal to highest court level and frame of evry dealing of states situated in Strasbourg.This is strongest international court on Earth.Naturally our law is based on christian history, European Enlightment and French Revolution.Other places like Africa are trying to develop an analogon for their continent.I see that law history in arab / mohamedan countries is rather different comparable to European middleage before of Lutheran #Reformation about 500 years ago,witch was key event for European prosperity rise and democratical development within modern human rights standards.In Europe Mohamedan Sharia is forbidden as well as jewish old school strong belivers retalitation Talion law ,an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth or christian torture old school traditions of middleage in strict division between laicism state and private religion within constutional freedom.In Sharia countries judges are cutting off from healthy body what has done a mistake in front of mohamedan law as punishement and strong motivation to do things right.In Europe spies were picked on doors with the hearing ears also but during middleage ( german “Schlitzohren”).Till end of second world war we had cutting off of the head also in Europe as ultimate punishement.Now there is no death penality in greater Europe European Council member states ( about 43 states ) ,not even during war meanwhile.Now we Europeans are prefering punishment witch is strict enough to keep criminal rate low in protection of our society and law order , equivalent and plausible to the crime but witch is also a educational therapy for the criminal , trying to understand the social etc. reasons of a criminal  helping to make it better in future.Not more than neccessary.In Asia we see absolutelly different opinions on law requesting how it seems abolutelly political loyality without much democratical freedom and other grown traditions as well naturally.I guess we have no right to insist on our view on planet as Europeans and daughters like North and South America and Australia who are a bit different actually meanwhile making their own way in history.But I feel that basical standards without cruelty in equalty faceing law and plausibility is given to mankind along with existance of human beings around the world before of state cultures.Therefore I want to stress the importance of common international modest standards in law and human rights on earth as lowest basical framework of different cultures.We cannot accept cruel punishment of critical bloggers in arab countries or chinesese dealing on that on a modern one world  planet.We have to share reponsibility for basical standards of living conditions like food and medicin,education and law on earth as human beings in power cause we are human beings.We need a strong UN court on basical human rights.

O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck – www.o-f-d.de , www.o-f-d.com

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