Frohe Ostern – Happy Eastern – Joyeuse Pasqua : Peace and love is not Satan

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Peace and love is not Satan : As german protestant christ artist and scienceman I thank to the Pope Franciscus for his helpfull words for works by love against works by hate on earth.Maybee we will se oekomene of all modest christs again with him following to his opinions.Most Europeans are prefering laicistical state coming from France and so do I .Nevertheless I support resonable influence of a more reasonable pope on private level doing the right things and not the false ones on earth if possible.I heard that at Sri lanka today was a day of terror killing 150 person as told for religious antoi christ reasons.This is wrong side…Peace for You ( and please for me too ) Enyjoy my oekomenical Oratory – Deus Genitor Mundi- in 7 movements.Its one f the bst in existance since Johann Sebastian Bach.But the choir is performed by a computer.Be the choir if you want.
Free version not well produced here online and stay honest.Nazis etc are NOT honest ! Along with that : I heard that nationalism party of Germany AFD want to introduce most powerfull Nazi of USA Stephe Bannon Breitbart … to German Parliament.I dont know if this is their right.But I know hopeing that Mr. Schäuble praesident parliament Germany thinks similar : Then its our right of rest of parliament to leave parliament leaving Nazis friends alone with theitr Germany.Racism and nationalism ends in stupidity ,weakness and war.This is that satan witch exists definetly..Justice ,law,love and helping is the opposite on earth..
The oratory link :
Best wishes from Germany
Yours sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck

Mueller report : At best dont check where you certainly cant find anything cause it was somebody else

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Concerning Muller Report :
This is not a secret service info only advice.It makes no sense to accuse the Russians concerning manipulation of American elections if evrybody thinks that it was radical Israel via jewish Real Son Kushner.Reason why is then that nobody of Democrats wanted to speak with Israel apart from Donald Trump for Republicans.Democrats were saying with UN : Two states solution ! Not a single wild house more on Sinai region,voiced by President Barakc Obama / democrats himself.Till today there is no tendency of Donald Trump being friendly versus Russia.But incredible overwhelming tendency in a kind of slavery concerning Radicals of Israel.If there is a dependace and manipulation then its there obviuously.Then you should check THIS if you want to find something. ( !!!! ) And not that what is probably a fake.A farce.
Oliver Frederic Dieck from
Germany Munich better Jazz
and Rock / Hiphop music inclusively.
Sincerly waiting for another administration dealing responsible Oliver