German Wings Airbus airplane crash / comment of O.F.D Germany

German Wings Airbus airplane crash :

I have seen that absolutelly mad inhuman beings are playing american football with Charles Bronson law by Bizeps, also in my life.When AIRBUS was presenting A380 super Jumbo instead of Boeing Jumbo to President of China in Australia was an accident first time.Probably caused by mechanics there.One day before of airplane A320 Airbus crash there were menchanics checing technics.Maybee sometimes CIA / NSA and co are involved paying a bit too much for mechanics to repair till airplane is crushing down isnt it ? A320 is most important competitor of Boeing without any crashes more or less.Airbus is leading on market and USA doesnt like this.Im experianced : Soccer is something for women.Men are playing american footbal,wrestling , or war ??!! – O.F.D – comment

Right of demand for reparations for German crimes in history today ? / comment by O.F.D Germany

We are writing the year 2015.For 12 years Germany was out of order useing its potential in a criminal manner reacting to treaty of Versaille in a not reasonable way.This was precisely 70 years ago.Americans, Russians, Britains partly also French people took evrything  whole technique what was of worth in Germany most important Nazi engeneers plans and licenses , scientists inclusivelly.That means airplane, TV, computer, rocket and a lot more.Young Israel was needing money for buliding infrastructure of a new own state.Germany said we cant pay complete amount of depts now but later.And Israel agreed to get a big part for this immidiatelly by contract only.Only a few of potential political criminals are still alive today.But 3 generations born after Second World war.For me its like for an American a thing out of history book only.I propose to discuss the Wikings of Denmark ( 200 years evil ), the Huns, the Great Britain Empire, the Spanish Armada colonialism , the Mongolians of Dschingis Khan ,the Osmans 200-300 years quite brutal in Greece and Hungary etc , the Romans, the Greeks, the great Russian reign at least.All of them will say: ” Oh we are civilised people today without any fault.Its history but not today.” So do I .In unbelievable questions we can support, regretting if its affordable.But most countries of importance were much more criminal than the Germans and for centuries overall and they were not reacting to injustice of un peace of treaty of Versailles in angry mad manner.For a demand in sense of law its realy late.Most times its an abuse of history to squeez  money out of that.To late. yours sincerly O.F.D

O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck at / 22.March  2015



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